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TaylorMade's iconic putter range takes customisation to another level
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January 19, 2023
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Customisation is clearly very much in the minds of TaylorMade at the moment. Hot on the heels of the MyStealth 2 Plus driver – that comes with 9 face colour options – the iconic Spider putter has been given a major revamp with plenty of emphasis on style as well as substance.

The three new GT models – Max, GTX and My GTX –  cumulatively take adjustability to a whole new level.

The Max is definitely all about substance. It features two 40g sliding tungsten weights that can be positioned to influence Centre of Gravity, toe hang and face rotation.

This innovation allows golfers to correct a multitude of sins, not least minimising arguably the least talked about problem in golf – the mis-hit putt.

The new weighting system means:

• Players who tend to miss putts to the left, can place the weights in Position 1 (farthest back) to slow down the face rotation.

• Players who tend to miss to the right, Position 3 (farthest forward) helps the face close faster.

• If you don't have a consistent miss and are looking for versatility, Position 2 offers a neutral option.

TaylorMade Spider GT Max putter
The TaylorMade Spider GT Max putter

Bill Price, Senior Director of Product Creation, Putters & Wedges, said: “We encourage golfers to spend time observing their putting tendencies. By knowing where you often miss, you can set the weights on Spider GT Max to counteract your tendencies and help you hit putts on target with greater consistency.

“Why adjust your putting motion when you can adjust your putter?"

It is a great question and one which will divide many golfers. What’s more important… technique or technology?

Certainly nobody is stopping the technology tide and the GTX is a great example of what modern clubs bring to the party. It incorporates the likes of True PathTM Alignment, which is designed to allow for easy and precise alignment to the target, and PureRoll2 for a consistent end-over-end roll. It includes a deep centre of gravity created by a heavy 154g stability bar at the rear of the putter. That equates to 45% of the putter's total weight.

The regular GTX also includes six-colour plate options but those choices pale compared to what you can do to the My Spider GTX.

Titleist are offering 13 top plate colour options, 22 face insert colour options and 14 paint fill options, virtually guaranteeing your GTX will be like no-one else’s. That’s not even considering the hosel alternatives and even four sightline options.

Many might consider it ‘choice overload’ but Titleist are clearly confident that increasing adjustability is the future.


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Club info – Spider GT Max (£379)

• Lengths: 34” / 35” in small slats and single hosel bend options


Spider GTX (£299)

• Lengths: 33” / 34” / 35”

• Six colour-plate options: White, Silver, Black, Red, Ice Blue and Pink

• Armlock offering: 40" / 42" (Silver only)


My Spider GTX (£349)

• Lengths: 33” / 34” / 35”

• 13 top plate colour options

• 22 face insert colour options
• 14 paint fill options

• Hosel options: L-Neck (RH only), Short Slant, Single Bend, Centre Shaft (RH only)

• Sightline options: short line, single line, single dot (N/A on Centre Shaft), triple dot
(N/A centre shaft)

• True Path Alignment: With or without

• Rear weight and badge options: Black or Silver

• Shaft: Black or Silver


Available in Europe: February 17th

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