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Hero Indian Open R3
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February 25, 2023
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annik YPaul held on to a narrow lead after carding a 71 to reach 11-under on moving day in the Hero Indian Open.

"There’s so much golf yet. I just tried to stay patient. I know on this course you’re going to get some bad breaks here and there. Six, seven, eight I had a couple of nice birdies and then played pretty solid on the back nine.

"I hit a couple of great putts but they just seemed to slip by. Had some lip-outs from around eight feet, sometimes they go in, sometimes they don’t, it’s not in my control."

He lost ground with back-to-back bogeys at the second and third and made another at the 16th countered by four birdies, three of them consecutive from the 6th.

“Short game is my strength, I would say. I gave myself a lot of chances and sometimes they go in, sometimes they don’t. I just tried to stay positive. I’m in a great position and I’m looking forward to playing with Marcel tomorrow.

“Getting the win would be amazing. Such an iconic event here but I think that’s the hard part. You don’t want to think ahead, you want to stay in the present because 18 holes is a lot of golf left. I’ll just try to get some rest tonight and look forward to tomorrow.”

Fellow German Marcel Siem scored a 67 and lies in second place at 10-under followed in third at 8-under by the Netherlands' Joost Luiten who shot a 68.

Last week's winner, Denmark's Thorbjørn Olesen, carded a bogey-free 66 to move into a share of fourth place at 5-under alongside Spain's Jorge Campillo (67) and India's Veer Ahlawat (68).

Pos.PlayerTo ParR1R2R3
1PAUL, Yannik-11656971
2SIEM, Marcel-10697067
3LUITEN, Joost-8707068
4CAMPILLO, Jorge-5737167
AHLAWAT, Veer-5737068
OLESEN, Thorbjørn-5737266
7HIDALGO, Angel-4727367
HIGA, Kazuki-4756671
CHEEMA, Angad-4687173
10BAISOYA, Honey-3667473
12HANNA, Chase-2737467
LARRAZÁBAL, Pablo-2727369
WALKER, Euan-2767068
SCHAPER, Jayden-2727171
16HISATSUNE, Ryo-1757169
LACROIX, Frederic-1747071
AXELSEN, John-1747269
KNAPPE, Alexander-1737171
FITZPATRICK, Alex-1756971
CAÑIZARES, Alejandro-1717371
FORSSTRÖM, Simon-1717272
GREEN, Gavin-1727073
KAWAMURA, Masahiro-1717173
KORHONEN, Mikko-1677276
SADDIER, Adrien-1736874
CHANDRA, Yashas-1717173
28PARRY, JohnPar757368
BHULLAR, GaganjeetPar757368
LAPORTA, FrancescoPar767268
SHARMA, ShubhankarPar687474
GANDAS, ManuPar707373
BAISOYA, SachinPar756972
FAHRBRING, JensPar717174
KRISTJANSSON, GudmundurPar687177
TARRIO, SantiagoPar707175
37SHARMA, Kartik+1747370
AIKEN, Thomas+1717571
KAPUR, Shiv+1757369
BACHEM, Nick+1717373
WILSON, Andrew+1717076
42HUIZING, Daan+2777170
BALDWIN, Matthew+2737372
WANG, Jeunghun+2767171
VAN TONDER, Daniel+2727571
SANDHU, Yuvraj+2707177
SAMOOJA, Kalle+2737075
48MACINTYRE, Robert+3747471
CHAWRASIA, S.S.P.+3757371
STALTER, Joël+3737373
IWASAKI, Aguri+3727572
NEMECZ, Lukas+3717375
54VILJOEN, MJ+4707773
HØJGAARD, Nicolai+4757075
MOLINARI, Edoardo+4747373
KO, Jeong weon+4757174
NORRIS, Shaun+4756976
59KOCHHAR, Karandeep+5777074
60EASTON, Bryce+6717774
STAL, Gary+6737277
WINDRED, Blake+6757275
63DHARMA, M+7707875
64REDMAN, Jake+8757376
65VENTER, Albert+10777178
JOSHI, Khalin H+10727579
67QUAYLE, Anthony+13707881
68THANGARAJA, N*+57475-
PERERA, Mithun*+57673-
SCOTT, Sandy*+57475-
SANTOS, Ricardo+57871-
SIMONSEN, Martin+57376-
ANTCLIFF, Maverick+57772-
74ARMITAGE, Marcus+67575-
LEMKE, Niklas*+67377-
GALE, Daniel+67872-
GALLACHER, Stephen*+67773-
MANE, Udayan*+67971-
79SINGH, Yuvraj* (AM)+77774-
MCEVOY, Richard*+77576-
BEDI, Aadil*+77378-
SHEORAN, Dhruv+77576-
KJELDSEN, Søren*+77873-
BJØRN, Thomas*+77477-
GOUVEIA, Ricardo+77774-
86RAVETTO, David+87874-
WIEBE, Gunner+87379-
LEE, Joshua*+87775-
MURPHY, John+87676-
EDÉN, Tobias*+88171-
91GRADECKI, Mateusz*+97974-
FIGUEIREDO, Pedro+98172-
HURLEY, Gary*+98073-
94CHADHA, Abhijit Singh*+107381-
KHAN, Shamim+107876-
RANDHAWA, Jyoti+107678-
CHOUHAN, Om Prakash+107777-
98HOSSAIN, Jamal+117481-
SCHOTT, Freddy+118075-
100VON DELLINGSHAUSEN, Nicolai*+127779-
100WINTHER, Jeff*+127482-
PARIKH, Varun+128274-
HILLIER, Daniel*+127977-
104MIGLIOZZI, Guido+137978-
LOHAN, Abhinav*+138374-
BRING, Christoffer*+138176-
SHARMA, Akshay*+137483-
KHAN, Rashid+137681-
109BJERREGAARD, Lucas*+148177-
HOWELL, David*+147781-
SINGH AHLAWAT, Anant* (AM)+147781-
112ACKERMAN, Derek+158277-
113SURI, Julian*+177586-
BEKKER, Oliver*+178180-
115KAUL, Kshitij Naveed*+218580-
116YADAV, Sandeep (AM)+319184-
W/DPORTEOUS, Garrick*+577--
W/DSANDHU, Ajeetesh*+173--
RETDLAW, David+5---
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Hero Indian Open 2023

Date: February 23rd - 26th 2023

Location: DLF G&CC, New Delhi, India

Purse: $2,000,000

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