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Julien Guerrier takes lead
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July 23, 2022
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Cazoo Classic 2022 R3

July 21-24
Hillside Golf Club, Southport, England
Round 1, Round 2, Round 4

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Julien Guerrier carded a 69 on Saturday to reach 12-under. He will take a one-shot lead into the final day at the Cazoo Open.

Cazoo Classic 2022 R3

"I am really happy with my game today," said the Frenchman. "I managed good from the rough, I hit some really good shots from the rough.

"It's going to be emotional but I will keep (to) my plan. I want to hit fairway, green and try to hit the putt."

Cazoo Classic 2022 R3

Overnight leader Paul Waring of England carded a 72 and slipped down into a share of second place at 11-under alongside Scot Richie Ramsay (67) and Swede Jens Dantorp (70).

Scotland's Grant Forrest is tied in fifth place at 10-under alongside Swede Alexander Björk (64) and Finn Sami Välimäki (69).

Cazoo Classic 2022 R3

Pos.PlayerTo ParR1R2R3
1GUERRIER, Julien-12666969
2WARING, Paul-11637072
DANTORP, Jens-11666970
RAMSAY, Richie-11696967
5FORREST, Grant-10666971
BJÖRK, Alexander-10727064
VÄLIMÄKI, Sami-10716669
8HUIZING, Daan-9686871
STERNE, Richard-9706869
10PETERSSON, Robin-8687070
ARMITAGE, Marcus-8696970
MACINTYRE, Robert-8736966
HIDALGO, Angel-8697069
OLESEN, Thorbjørn-8717166
15SULLIVAN, Andy-7737165
KINHULT, Marcus-7726869
17PORTEOUS, Garrick-6657273
DUBUISSON, Victor-6707070
ELVIRA, Nacho-6736572
SLATTERY, Lee-6717069
WRISDALE, Jordan-6697269
PEPPERELL, Eddie-6687468
CLEMENTS, Todd-6707268
24FICHARDT, Darren-5687172
CHESTERS, Ashley-5707269
KIM, Sihwan-5707071
NEMECZ, Lukas-5717367
28SHINKWIN, Callum-4696875
TARRIO, Santiago-4687173
STOW, Ben-4687371
OTAEGUI, Adrian-4727070
MANSELL, Richard-4667571
LANGASQUE, Romain-4737069
34SOUTHGATE, Matthew-3677175
SENIOR, Jack-3677274
GREEN, Gavin-3726972
JACQUELIN, Raphaël-3717171
VAN DRIEL, Darius-3717171
FARR, Oliver-3697371
RITCHIE, JC-3707271
DRYSDALE, David-3717270
MCEVOY, Richard-3717171
FDEZCASTAÑO, Gonzalo-3727170
PLANT, Alfie-3717369
MANLEY, Stuart-3687669
46STUREHED, Henric-2717073
WILSON, Andrew-2697174
BALDWIN, Matthew-2717271
ROUSSEL, Robin-2717271
ROZNER, Antoine-2747070
51FELTON, Jarryd-1726974
LOMBARD, Zander-1727271
CAMPILLO, Jorge-1687473
FISHER, Ross-1707471
HOWIE, Craig-1677771
KARLSSON, Anton-1717371
BROBERG, Kristoffer-1727271
58SANTOS, RicardoPar717273
HORSEY, DavidPar696978
FIGUEIREDO, PedroPar717372
61HILLIER, Daniel+1707473
JORDAN, Matthew+1727273
LACROIX, Frederic+1747073
64GUPTA, Aman+2687674
LEON, Hugo+2727274
BEKKER, Oliver+2687674
67WHITNELL, Dale+3717276
PERRIER, Damien+3707475
69NIENABER, Wilco+4717277
70FISHER, Oliver+7687679
71EASTON, Bryce+17471
KEARNEY, Niall+17075
ULENAERS, Kristof+17372
GARCIAHEREDIA, Alfredo+17174
WINDRED, Blake+17273
LAWRENCE, Thriston+17669
SHARVIN, Cormac+17273
GAGLI, Lorenzo+17372
KENNEDY, Frank (AM)+17273
CALDWELL, Jonathan+17174
KJELDSEN, Søren+17273
BROWN, Steven+17273
83JOHNSTON, Liam+27472
FORD, Matt+27472
RAHMAN, Siddikur+27076
MOLINARI, Edoardo+27472
McGOWAN, Ross+27472
KAWAMURA, Masahiro+27472
89THURLOWAY, Thomas+37770
BOYD, Gary+37671
MCCARTHY, Nick+37473
SINGH BRAR, Jack+37275
MOYNIHAN, Gavin+37176
ORIOL, Pedro+37473
DE JAGER, Louis+37275
FERGUSON, Ewen+37374
HOWELL, David+36978
HIGGINS, David+37275
THORNTON, Simon+37275
ZHANG, Huilin+37671
101EVANS, Ben+47375
MCLEOD, Jake+47375
QUIROS, Alvaro+47474
MCDONALD, Jack+47771
GAVINS, Daniel+47474
106EVANS, Ryan+57673
CAÑIZARES, Alejandro+57475
KEOGH, Adam+57475
COUPLAND, Dave+57673
GANDY, Tom+57673
SMITH, Harley (AM)+57376
BAI, Zhengkai+57772
114BRADBURY, Dan+67674
KANAYA, Takumi+67575
CROCKER, Sean+67179
GALLACHER, Stephen+67872
HUTCHEON, Greig+67476
ANGLES, Pep+67575
120PAISLEY, Chris+77675
THOMSON, Jonathan+77576
GEARY, Josh+77675
HEND, Scott+77279
124BAWDEN, Bradley+87775
KENNEGARD, Jesper+87577
BLAAUW, Jacques+88072
DIXON, David+87577
DUNNE, Paul+88072
WARREN, Marc+87676
DE LA RIVA, Eduardo+87280
131SVENSSON, Jesper+97578
STORM, Graeme+97974
133ROCK, Robert+107876
PAPADATOS, Dimitrios+107876
135SHEPHERD, Laird+118174
PAMPLING, Rod+117976
137HELLGREN, Björn+137483
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