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Jon Rahm aiming to emulate Ballesteros
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October 8, 2022
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Jon Rahm carded a bogey-free 6-under 65 to take the lead in the acciona Open de España by one shot at 16-under.

"I’m feeling good," said the Spaniard. "I wish most of my rounds could be as organised as this one. I don’t feel like I did anything special, maybe the up-and-down on 17, but I just played consistent golf, put the ball in play, and the few times I missed the tee shot I was never really out of it.

"I had a shot to the green and I was able to pull it off every time, so only one stressful part on 17 and besides that, there were a lot of good birdie looks and par putts. Hopefully I can play another round like that tomorrow because I felt like I kept going shot by shot and I was six under."

"Hopefully my best round can be tomorrow. Let’s hope for that and have an enjoyable walk down 18. That would be a perfect day."

Rahm has won the title twice, in 2018 and 2019, and could match Seve Ballesteros' tally with a third win on Sunday.

Australia's Min Woo Lee carded a 66 for solo second place at 15-under.

Scots Stephen Gallacher (70) and Marc Warren (65) share third place at 13-under with England's Eddie Pepperell (67), Thailand's Kiradech Aphobarnrat (68), France's Matthieu Pavon (68) and South Africa's Louis de Jager (65).

Pos.PlayerTo ParR1R2R3
1RAHM, Jon-16646865
2LEE, Min Woo-15676566
3GALLACHER, Stephen-13656570
APHIBARNRAT, Kiradech-13636968
WARREN, Marc-13706565
PEPPERELL, Eddie-13676667
PAVON, Matthieu-13646868
DE JAGER, Louis-13716465
9LOMBARD, Zander-12696666
MOLINARI, Edoardo-12687063
11PARATORE, Renato-11676966
LAGERGREN, Joakim-11646969
13DU PLESSIS, Hennie-10656672
DRYSDALE, David-10656672
QUIROS, Alvaro-10667166
GARCIA RODRIGUEZ, Sebastian-10706469
WU, Ashun-10637268
18WARING, Paul-9676374
VAN DRIEL, Darius-9636972
MASAVEU, Luis (AM)-9666870
PAUL, Yannik-9706668
22GARCIAHEREDIA, Alfredo-8696571
CAÑIZARES, Alejandro-8667168
CAMPILLO, Jorge-8686869
COUPLAND, Dave-8706867
26BRADBURY, Dan-7696473
MØLLER, Niklas Nørgaard-7666971
DUBUISSON, Victor-7676970
HIDALGO, Angel-7696869
HANSEN, Joachim B.-7716768
WILSON, Oliver-7696968
BROWN, Steven-7716669
KARLBERG, Rikard-7716966
SIEM, Marcel-7697067
35LEMKE, Niklas-6706572
HELLIGKILDE, Marcus-6716769
LUITEN, Joost-6716868
TARRIO, Santiago-6706770
BJERREGAARD, Lucas-6716967
PAUL, Jeremy-6707067
41JACQUELIN, Raphaël-5676873
FLEETWOOD, Tommy-5706969
WOOD, Chris-5706969
VAN TONDER, Daniel-5686872
GAVINS, Daniel-5716968
STALTER, Joël-5716968
47CHESTERS, Ashley-4726770
VIDAL, Quim (AM)-4687170
KOFSTAD, Espen-4716969
DUNNE, Paul-4716969
HUIZING, Daan-3707070
BESSELING, Wil-3697170
HOWIE, Craig-3697071
FORREST, Grant-3707070
56STRYDOM, Tristen-2696874
KEARNEY, Niall-2696973
SALAMA, Juan-2706774
59LARRAZÁBAL, Pablo-1686777
NIENABER, Wilco-1726872
MORRISON, James-1697172
LACROIX, Frederic-1736772
63ANTCLIFF, MaverickPar696975
64CALDWELL, Jonathan+1697174
65VÄLIMÄKI, Sami+2687077
LAW, David+2707075
EVANS, Ben+2706976
68LORENZOVERA, Mike+3687078
69SINGH BRAR, Jack+5736778
70KOIVISTO, Tyler+9707082
71SANTOS, Ricardo-16873
PIGEM, Carlos-17071
FICHARDT, Darren-17170
FARR, Oliver-16972
ELVIRA, Nacho-17071
FDEZCASTAÑO, Gonzalo-17269
HORSEY, David-17170
SLATTERY, Lee-17071
ZHANG, Huilin-16873
STONE, Brandon-16774
AIKEN, Thomas-17368
82KENNEGARD, JesperPar7072
MURRAY, ZachPar7468
MOYNIHAN, GavinPar7171
BAI, ZhengkaiPar6973
RAMSAY, RichiePar7171
WILSON, AndrewPar7270
HANNA, ChasePar7171
HEBERT, BenjaminPar7072
BJØRN, ThomasPar7567
HORTAL, AntonioPar6874
PORTEOUS, HaydnPar7270
93ORIOL, Pedro+17667
STORM, Graeme+17370
LEWIS, TOM+17568
DE LA RIVA, Eduardo+17271
McGOWAN, Ross+17172
PASTOR, Jacobo+17172
GAGLI, Lorenzo+17568
SCRIVENER, Jason+17172
KORHONEN, Mikko+17469
103ESMATGES, Alex+26975
CELLI, Filippo+27371
CATLIN, John+27272
LAWRENCE, Thriston+27272
107ANGLES, Pep+37174
ROUSSEL, Robin+37669
FISHER, Ross+37570
MCEVOY, Richard+37174
LEON, Hugo+37075
112FISHER, Oliver+47670
113RITTHAMMER, Bernd+57275
PAVAN, Andrea+57374
DEL VAL, Samuel+57473
116ARIZABALETA, Alvaro jose+67573
117BERNA MANZANARES, Daniel+77871
CAREY, David+77673
VACARISAS, Lucas+77475
120SHARVIN, Cormac+87476
LIESER, Ondrej+87377
GARCIA, Jordi+87278
ARNAUS, Adri+87674
124FORD, Matt+97477
SURI, Julian+97477
BROBERG, Kristoffer+97675
127HELLGREN, Björn+107577
128ESPOSITO, Hugo+118370
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acciona Open de España 2022

Date: October 6th - 9th 2022

Location: Club de Campo Villa de Madrid, Madrid, Spain

Purse: €1,750,000

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