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Jonsson Workwear Open R4
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March 10, 2024
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Matteo Manassero capped his return to the DP World Tour after losing his card with a fifth win nearly eleven years after winning his fourth at the 2013 BMW PGA Championship. He closed with four consecutive birdies on Sunday to finish with a 66 for a 26-under, 262 total at the Jonsson Workwear Open.

"This is the best day of my life on a golf course for sure," said the Italian. "It's been a crazy journey over the last couple of years. I knew that I was getting on the right track but then you never know.

"Even coming down the 18th with a good tee-shot, you still have to do some work. Golf is a really difficult and tough game so I am just so incredibly happy to be here holding this (trophy) right now.

"I think I played really good golf today basically the whole round. It's really hard. The guys behind were playing some incredible golf and every time you look at the leaderboard there is a different name with more birdies.

"Every time during a round of golf you have some times that if you can go through them you see light and then the finish was amazing."

England's Jordan Smith carded a 68 to finish tied for second place at 23-under alongside South Africans Shaun Norris (68) and Lawrence Thriston who closed with a 63 featuring two eagles at the par-5s 6th and 17th.

Spain's Angel Hidalgo finished in solo fifth place at 22-under thanks to his own two eagles at the 6th and 17th.

Pos.PlayerTo ParR1R2R3R4Total
1MANASSERO, Matteo-2668616766262
2SMITH, Jordan-2366666568265
NORRIS, Shaun-2366666568265
LAWRENCE, Thriston-2365706763265
5HIDALGO, Angel-2267646768266
6CANTERO, Ivan-2164676868267
BEKKER, Oliver-2165656869267
8SYME, Connor-2068676667268
9MCKIBBIN, Tom-1967646969269
VAN TONDER, Daniel-1968686964269
11PAVAN, Andrea-1868676768270
DE JAGER, Louis-1865697066270
SCHOTT, Freddy-1871647065270
VAN VELZEN, Ryan-1868706963270
15BALDWIN, Matthew-1770696666271
BAIRSTOW, Sam-1767677166271
17CHEN, Guxin-1671646671272
KRUYSWIJK, Jacques-1666686672272
AIKEN, Thomas-1669676769272
SCRIVENER, Jason-1668667068272
WILSON, Oliver-1669686867272
FOLLETT-SMITH, Benjamin-1668667167272
23SORDET, Clément-1569686670273
SULLIVAN, Andy-1570676769273
RITCHIE, JC-1569686769273
FERGUSON, Ewen-1570656969273
COUSSAUD, Ugo-1568657268273
BROWN, Daniel-1570706964273
29WARING, Paul-1467706770274
LEVY, Alexander-1467696870274
NORGAARD, Niklas-1467667170274
WU, Ashun-1470686868274
LONG, Hurly-1468667268274
REBULA, Jovan-1470686967274
35JARVIS, Casey-1367666973275
SCHWAB, Matthias-1369686771275
SCALISE, Lorenzo-1370676870275
38AHLERS, Jaco-1270667070276
GIRRBACH, Joel-1270667466276
WILLIAMS, Robin-1266707466276
41GUERRIER, Julien-1168716672277
LANGASQUE, Romain-1167696972277
FRIEDRICHSEN, Sebastian-1169687070277
DAVIDSE, Keenan-1164717270277
WIEBE, Gunner-1168707465277
46VENTER, Albert-1071676971278
KO, Jeong weon-1068687171278
NETHUNZWI, Musiwalo-1070667270278
VEERMAN, Johannes-1068707268278
ROWE, Lyle-1068717366278
51DU PLESSIS, Hennie-969706674279
ELVIRA, Nacho-969696972279
TARRIO, Santiago-967707072279
GUMBERG, Jordan-969707070279
55HUGO, Jean-871696674280
COCKERILL, Aaron-869706873280
ENEFER, Will-869717268280
58LUITEN, Joost-770686974281
FILIPPI, Luca-772657173281
MCCLATCHIE, Kyle-769717071281
FRITTELLI, Dylan-771687171281
GERMISHUYS, Deon-772687269281
GOUVEIA, Ricardo-768717468281
64SPACEY, Matthew-672686973282
MOWAT, Callum-670687272282
VAN ZYL, Jaco-669697470282
67DONALDSON, Jamie-568716975283
VILJOEN, MJ-569717073283
SVENSSON, Jesper-571697172283
KAMINSKI, Rupert-575657469283
71DINGLE, Wynand-470697372284
MOKOENA, Karabo-469717371284
LAPORTA, Francesco-472677570284
74OTTO, Hennie-372687174285
HUNDEBØLL, Oliver-371697174285
VAN DRIEL, Darius-368697573285
SENEKAL, JJ-370707669285
78PENGE, Marco-37071--141
FISHER, Ross-37269--141
VORSTER, Martin-37269--141
DU PLESSIS, CJ-37269--141
ARMITAGE, Marcus-37368--141
PREMLALL, Yurav-37269--141
SADDIER, Adrien-37170--141
ALBERTSE, Louis-37071--141
DANTORP, Jens-37269--141
CABRERA BELLO, Rafa-37170--141
MOSTERT, Dylan-37269--141
89STONE, Brandon-27270--142
BRADBURY, Dan-26973--142
MOOLMAN, Pieter-26775--142
SCHAPER, Jayden-27171--142
NICHOLAS, James-27270--142
DE VILLIERS, Jacques P-27369--142
NIENABER, Wilco-27567--142
RAVETTO, David-27369--142
ELVIRA, Manuel-27468--142
ÅKESSON, Björn-27072--142
99KOFSTAD, Espen-17469--143
HANNA, Chase-17370--143
MANLEY, Stuart-16875--143
PRINSLOO, Jaco-17172--143
LOMBARD, Zander-17073--143
STRYDOM, Tristen-17073--143
WINTHER, Jeff-17073--143
KARMIS, Peter-17469--143
KARLSSON, Anton-17370--143
ARNAUS, Adri-17073--143
109MANCHEST, FranklinPar7272--144
VAN NIEKERK, DaniePar7173--144
BREMNER, MerrickPar7173--144
MORRISON, JamesPar7173--144
LAW, DavidPar6975--144
KORB, RuanPar7272--144
WALTERS, JustinPar7074--144
BARKER, KylePar7173--144
MACK, JamesPar7371--144
CHOUHAN, Om PrakashPar7272--144
FICHARDT, DarrenPar7272--144
SMIT, CombrinckPar7272--144
121WHITNELL, Dale+17372--145
HOSHINO, Rikuya+17075--145
BRUN, Julien+17372--145
CLEMENTS, Todd+17174--145
REDMAN, Jake+17372--145
BLIXT, Jonas+17471--145
127THOMAS, Keagan+27274--146
DE SMIDT, Ruan+27472--146
ERICKSON, Dan+27373--146
OLIVIER, Willie+27274--146
HORNE, Keith+27472--146
132ROTTLUFF, Maximilian+37473--147
CHINHOI, Robson+37473--147
RAMSAY, Richie+37770--147
BLOMME, Adam+37671--147
VAN DER SPUY, Rourke+37572--147
O'KENNEDY, Hennie+37275--147
NAIDOO, Dylan+37968--147
STRYDOM, Ockie+37572--147
MITCHELL, Malcolm+37770--147
BACHEM, Nick+37473--147
PEPLER, Gerhard+37275--147
143BLAAUW, Jacques+47276--148
144MASHEGO, Jastice+57673--149
LOUBSER, Herman+57475--149
FISHER JNR, Trevor+57376--149
GREEN, Gavin+57772--149
SCHIETEKAT, Neil+57673--149
149KJELDSEN, Søren+67575--150
MICHAEL, Anthony+67377--150
ROHWER, Martin+67674--150
152BRUINERS, Heinrich+87478--152
153JACOBS, Wade+97974--153
GALANT, Tristin+97281--153
W/DKIM, DK+577---77
W/DWEARS-TAYLOR, Stefan+577---77
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Jonsson Workwear Open 2024

Date: March 7th - 10th 2024

Location: Glendower Golf Club, Dowerglen, Edenvale , South Africa

Purse: $ 1,500,000

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