Answers to the 2022 Masters Green Jacket Quiz 

So, you think you know the Masters and Augusta National

Masters – Green jacket Answers

Masters - Green jacket Answers
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AUGUSTA, GA. The answers to the 2022 Masters Green Jacket quiz are posted below. See how you fared in your overall knowledge of the Masters and the Augusta National.

A detailed tongue ‘n cheek prize list is also provided.

Masters – Green jacket Answers

The official name of the event when it commenced in 1934 was:

1). The Masters

2). The Bobby Jones Invitational

3). The Augusta National Invitation Tournament

4). The Green Jacket Invitational

*The correct answer is (3). When the first event started in 1934 – Co-founder Bob Jones thought it was pretentious to call the event The Masters. After a few years and bit of convincing he changed his mind to use the current name.

What other architect was considered by Bob Jones, but ultimately not selected, to co-design the club?

1). A.W. Tillinghast

2). Devereux Emmet

3). Donald Ross

4). George Thomas

*The correct answer is (3). Jones was considering using Donald Ross until he competed in the 1929 U.S. Amateur which was played at Pebble Beach. Jones was eliminated in the 1st round and was invited to play the recently opened Cypress Point Club designed by Alister MacKenzie. Jones believed MacKenze fully comprehended his desire to create a golf course in his home State of Georgia patterned after his beloved Old Course at St. Andrews.

Masters - Green jacket quiz
Jack Nicklaus watches his shot go for a birdie on the 17th in 1986. (AP Photo/Joe Benton)

Masters – Green jacket Answers

A green jacket champion played in the final round with Jack Nicklaus when the Golden Bear won his 5th and 6th green jackets in 1975 and 1986 respectively. Who were they?

1). Gary Player and Seve Ballesteros

2). Tom Watson and Sandy Lyle

3). Ray Floyd and Bernhard Langer

4). Ben Crenshaw and Larry Mize

The correct answer is (2) — Tom Watson and Sandy Lyle. Both would later go on to win green jackets with Watson winning in 1977 and 1981. Lyle did so in 1988.

Masters – Green jacket Answers

When Jack Nicklaus became the first winner to claim two consecutive Masters titles — who placed the jacket on him?

1). Nicklaus did it solo

2). Clifford Roberts

3). Bob Jones

4). Arnold Palmer

The correct answer is (1) — Nicklaus did it solo.

What famous player was paired with Gene Sarazen when he made his famous double-eagle at the 15th hole in winning the 1935 Masters?

1). Bob Jones

2). Tommy Armour

3). Henry Cotton

4). Walter Hagen

The correct answer is (4) — Walter Hagen. Interestingly, Bob Jones was also nearby watching the most famous shot in Masters history.

Augusta National is open on what sort of time frame?

1). Year round

2). January thru June

3). October thru May

4). March thru October

The correct answer is (3) – October thru May. All major course work is done in the summer.

Masters – Green jacket Answers

The famed green jacket can only be worn off Augusta National property by the current champion.

1). True

2). False

3). All champions can wear the jacket anywhere they wish

4). The jacket can be worn by the current champion only in the USA.

The correct answer is (1) – True. Although Gary Player famously took his green jacket after winning in 1961 to South Africa.

The most appearances in the Masters without a victory is 26. What two men share that record?

1). Gene Littler and Tom Kite

2). Lee Trevino and Tom Weiskopf

3). Johnny Miller and Julius Boros

4). Ken Venturi and Greg Norman

The correct answer is (1) — Gene Littler and Tom Kite. Littler came close in 1970 losing a playoff to Billy Casper. Kite could have earned a playoff with 1986 winner Jack Nicklaus but missed a seven-foot birdie putt at the final hole.

The winner of the Masters becomes:

1). An honorary member of the club only after completing 72 holes in 10 future Masters.

2). Past living champions vote have to vote in the affirmative for the person to be made an honorary member.

3). An honorary member when winning another major championsho.

4). An honorary member of the club.

The correct answer is (4). Only Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicklaus have been accepted as regular member of Augusta National.

Masters – Green jacket Answers

The Masters Champions dinner is held on Tuesday of tournament week — who picks up the tab for the event?

1). Augusta National

2). All past champions

3). The current champion

4). They split the tab

The correct answer is (3) — the final amount can easily be several thousand dollars when the food and bar bill plus tip are added together.

Which of the following are true.

1). The Masters does not permit an on-course television analyst

2). Prize money for the event is never mentioned during the broadcast

3). “Amen corner” is the tagline for holes 11 thru 13.

4). All of the above.

5). Only #2 and #3.

The correct answer is (5) – Only #2 and #3.

Masters – Green jacket Answers

The 2020 Masters was played in November because of the global pandemic and was the first time in the event’s history to be played outside the traditional time frame in April.

1). True

2). False

The correct answer is (2) – False. The inaugural Masters (1934) was played in March.

The low amateur who completes 72 holes is automatically invited to play in the following year’s event.

1). True

2). False

The correct answer is (2) – False. The low amateur completing 72 holes must finish in the top 12 to receive an invite to play in the following year’s Masters.

Masters – Green jacket Answers

One of the architects below has not worked at Augusta National — identify the correct one.

1). George Cobb

2). Gil Hanse

3). Tom Fazio

4). George Fazio

5). Robert Trent Jones, Sr.

The correct answer is (2) – Gil Hanse.

You are one of the lucky few to receive tickets for the Masters. Of the following listed what are some critical things to make note of when attending.

1). Cell phone usage is not permitted on the grounds

2). Running on the course is not permitted

3). Laying prone on the ground is not permitted

4). All of the above

5). Only #1 and #2

The correct answer is (4) – All of the above.

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This year marks the 25th anniversary of the first win by Tiger Woods at the Masters. Who were the four different players he was paired with during the 1997 event.

1). Nick Faldo, Jose Maria Olazabal, Colin Montgomerie, Constantino Rocca

2). Nick Faldo, John Huston, Paul Stankowski, Tom Kite

3). Nick Faldo, Paul Azinger, Colin Montgomerie, Constantino Rocca

4). Nick Faldo, Nick Price, Colin Montgomerie, Constantino Rocca

The correct answer is (3).

The order of play of the holes during the inaugural event in 1934 featured the 10th hole as the starting hole. That changed in 1935. Why?

1). Frost possibility

2). Speed of play

3). Difficulty of the opening nine

4). Sunlight in the eyes of the contestants

The correct answer is (1) – Frost possibility.

Masters - Green jacket quiz
Masters champion Tiger Woods receives his Green Jacket from last year’s winner Nick Faldo in 1997. (AP Photo/ Dave Martin)

Masters – Green jacket Answers

The television presentation of the awarding of the green jacket is done where?

1). Clifford Roberts Cabin

2). Bob Jones Cabin

3). Eisenhower Cabin

4). Butler Cabin

5). Arnold Palmer Cabin

The correct answer is (4) – Butler Cabin.

This Masters champion completed his final round with four consecutive birdies — who is he?

1). Tiger Woods

2). Charl Schwartzel

3). Jack Nicklaus

4). Larry Mize

5). Seve Ballesteros

The correct answer is (2) – Charl Schwartzel.

Masters – Green jacket Answers

In 2003, Martha Burk led a protect against Augusta National for its unwillingness to invite a female into its all-male membership. When the protect was held outside the club that year approximately how many people joined her in protesting?

1). More than 1,000

2). More than 500

3). Less than 250

4). Less than 100

The correct answer is (4) – Less than 100


*19-20 correct — fitted for your official Masters 2022 Green Jacket with quiz logo. Bravo.

*15-18 correct — head to the pro shop and get a Masters golf shirt with quiz logo patch.

*12-14 correct — receive an official 2022 Green Jacket quiz golf cap.

*9-11 correct — receive an official 2022 Masters golf ball with quiz logo.

*5-8 correct – receive an official 2022 Master Quiz pencil with large eraser to help change wrong answers.

*2-4 correct – you receive an official 2022 Masters program so you can be better prepared for next year’ quiz. Hit the books and study.

*0-1 correct — fitted for your official 2022 Masters straightjacket with quiz logo. Don’t quit your day job.

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