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Hero Indian Open R2
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February 24, 2023
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Yannik Paul closed with a 69 to increase his lead to five shots at 10-under heading into the weekend of the Hero Indian Open.

"I played well. I probably played almost better today than yesterday.

"I felt the pins were in tougher spots today so you had a lot of downhill putts where you think you have a good look but it's actually two or three cups' break.

"I think the key part is just staying patient. You have quite a few wedges but the pins are so tucked and the course in general is so firm, so you feel like you've got to make some birdies but par is fine too. You just have to stay patient and just focus on myself and see where I end up.

"I like India, it's my first time in India. Every tournament I'm going to, I'm trying to win, so I'll just see what the weekend brings and take it from there."

Fellow German Marcel Siem carded a 70 for a share of second place alongside Finland's Mikko Korhonen (72), Iceland's Gudmundur Kristjansson (71) and Indian Angad Cheema (71).

Pos.PlayerTo ParR1R2
1PAUL, Yannik-106569
2KORHONEN, Mikko-56772
KRISTJANSSON, Gudmundur-56871
SIEM, Marcel-56970
CHEEMA, Angad-56871
6BAISOYA, Honey-46674
LUITEN, Joost-47070
8SANDHU, Yuvraj-37071
TARRIO, Santiago-37071
SADDIER, Adrien-37368
HIGA, Kazuki-37566
WILSON, Andrew-37170
13FAHRBRING, Jens-27171
SHARMA, Shubhankar-26874
CHANDRA, Yashas-27171
GREEN, Gavin-27270
KAWAMURA, Masahiro-27171
19GANDAS, Manu-17073
AHLAWAT, Veer-17370
SCHAPER, Jayden-17271
FORSSTRÖM, Simon-17172
SAMOOJA, Kalle-17370
24NEMECZ, LukasPar7173
CAMPILLO, JorgePar7371
KNAPPE, AlexanderPar7371
BACHEM, NickPar7173
BAISOYA, SachinPar7569
NORRIS, ShaunPar7569
LACROIX, FredericPar7470
CAÑIZARES, AlejandroPar7173
34HØJGAARD, Nicolai+17570
HIDALGO, Angel+17273
OLESEN, Thorbjørn+17372
LARRAZÁBAL, Pablo+17273
STAL, Gary+17372
39STALTER, Joël+27373
BALDWIN, Matthew+27373
WALKER, Euan+27670
HISATSUNE, Ryo+27571
AIKEN, Thomas+27175
AXELSEN, John+27472
KO, Jeong weon+27571
46SHARMA, Kartik+37473
MOLINARI, Edoardo+37473
KOCHHAR, Karandeep+37770
WANG, Jeunghun+37671
JOSHI, Khalin H+37275
VAN TONDER, Daniel+37275
HANNA, Chase+37374
IWASAKI, Aguri+37275
WINDRED, Blake+37572
56REDMAN, Jake+47573
VENTER, Albert+47771
DHARMA, M+47078
PARRY, John+47573
EASTON, Bryce+47177
LAPORTA, Francesco+47672
QUAYLE, Anthony+47078
KAPUR, Shiv+47573
BHULLAR, Gaganjeet+47573
MACINTYRE, Robert+47474
HUIZING, Daan+47771
PERERA, Mithun+57673
SCOTT, Sandy+57475
SANTOS, Ricardo+57871
SIMONSEN, Martin+57376
ANTCLIFF, Maverick+57772
74ARMITAGE, Marcus+67575
LEMKE, Niklas+67377
GALE, Daniel+67872
GALLACHER, Stephen+67773
MANE, Udayan+67971
79SINGH, Yuvraj (AM)+77774
MCEVOY, Richard+77576
BEDI, Aadil+77378
SHEORAN, Dhruv+77576
KJELDSEN, Søren+77873
BJØRN, Thomas+77477
GOUVEIA, Ricardo+77774
86RAVETTO, David+87874
WIEBE, Gunner+87379
LEE, Joshua+87775
MURPHY, John+87676
EDÉN, Tobias+88171
91GRADECKI, Mateusz+97974
FIGUEIREDO, Pedro+98172
HURLEY, Gary+98073
94CHADHA, Abhijit Singh+107381
KHAN, Shamim+107876
RANDHAWA, Jyoti+107678
CHOUHAN, Om Prakash+107777
98HOSSAIN, Jamal+117481
SCHOTT, Freddy+118075
100VON DELLINGSHAUSEN, Nicolai+127779
WINTHER, Jeff+127482
PARIKH, Varun+128274
HILLIER, Daniel+127977
104MIGLIOZZI, Guido+137978
LOHAN, Abhinav+138374
BRING, Christoffer+138176
SHARMA, Akshay+137483
KHAN, Rashid+137681
109BJERREGAARD, Lucas+148177
HOWELL, David+147781
SINGH AHLAWAT, Anant (AM)+147781
112ACKERMAN, Derek+158277
113SURI, Julian+177586
BEKKER, Oliver+178180
115KAUL, Kshitij Naveed+218580
116YADAV, Sandeep (AM)+319184
W/DPORTEOUS, Garrick+577-
W/DSANDHU, Ajeetesh+173-
RETDLAW, David+5--
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Hero Indian Open 2023

Date: February 23rd - 26th 2023

Location: DLF G&CC, New Delhi, India

Purse: $2,000,000

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