Bunker Lesson 5 - 60 yard shot

In the fifth instalment of this bunker series, PGA Professional Dr Noel Rousseau analyses the tricky 60 yard shot with former European Tour player David Griffiths.

No one enjoys this lengthy bunker shot – and for good reason. If we don’t catch the ball exactly how we want to, the result can be a duff that barely gets out of the trap or a bladed shot over the green into, potentially, deep trouble.

As a rule, I would try to avoid this kind of situation at all costs. That means using your shot planning so that you don’t take aim lines that could leave you facing this shot.


This is played like a standard pitch shot so that means having your weight leaning toward the target with your sternum left of the ball. The ball position is in the centre of your stance.


Because of this shot’s likeness to a pitch, keep your lower half still and stable (although rotating through the shot).

Keep your chest turning through the shot and move up and through as you would a 60-yard pitch. If you stay down after the ball then you will hit too much sand.

Finally, don’t forget to stay on your target side leg.

Movement Psychology

The key to remember here is that we are aiming to hit the ball first and then take a small divot. Any level of incongruity over this will lead to sloppy striking.