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Oliver Bekker takes 2-shot lead into the final day
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April 30, 2022
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Catalunya Championship 2022 R3

Apil 28 - May 01
Stadium Course, PGA Catalunya Golf and Wellness, Girona, Spain
Round 1, Round 2, Round 4

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Oliver Bekker is back in the lead of the Catalunya Championship at 11-under after carding a 67 on Saturday.

The South African has had five top-10s in nine starts on the DP World Tour in his first season with full playing privileges having graduated from the European Challenge Tour.

Catalunya Championship 2022 R3

"My short game really got me out of a bit of trouble today on a few occasions and I managed to capitalise on the shots that I did well so, all in all, great.

"Tomorrow I’m just going to do the same thing, it’s been working for me, I’m not going to change anything. If it’s my day, it’s my day, if not, just try to give my best and see what happens."

Catalunya Championship 2022 R3

Overnight leader Laurie Canter of England moved down into second place at 9-under after carding a 70.

"The great thing about this course, I genuinely think the best player is going to win over 72 holes," said Canter. "It’s that sort of a test. That might be an obvious thing to say but it’s really prevalent here. If you manage your game well, chip, putt, it tests all the facets.

"In a way that’s good for me to feel like that, got to go out and try to be the best payer tomorrow. If I can play like I did today and get a bit more out of the round, I’ll have a chance."

Catalunya Championship 2022 R3

Italians Edoardo Molinari and Lorenzo Gaglie carded rounds of 66 and 65 for a share of third place at 8-under.

New Zealand's Ryan Fox (70) and Poland's Adrian Meronk (67) are tied in fifth place at 7-under.

Pos.PlayerTo ParR1R2R3
1BEKKER, Oliver-11667267
2CANTER, Laurie-9706770
3MOLINARI, Edoardo-8736966
GAGLI, Lorenzo-8717265
5MERONK, Adrian-7717167
FOX, Ryan-7716870
7MCEVOY, Richard-6697269
LARRAZÁBAL, Pablo-6726969
WINTHER, Jeff-6667569
WIESBERGER, Bernd-6737067
12GAVINS, Daniel-5697072
BJØRN, Thomas-5697072
MORRISON, James-5677173
FERGUSON, Ewen-5717070
16KORHONEN, Mikko-4707072
SADDIER, Adrien-4706973
COUPLAND, Dave-4736970
MANSELL, Richard-4707171
ARNAUS, Adri-4687668
GREEN, Gavin-4717170
VÄLIMÄKI, Sami-4737069
BESSELING, Wil-4737069
24HEISELE, Sebastian-3677373
HIDALGO, Angel-3717468
HØJGAARD, Nicolai-3697272
NEMECZ, Lukas-3687471
28SCHNEIDER, Marcel-2716974
OLESEN, Thorbjørn-2697174
LI, Haotong-2677671
DRYSDALE, David-2697471
PAVAN, Andrea-2717271
GARCIA RODRIGUEZ, Sebastian-2727171
PULKKANEN, Tapio-2727171
36KOFSTAD, Espen-1727370
GOUVEIA, Ricardo-1697175
FICHARDT, Darren-1667475
LAW, David-1726974
JACQUELIN, Raphaël-1717074
BLAND, Richard-1737171
SMITH, Jordan-1717371
SCHMID, Matti-1717173
LAWRENCE, Thriston-1707273
BRUN, Julien-1687572
46BJÖRK, AlexanderPar737271
SCRIVENER, JasonPar747270
WU, AshunPar757071
FISHER, RossPar727272
VAN DRIEL, DariusPar737172
MØLLER, Niklas NørgaardPar717075
PAUL, YannikPar707373
LEMKE, NiklasPar737172
DU PLESSIS, HenniePar687474
55ANTCLIFF, Maverick+1726877
CAMPILLO, Jorge+1717472
VAN MEIJEL, Lars+1727471
DEL REY, Alejandro+1727273
LONG, Hurly+1737272
VAN TONDER, Daniel+1757072
61HØJGAARD, Rasmus+2727472
GONNET, Jean-Baptiste+2687476
SANTOS, Ricardo+2707672
WALTERS, Justin+2697475
65FORREST, Grant+3707673
WILSON, Oliver+3737373
MIGLIOZZI, Guido+3727374
CALDWELL, Jonathan+3737175
HELLIGKILDE, Marcus+3707574
70CAÑIZARES, Alejandro+4727474
72HOWELL, David+5737276
73ELVIRA, Nacho+37572-
PEPPERELL, Eddie+37374-
SINGH BRAR, Jack+37572-
HANSEN, Joachim B.+37077-
WARREN, Marc+37671-
ORIOL, Pedro+37572-
CATLIN, John+37671-
McGOWAN, Ross+37374-
LORENZO-VERA, Mike+37374-
VEERMAN, Johannes+37176-
STALTER, Joël+37176-
FARR, Oliver+37374-
LOMBARD, Zander+37275-
86LACROIX, Frederic+47276-
PEREZ, Victor+47474-
MCKIBBIN, Tom+47276-
WHITNELL, Dale+47771-
OTAEGUI, Adrian+47474-
SJÖHOLM, Joel+47771-
ANGLES, Pep+47177-
KARLBERG, Rikard+47276-
PAISLEY, Chris+47375-
PARATORE, Renato+47276-
DE LA RIVA, Eduardo+47375-
KINHULT, Marcus+47573-
ROUSSEL, Robin+47474-
HUIZING, Daan+47771-
GUERRIER, Julien+47276-
POKE, Benjamin+47672-
102BJERREGAARD, Lucas+57178-
HEND, Scott+57376-
CROCKER, Sean+57772-
LUITEN, Joost+57475-
RAMSAY, Richie+57376-
ORMSBY, Wade+58069-
ZANOTTI, Fabrizio+57178-
LAGERGREN, Joakim+57574-
LEWIS, Tom+57574-
CHAWRASIA, S.S.P.+57673-
112FISHER, Oliver+67674-
LAPORTA, Francesco+67773-
SULLIVAN, Andy+67674-
QUIROS, Alvaro+67476-
LANGASQUE, Romain+67278-
WILSON, Andrew+67278-
FIGUEIREDO, Pedro+67575-
SOUTHGATE, Matthew+67575-
CHESTERS, Ashley+67575-
HEBERT, Benjamin+67476-
JORDAN, Matthew+67476-
123KRUYSWIJK, Jacques+77279-
SHINKWIN, Callum+77477-
PORTEOUS, Garrick+77477-
HORSEY, David+77774-
SCIOT-SIEGRIST, Robin+77477-
JAMIESON, Scott+77873-
129ROUSAUD, Eduard+87775-
MURRAY, Zach+87280-
SENIOR, Jack+87577-
LEON, Hugo+87478-
SHARMA, Shubhankar+88072-
ROZNER, Antoine+87181-
TARRIO, Santiago+87577-
KIM, Sihwan+87280-
137ARMITAGE, Marcus+97875-
STERNE, Richard+97776-
STOW, Ben+97578-
140SODERBERG, Sebastian+108074-
SYME, Connor++107579-
HANNA, Chase+107876-
COCKERILL, Aaron+108074-
SHARVIN, Cormac+107975-
STORM, Graeme+108272-
SIEM, Marcel+107777-
147PAVON, Matthieu+118174-
PIGEM, Carlos+117679-
SAMOOJA, Kalle+117679-
150DONALDSON, Jamie+127680-
151DONNELLY, Luke+137681-
152FORD, Matt+158079-
153STONE, Brandon+168080-
KJELDSEN, Søren+167783-
155PORTEOUS, Haydn+198182-
156WOOD, Chris+227888-
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