Cazoo Classic R2

Paul Waring holds on to 2-shot lead

Cazoo Classic 2022 R2

July 21-24
Hillside Golf Club, Southport, England
Round 1, Round 3, Round 4

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Paul Waring followed up his opening 63 with a 70 and held on to his two-shot lead at 11-under in the Cazoo Classic.

Cazoo Classic 2022 R2

“Very different golf course today,” said the Englishman. “Completely different wind direction which made it a bit more tricky visually. There were a lot more holes I could really see a golf course on yesterday with the opposite wind, and then today it was a bit more fiddly for me, especially hitting a draw as it was hard to get a start line correct, which is where I struggled at times.

“I ground it out well and the putter felt good, so I was made up to shoot two under and extend my lead.”

Cazoo Classic 2022 R2

Scotland’s Grant Forrest, Sweden’s Jens Dantorp and France’s Julien Guerrier all shot 69s and are tied in second place at 9-under.

“As you see, the wind direction changed completely, so it is a completely different course,” said Guerrier. “The links course is very interesting when you have different winds and we have to adapt and still have a good strategy.

“We didn’t know whether the forecast would be blowing or rain, or both, but the wind picked up a little bit on the last hole and now it has dropped a bit, so I think it will stay like that.”

Cazoo Classic 2022 R2

The Netherlands’ Daan Huizing (68) lies in solo fifth place at 8-under followed by Englishmen Callum Shinkwin (68) and Garrick Porteous (72) as well as Finland’s Sami Välimäki.

Cazoo Classic 2022 R2

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By GT Editor
Pos.PlayerTo ParR1R2Total
1WARING, Paul-116370133
2GUERRIER, Julien-96669135
DANTORP, Jens-96669135
FORREST, Grant-96669135
5HUIZING, Daan-86868136
6PORTEOUS, Garrick-76572137
VÄLIMÄKI, Sami-77166137
SHINKWIN, Callum-76968137
9STERNE, Richard-67068138
PETERSSON, Robin-66870138
HORSEY, David-66969138
SOUTHGATE, Matthew-66771138
RAMSAY, Richie-66969138
ELVIRA, Nacho-67365138
ARMITAGE, Marcus-66969138
16SENIOR, Jack-56772139
HIDALGO, Angel-56970139
FICHARDT, Darren-56871139
TARRIO, Santiago-56871139
20KINHULT, Marcus-47268140
DUBUISSON, Victor-47070140
WILSON, Andrew-46971140
KIM, Sihwan-47070140
24STOW, Ben-36873141
STUREHED, Henric-37170141
FELTON, Jarryd-37269141
MANSELL, Richard-36675141
SLATTERY, Lee-37170141
WRISDALE, Jordan-36972141
GREEN, Gavin-37269141
31VAN DRIEL, Darius-27171142
JACQUELIN, Raphaël-27171142
PEPPERELL, Eddie-26874142
CAMPILLO, Jorge-26874142
MACINTYRE, Robert-27369142
OLESEN, Thorbjørn-27171142
FARR, Oliver-26973142
OTAEGUI, Adrian-27270142
RITCHIE, JC-27072142
CHESTERS, Ashley-27072142
MCEVOY, Richard-27171142
BJÖRK, Alexander-27270142
CLEMENTS, Todd-27072142
44DRYSDALE, David-17172143
FDEZ-CASTAÑO, Gonzalo-17271143
NIENABER, Wilco-17172143
SANTOS, Ricardo-17172143
LANGASQUE, Romain-17370143
BALDWIN, Matthew-17172143
ROUSSEL, Robin-17172143
WHITNELL, Dale-17172143
52HILLIER, DanielPar7074144
LEON, HugoPar7272144
PLANT, AlfiePar7173144
LOMBARD, ZanderPar7272144
PERRIER, DamienPar7074144
FISHER, RossPar7074144
HOWIE, CraigPar6777144
GUPTA, AmanPar6876144
BEKKER, OliverPar6876144
KARLSSON, AntonPar7173144
FISHER, OliverPar6876144
MANLEY, StuartPar6876144
FIGUEIREDO, PedroPar7173144
JORDAN, MatthewPar7272144
LACROIX, FredericPar7470144
BROBERG, KristofferPar7272144
ROZNER, AntoinePar7470144
NEMECZ, LukasPar7173144
SULLIVAN, AndyPar7371144
71EASTON, Bryce+17471145
KEARNEY, Niall+17075145
ULENAERS, Kristof+17372145
GARCIA-HEREDIA, Alfredo+17174145
WINDRED, Blake+17273145
LAWRENCE, Thriston+17669145
SHARVIN, Cormac+17273145
GAGLI, Lorenzo+17372145
KENNEDY, Frank (AM)+17273145
CALDWELL, Jonathan+17174145
KJELDSEN, Søren+17273145
BROWN, Steven+17273145
83JOHNSTON, Liam+27472146
FORD, Matt+27472146
RAHMAN, Siddikur+27076146
MOLINARI, Edoardo+27472146
McGOWAN, Ross+27472146
KAWAMURA, Masahiro+27472146
89THURLOWAY, Thomas+37770147
BOYD, Gary+37671147
MCCARTHY, Nick+37473147
SINGH BRAR, Jack+37275147
MOYNIHAN, Gavin+37176147
ORIOL, Pedro+37473147
DE JAGER, Louis+37275147
FERGUSON, Ewen+37374147
HOWELL, David+36978147
HIGGINS, David+37275147
THORNTON, Simon+37275147
ZHANG, Huilin+37671147
101EVANS, Ben+47375148
MCLEOD, Jake+47375148
QUIROS, Alvaro+47474148
MCDONALD, Jack+47771148
GAVINS, Daniel+47474148
106EVANS, Ryan+57673149
CAÑIZARES, Alejandro+57475149
KEOGH, Adam+57475149
COUPLAND, Dave+57673149
GANDY, Tom+57673149
SMITH, Harley (AM)+57376149
BAI, Zheng-kai+57772149
114BRADBURY, Dan+67674150
KANAYA, Takumi+67575150
CROCKER, Sean+67179150
GALLACHER, Stephen+67872150
HUTCHEON, Greig+67476150
ANGLES, Pep+67575150
120PAISLEY, Chris+77675151
THOMSON, Jonathan+77576151
GEARY, Josh+77675151
HEND, Scott+77279151
124BAWDEN, Bradley+87775152
KENNEGARD, Jesper+87577152
BLAAUW, Jacques+88072152
DIXON, David+87577152
DUNNE, Paul+88072152
WARREN, Marc+87676152
DE LA RIVA, Eduardo+87280152
131SVENSSON, Jesper+97578153
STORM, Graeme+97974153
133ROCK, Robert+107876154
PAPADATOS, Dimitrios+107876154
135SHEPHERD, Laird+118174155
PAMPLING, Rod+117976155
137HELLGREN, Björn+137483157
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