Leadbetter Kids set to flourish

Progressive programme is aimed at children between the ages of five and 12

The potential stars of tomorrow – both players and coaches – are ready to shine with the launch of the Leadbetter Kids programme.

Leadbetter Kids set to flourish, aimed at children 5 to 12

Coaches can now gain the Leadbetter Kids qualification to teach the progressive programme, which is aimed at children between the ages of five and 12.

Available as part of the Leadbetter Golf University – an online platform that uses the latest interactive training techniques to educate and train golf coaches – Leadbetter Kids is a separate course to empower coaches with the right tools to develop a sustainable coaching business. 

Gavin Grenville-Wood, head of junior education at Leadbetter, said: “It’s hugely exciting to launch Leadbetter Kids as an extra element of Leadbetter Golf University. The clear message to coaches is that there is a rewarding and successful career to be had – it’s not just about becoming an elite coach on Tour, although there is no reason it cannot be a stepping stone towards that ambition.

Leadbetter Kids set to flourish, aimed at children 5 to 12

“We would like to get to a point where we are attracting talented, young coaches as early as possible to the Leadbetter Kids programme. It is a unique skill to be able to coach kids and be able to engage with them on their level.

“But it is hugely rewarding and has so many associated benefits. Not least protecting the future of the sport and helping to create the players and coaches of tomorrow.”

The programme itself addresses three main areas: the coach, the athlete and the business.

The coaching programme is packed with innovative ideas and skills to keep youngsters engaged, it also embraces David Leadbetter’s coaching philosophy, which has played a pivotal role in the careers of so many of the world’s top golfers in recent times.

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By GT Editor

Grenville-Wood said: “It’s about getting kids interested and then keeping them interested in our incredible sport for years to come.

“It’s about understanding how to connect, inspire, communicate and develop and to utilise and embrace technology. We are looking to create the players and coaches of tomorrow and we believe the Leadbetter Kids programme will enable that.”

Coaches will be able to learn more about the Leadbetter Kids programme at one of several roadshow events planned for later this spring. An Introduction to Coaching Children will be available at several locations in the UK. Dates, details and further information on Leadbetter Kids is available here: university.leadbetter.com.

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