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Laurie Canter takes lead in Girona
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April 29, 2022
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Catalunya Championship 2022 R2

Apil 28 - May 01
Stadium Course, PGA Catalunya Golf and Wellness, Girona, Spain
Round 1, Round 3, Round 4

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Englishman Laurie Canter signed for a 67 on Friday to reach 7-under and takes the lead of the Catalunya Championship in Girona.

Catalunya Championship 2022 R2

"I love this golf course, I love the facilities and everything about it. It’s genuinely a bit of a privilege to play it. I think it’s a really special place."

Canter started the day four shots behind the trio of Oliver Bekker and Darren Fichardt of South Africa and Jeff Winther of Denmark, who held the overnight lead at 6-under. He produced four birdies, an eagle at the par-4 6th and a bogey at the par-4 17th to move to the top of the leaderboard.

Catalunya Championship 2022 R2 - Laurie Canter takes lead in Girona
Laurie Canter (Mike Egerton/PA Wire)

Catalunya Championship 2022 R2

"I was in between clubs (on the 6th)," said Canter. "Ended up going with a slightly shorter one, just hoped it jumped out of the rough.

"It came out well and, to be honest, it looked like it might be a bit long but one bounce, two bounce and it disappeared. Obviously delighted for that to go in for eagle, pretty unexpected.

"It's such a long week but to play well and compete you need things to go your way and that was definitely a great break. Hopefully I will have good memories of playing that hole over the weekend."

Catalunya Championship 2022 R2

Bekker salvaged a 72 in spite of five bogeys to move down into a share of second place alongside Englishman James Morrison who carded a 71.

Daniel Gavins of England signed for a 70 and is tied in fourth at 5-under alongside Spain's Ivan Cantero Gutierrez (68), Dane Thomas Bjørn (70), New Zealander Ryan Fox (68) and France's Adrien Saddier (69).

Fichardt carded a 74 and moved down into a share of 9th place at 4-under while Winther scored a 75 and is tied in 16h place at 3-under.

Catalunya Championship 2022 R2

Pos.PlayerTo ParR1R2
1CANTER, Laurie-77067
2MORRISON, James-66771
BEKKER, Oliver-66672
BJØRN, Thomas-56970
GAVINS, Daniel-56970
FOX, Ryan-57168
SADDIER, Adrien-57069
9GOUVEIA, Ricardo-46971
KORHONEN, Mikko-47070
OLESEN, Thorbjørn-46971
HEISELE, Sebastian-46773
ANTCLIFF, Maverick-47268
FICHARDT, Darren-46674
SCHNEIDER, Marcel-47169
16FERGUSON, Ewen-37170
LARRAZÁBAL, Pablo-37269
LAW, David-37269
HØJGAARD, Nicolai-36972
WINTHER, Jeff-36675
JACQUELIN, Raphaël-37170
MØLLER, Niklas Nørgaard-37170
MCEVOY, Richard-36972
MANSELL, Richard-37071
26GREEN, Gavin-27171
DU PLESSIS, Hennie-26874
MOLINARI, Edoardo-27369
LAWRENCE, Thriston-27072
GONNET, Jean-Baptiste-26874
NEMECZ, Lukas-26874
SCHMID, Matti-27171
MERONK, Adrian-27171
COUPLAND, Dave-27369
35PAVAN, Andrea-17172
WIESBERGER, Bernd-17370
GARCIA RODRIGUEZ, Sebastian-17271
BRUN, Julien-16875
PAUL, Yannik-17073
GAGLI, Lorenzo-17172
PULKKANEN, Tapio-17271
VÄLIMÄKI, Sami-17370
LI, Haotong-16776
WALTERS, Justin-16974
DRYSDALE, David-16974
BESSELING, Wil-17370
47SMITH, JordanPar7173
LEMKE, NiklasPar7371
FISHER, RossPar7272
DEL REY, AlejandroPar7272
BLAND, RichardPar7371
VAN DRIEL, DariusPar7371
CALDWELL, JonathanPar7371
ARNAUS, AdriPar6876
55KOFSTAD, Espen+17273
MIGLIOZZI, Guido+17273
HELLIGKILDE, Marcus+17075
WU, Ashun+17570
HOWELL, David+17372
VAN TONDER, Daniel+17570
HIDALGO, Angel+17174
CAMPILLO, Jorge+17174
LONG, Hurly+17372
BJÖRK, Alexander+17372
65SANTOS, Ricardo+27076
CAÑIZARES, Alejandro+27274
FORREST, Grant+27076
WILSON, Oliver+27373
SCRIVENER, Jason+27472
HØJGAARD, Rasmus+27274
VAN MEIJEL, Lars+27274
73ELVIRA, Nacho+37572
PEPPERELL, Eddie+37374
SINGH BRAR, Jack+37572
HANSEN, Joachim B.+37077
WARREN, Marc+37671
ORIOL, Pedro+37572
CATLIN, John+37671
McGOWAN, Ross+37374
LORENZO-VERA, Mike+37374
VEERMAN, Johannes+37176
STALTER, Joël+37176
FARR, Oliver+37374
LOMBARD, Zander+37275
86LACROIX, Frederic+47276
PEREZ, Victor+47474
MCKIBBIN, Tom+47276
WHITNELL, Dale+47771
OTAEGUI, Adrian+47474
SJÖHOLM, Joel+47771
ANGLES, Pep+47177
KARLBERG, Rikard+47276
PAISLEY, Chris+47375
PARATORE, Renato+47276
DE LA RIVA, Eduardo+47375
KINHULT, Marcus+47573
ROUSSEL, Robin+47474
HUIZING, Daan+47771
GUERRIER, Julien+47276
POKE, Benjamin+47672
102BJERREGAARD, Lucas+57178
HEND, Scott+57376
CROCKER, Sean+57772
LUITEN, Joost+57475
RAMSAY, Richie+57376
ORMSBY, Wade+58069
ZANOTTI, Fabrizio+57178
LAGERGREN, Joakim+57574
LEWIS, Tom+57574
112FISHER, Oliver+67674
LAPORTA, Francesco+67773
SULLIVAN, Andy+67674
QUIROS, Alvaro+67476
LANGASQUE, Romain+67278
WILSON, Andrew+67278
FIGUEIREDO, Pedro+67575
SOUTHGATE, Matthew+67575
CHESTERS, Ashley+67575
HEBERT, Benjamin+67476
JORDAN, Matthew+67476
123KRUYSWIJK, Jacques+77279
SHINKWIN, Callum+77477
PORTEOUS, Garrick+77477
HORSEY, David+77774
JAMIESON, Scott+77873
129ROUSAUD, Eduard+87775
MURRAY, Zach+87280
SENIOR, Jack+87577
LEON, Hugo+87478
SHARMA, Shubhankar+88072
ROZNER, Antoine+87181
TARRIO, Santiago+87577
KIM, Sihwan+87280
137ARMITAGE, Marcus+97875
STERNE, Richard+97776
STOW, Ben+97578
140SODERBERG, Sebastian+108074
SYME, Connor+107579
HANNA, Chase+107876
COCKERILL, Aaron+108074
SHARVIN, Cormac+107975
STORM, Graeme+108272
SIEM, Marcel+107777
147PAVON, Matthieu+118174
PIGEM, Carlos+117679
SAMOOJA, Kalle+117679
150DONALDSON, Jamie+127680
151DONNELLY, Luke+137681
152FORD, Matt+158079
153STONE, Brandon+168080
KJELDSEN, Søren+167783
155PORTEOUS, Haydn+198182
156WOOD, Chris+227888

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