Bunker Lesson 6 - 30 yard shot

In the sixth instalment of this bunker series, PGA Professional Dr Noel Rousseau highlights the keys to playing a 30 yard shot with former European Tour player David Griffiths.

Again, this is a long bunker shot that can completely ruin your day if you don’t tackle it in the right manner. You can play it as a pitch and hit the ball first (as we did from 60 yards) but achieving a predictable strike and controlling the distance will be challenging.

It is significantly easier to play this distance as a long ‘splash’ shot. This gives us the freedom to make a bold swing at it, secure in the knowledge that we are making contact with the sand first.


This is the standard splash shot, set up with the face not quite so open.


Again, much like the greenside splash shot, the rhythm is fairly languid  -but the swing is long. We are aiming to strike the usual 2 inches behind the ball and most importantly, have the back of the club skid through the sand.

Movement Psychology

The key here is not to be anxious about the distance. This will lead to a frantic rhythm and an aggressive motion. Trust in the long fluid motion of the club and that the bounce will keep the speed on as the club slides through the sand.