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Maximilian Kieffer wins maiden title
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August 21, 2022
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Czech Masters 2022 R3

August 18-21
Albatross Golf Resort, Prague, Czech Republic
Round 1, Round 2

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Maximilian Kieffer carded a 66 in the third and final round of the D+D Real Czech Masters to reach 16-under and win his first DP World Tour title by one shot.

Czech Masters 2022 R3

"It's tough right now to say what it means. It's great, I am lost for words a little bit.

"I don't know how I feel, I think it will need a few days. I just love golf, I just love to play golf. Even if I had not won I still have a great life, I still enjoy playing golf. So now to win it's even better."

Czech Masters 2022 R3

"You've just got to keep trying," he continued. "I had a few difficult years where I didn't play well and then this year I feel like I'm playing very well.

"Deep down you never really know in golf so I'm just going to enjoy it. I felt really calm and confident all day, I had a great feeling and I did a great warm-up. I was just ready to attack today."

Czech Masters 2022 R3

The tournament was reduced to 54 holes due to heavy rain on Saturday.

Malaysia's Gavin Green who held the lead after 36 holes double bogeyed the par-4 14th and closed with a 71 to finish second at 15-under.

Finland's Tapio Pulkkanen (67) tied for third with South Africa's Louis de Jager (68) at 14-under.

South African Zander Lombard (64) finished fifth at 13-under.

Czech Masters 2022 R3

Pos.PlayerTo ScoreR1R2R3Total
1KIEFFER, Maximilian-16686666200
2GREEN, Gavin-15676371201
3PULKKANEN, Tapio-14666967202
DE JAGER, Louis-14647068202
5LOMBARD, Zander-13706964203
6MCLEOD, Jake-12676869204
SCHNEIDER, Marcel-12666771204
8NIENABER, Wilco-11716767205
LAWRENCE, Thriston-11686968205
PIGEM, Carlos-11686968205
PEPPERELL, Eddie-11696868205
PIETERS, Thomas-11656872205
13SHARVIN, Cormac-10716966206
LEWIS, Tom-10696968206
SLATTERY, Lee-10696968206
GARCIAHEREDIA, Alfredo-10696968206
ROZNER, Antoine-10677069206
SABBATINI, Rory-10686969206
SENIOR, Jack-10686870206
ANGLES, Pep-10686771206
PARATORE, Renato-10676871206
BAI, Zhengkai-10716471206
23POULTER, Ian-9707166207
PEREZ, Victor-9707166207
DE BRUYN, Jannik-9716967207
CANTER, Laurie-9726867207
KINHULT, Marcus-9687069207
FORREST, Grant-9676872207
MANSELL, Richard-9676674207
30GALLACHER, Stephen-8716968208
SAMOOJA, Kalle-8716869208
FARR, Oliver-8697069208
33DANTORP, Jens-7707168209
BRUN, Julien-7736868209
HAVRET, Grégory-7707069209
LACROIX, Frederic-7697169209
HUIZING, Daan-7707069209
FISHER, Ross-7706970209
WILSON, Oliver-7706970209
JAMIESON, Scott-7686972209
41CROCKER, Sean-6717168210
SANTOS, Ricardo-6697170210
LUITEN, Joost-6717069210
LAGERGREN, Joakim-6687270210
BERTASIO, Nino-6697071210
MURRAY, Zach-6716871210
47CAÑIZARES, Alejandro-5697270211
CATLIN, John-5716872211
HEBERT, Benjamin-5706675211
50LEON, Hugo-4677372212
51GARCIA RODRIGUEZ, Sebastian-3707172213
BOURDY, Grégory-3717072213
GUMBERG, Jordan-3667473213
KJELDSEN, Søren-3707073213
TOMI, David (AM)-3697173213
VEERMAN, Johannes-3667275213
57VIRTO, Borja-2717172214
DU PLESSIS, Hennie-2756772214
PAVAN, Andrea-2707173214
60HIDALGO, Angel-1677573215
ANTCLIFF, Maverick-1707273215
KORINEK, Ales-1687374215
63AIKEN, Thomas+1707275217
FDEZCASTAÑO, Gonzalo+1736975217
BACA, Matej (AM)+1717175217
WEINHANDL, Uli+1726976217
67ZUNIC, Jordan+3687477219
68CAREY, David+5717080221
W/DDUBUISSON, Victor-27270
70GOUVEIA, Ricardo-17172143
MRUZEK, Filip-17172143
WARING, Paul-17370143
PORTEOUS, Haydn-17370143
MØLLER, Niklas Nørgaard-17370143
ZACH, Simon-17172143
KEYSER, Mathiam-16875143
POSPISIL, Michal-17073143
HOWIE, Craig-17271143
GONNET, JeanBaptiste-17172143
80STALTER, JoëlPar7173144
COLSAERTS, NicolasPar7470144
SMYLIE, ElvisPar7371144
FISHER, OliverPar7272144
BAUTISTA, AustinPar6876144
CABRERA BELLO, RafaPar7470144
PAPADATOS, DimitriosPar7569144
BESSELING, WilPar7272144
MOYNIHAN, GavinPar7173144
BRIXI, GordanPar7272144
PERRIER, DamienPar7173144
91HOWELL, David+17471145
SINGH BRAR, Jack+17075145
TETAK, Tadeáš+17471145
WILLIAMS, Robin+17273145
SURI, Julian+17075145
ZHANG, Huilin+17273145
PAVON, Matthieu+17273145
GUPTA, Aman+17372145
McGOWAN, Ross+17471145
ROUSSEL, Robin+17174145
101VIDA, Sebastian (AM)+27175146
COUPLAND, Dave+27472146
SODERBERG, Sebastian+27274146
104PAVOUCEK, Dominik (AM)+37572147
MATUS, Stanislav+37572147
PORTEOUS, Garrick+37275147
BARES, Jakub+37572147
STALLINGS JR, Stephen+37473147
109GAGLI, Lorenzo+47573148
CAFOUREK, Jan+47573148
KOIVISTO, Tyler+47375148
DUNNE, Paul+47672148
FEUERSTEIN, Michael+47177148
114LIESER, Ondrej+57772149
QUIROS, Alvaro+57376149
JELINEK, Maxmilian (AM)+57475149
DANEK, Stepan+57475149
118LEMKE, Niklas+67872150
BENAK, David+67476150
KLEIN, Louis (AM)+67674150
DIXON, David+67773150
122KENNEGARD, Jesper+87379152
123RENOLDS, Lindsay+107579154
124OTAEGUI, Javier+127383156
125LESKOVAR, Anze+147880158
126ZAPLETAL, Matyas+157782159
W/DDE LA RIVA, Eduardo
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