Holed out at last…

Holed out at last...

We love golf dearly, but it is perhaps possible to take this passion too far. For instance, beyond - or in these instances - within the grave.

For the dead keen golfer, Colourful Coffins of Oxford, UK, propose two off the (tee) peg models: 'Golf' and 'The Golfer's Bag'.

The 'Golf' coffin, from Colourful Coffins of Oxford
Above: 'Golf' - Below: 'The Golfer's Bag'
The 'Golfer's Bag'  coffin, from Colourful Coffins of Oxford

But the company will also make a fully personalised, golf-themed coffin featuring, for example, a favourite bunker, pond, trees, or any other defining moment in the departed golfer's life.

For the fanatic of the greens who wishes to remain 'green' all the way to golfing heaven, the coffins can be made in high quality 100% recycled cardboard, instead of the traditional wood.

If you would like to find out more, or order yourself - or a loved one - a bier, you will find the company online here www.colourfulcoffins.com.

December 2009