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Third win for Cameron Smith
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November 27, 2022
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Cameron Smith closed with a 68 to reach 14-under and win his third Fortinet Australian PGA Championship.

The Australian started the day with a three-shot lead but lost it after two delays due to lightning. He recovered with three birdies on the back nine.

“I really didn’t think I had it in me at the start of the week.

“I was a bit scratchy and the game has got better and better as the week went on, other than the front nine today.

“You are in the mojo a little and for it to be stopped not once but twice was a little frustrating but I just held on and played really solid those last eight holes.”

Fellow Australian Jason Scrivener closed with a 67 for a share of second place at 11-under alongside Japan's Ryu Hisatsune (65).

Australian Min Woo Lee (69) tied for fourth at 9-under alongside England's John Parry (65).

Pos.PlayerTo ParR1R2R3R4Total
1SMITH, Cameron-1468656968270
2SCRIVENER, Jason-1165677467273
HISATSUNE, Ryo-1167707165273
4LEE, Min Woo-965736869275
Parry, John-971706965275
6MICHELUZZI, David-868687169276
7KAWAMURA, Masahiro-768667172277
BRAZEL, Sam-769736669277
KANAYA, Takumi-772676969277
DAVIS, Cameron-770736668277
CHALMERS, Greg-771697166277
12KENNEDY, Brad-666707072278
LEE, Chang Gi-668707169278
POWER HORAN, Thomas-668717069278
SMYLIE, Elvis-670716968278
CAÑIZARES, Alejandro-669667568278
LEISHMAN, Marc-669727067278
18LIU, Yan Wei-567687074279
MCLEOD, Jake-570667073279
HEND, Scott-570686972279
EAVES, Samuel-571677269279
IEREMIA, Denzel-567687569279
ENDYCOTT, Harrison-573696968279
WIEBE, Gunner-569727068279
FLANAGAN, Nick-571707068279
VOKE, Nick-571687466279
OGILVY, Geoff-568727465279
28GARCIA-HEREDIA, Alfredo-468726773280
JOHN, Cameron-469657472280
FELTON, Jarryd-469707170280
SINNOTT, Todd-468707270280
SCOTT, Adam-466727468280
ANTCLIFF, Maverick-467697668280
34MERONK, Adrian-368677472281
ACKERMAN, Derek-370697171281
LYRAS, John-365727371281
MCBRIDE, Kade-371716970281
ORMSBY, Wade-372716969281
LEWIS, Tom-371717069281
CRAWFORD, Cory-369717269281
41STRANGE, Scott-269746673282
KLEIN, Douglas-270716972282
BARBIERI, Nathan-268717172282
LAWSON, Deyen-269746871282
SIM, Michael-270717170282
MCKINNEY, Connor-271677767282
CROWE, Harrison (AM)-271727366282
48PINEAU, Pierre-167756873283
THOMPSON, Jack-172707071283
ARNOLD, Jamie-171697568283
WANG, Jeunghun-166767368283
PIKE, Aaron-170737367283
53MARTIN, AndrewPar71727170284
WILKIN, AaronPar71727269284
GEARY, JoshPar74687369284
56HOPEWELL, Hayden+171697471285
57QUAYLE, Anthony+266697774286
HØJGAARD, Nicolai+268717473286
WILSON, Peter+271727271286
WOOD, Christopher+268717770286
GRIFFIN, Matthew+270737667286
62ALLAN, Stephen+369727274287
JOHNSTON, Liam+369747173287
BLAND, Adam+369707474287
MUNRO, Jack+370707473287
ZUNIC, Jordan+370717472287
SMYTH, Travis+370737569287
COLLYER, Blake+371707769287
69FRASER, Marcus+472707472288
70WARREN, Justin+570727374289
HILLIER, Daniel+569677974289
ARNOLD, Scott+575687670289
73COOKE, Peter+666767375290
BRANSDON, David+675687572290
75HIGGINS, Lucas+770727574291
76DANN, Charlie+973707377293
BLIZARD, Rohan+970737872293
78FARR, Oliver+27074--144
ARMSTRONG, Josh+27569--144
EVANS, Andrew+27272--144
MORGAN, Jediah+27074--144
HØJGAARD, Rasmus+26975--144
COLETTA, Brett+27470--144
CURTIS, Lawrence+27470--144
NORRIS, Jason+27074--144
BITTLE, Kit+27074--144
FLYNN, Lawry+27074--144
HOWELL, David+27074--144
TIGHE, Lincoln+27173--144
WINDRED, Blake+27371--144
91BRERETON, Darcy+37273--145
BATEMAN, Harry+37075--145
FOWLER, Brenton+37174--145
BARROW, Callan+37273--145
GALE, Daniel+37075--145
96PROVERBS, Blake+47076--146
BARRON, Haydn+47472--146
BLYTH, Adam+47373--146
MULLANEY, Jordan+47175--146
WHARTON, Ben+47076--146
LOYPUR, DJ+47571--146
JORDAN, Matthew+47670--146
DOBBELAAR, Louis+47373--146
BECKER, Braden+47274--146
RUMFORD, Brett+47472--146
FOX, Ryan+47274--146
CARTER, Jak+47274--146
MILLAR, Matthew+47274--146
HORSEY, David+47175--146
110BROWN, Luke+57473--147
FOWLER, Peter+57275--147
RANKIN, Brett+57473--147
MURRAY, Zach+57275--147
BLING, Devon+57671--147
SMITH, Mitchell+57374--147
STOLZ, Andre+57374--147
BUGDALSKI, Jackson+57473--147
STIEGER, Matthew+57770--147
WRIGHT, Michael+57077--147
MCEVOY, Richard+57275--147
LONARD, Peter+57671--147
BAUTISTA, Austin+57374--147
123JEFFRESS, Steven+67276--148
HART, Tim+67375--148
WOOLS COBB, Shae+67573--148
BECK, Darren+67177--148
PAPADATOS, Dimitrios+67573--148
128MEE, James+77079--149
KING, TJ+77376--149
TOOMEY, Luke+77376--149
GRIERSON, James+77277--149
HAWKES, Simon+77475--149
HIGGINBOTTOM, Jake+77079--149
CHISNALL, Ryan+77475--149
MARCHESANI, James+77772--149
BARKER, Lachlan+77673--149
HEFFERNAN, Will+77574--149
PAVAN, Andrea+77574--149
139CRIPPS, Jayden+87179--150
O'LOUGHLIN, Daniel+87674--150
REITAN, Kristoffer+87575--150
O'MALLEY, Peter+87278--150
143DONOGHUE, Edward+97180--151
CAMPBELL, Ben A+97873--151
HALL, Ashley+97576--151
MCCARDLE, Max+97774--151
MEYER, Velten+97576--151
148DIDONE, Aiden+107577--152
GARCIA, Zinyo+107082--152
CRABTREE, Chris+107280--152
MUIR, Kieran+107181--152
CAMPBELL, Andrew+107775--152
153HUTSON, Mark+117677--153
154ECCLES, Ben+127777--154
155MACKENZIE, Jay+208280--162
RETDHERBERT, Lucas+172---111
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Fortinet Australian PGA Championship 2022

Date: November 24th - 27th 2022

Location: Royal Queensland GC, Brisbane, Australia

Purse: AU$ 2,000,000

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