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Founder, USA Grass Golf
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January 16, 2020
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Backgrounder --

After retiring from a manufacturing company in 2016, Gary Livesay moved to the town of Flatonia, Texas. Between traveling and looking for a way to stay busy he renewed his interest in golf. The Houston native has two children and two grandchildren.

Gary Livesay

The Livesay Story --

I have always loved the game of golf and everyone said that is great, now that you are retired you can play every day. Frustrated as a beginner I decided there had to be an easier version of the game loved by many but mastered by few. I put golf on the back burner and started traveling.

I was introduced to the game of park golf -- a Japanese game invented in 1983. Returning home I wanted to put a small course on my land to enjoy the sport. After months of researching products I found it impossible to find products here in the United States. My decision to not be in the golf course business led me to see an opportunity in supplying everything needed to add the game for other operators.

In early 2018 USA Grass Golf was created to serve that market. The timing is perfect in adding a new addition to the sport of golf and USA Grass Golf, I believe, is the answer.

What was the genesis for USA Grass Golf? 

After retiring in 2016, I traveled throughout Asia and played a Japanese version of golf. The game is called park golf and is enjoyed by over one million players. I instantly learned the game and I wondered why the sport was not available in the U.S. I started USA Grass Golf in early 2018 to introduce the game and fill this market niche.

What has the response been from course operators regarding what you provide? 

I received strong interest in the concept of the sport and many operators are considering adding the game to their location and introducing it in the upcoming season. 

What other outlets do you see having interest and how are you attempting to secure their involvement? 

I believe there are endless possibilities of where this game can go. It can be played in schools, campgrounds, resorts, golf courses, driving ranges, indoor locations, military bases, parks or municipalities. 

Interview with Gary Livesay - Founder, USA Grass Golf
Quiccup 8" Portable Hole

What's the approximate cost for those seeking to purchase what you provide? 

The game has been designed for 3 separate packages -- a portable hole package; a fixed cup package; and the equipment package. Pricing for 9 holes in our portable game kit is around $4,500 – assuming 25 clubs, flag sticks, holes, and flag.

The obstacles of time is a major impediment for many people in not playing golf. How much time is involved with USA Grass Golf? 

USA Grass Golf’s advantage is the simple learning curve and minimal time commitment required since the sport can be learned and played in just over an hour for 18 full holes.

Interview with Gary Livesay - Founder, USA Grass Golf
USA Grass Golf Hatachi Clubs Available: Left or Right, 3 Sizes, 3 Colors

One of the main reasons people are not taking to golf or dropping out quickly is the frustration level in attempting to get better. How does USA Grass Golf expedite their enjoyment and likely gravitate them in taking up traditional golf? 

Playing USA Grass Golf is like playing croquet, - just about anyone can pick up a club and learn. It does take practice to learn the speed, distance, and accuracy but it is still an easy game to play. With that said, it does offer the excitement when you hit a solid 75-yard-drive and get a hole-in-one.

If you could change one thing in golf unilaterally -- what would it be and why?

I would like to see golf become more of a main stream sport and played in a more casual environment. My past experience is that you go play with someone that already has experience making it intimidating as a beginner. The cost and time it takes to master the sport doesn’t match the frustration of the game itself. 

Interview with Gary Livesay - Founder, USA Grass Golf

The major golf organizations -- USGA, R&A, PGA of America, PGA and LPGA Tours, are all seeking ways to attract Millennials, women and minorities to the sport. If you were counseling them what would you advise they be doing? 

USA Grass Golf is one answer to that question. The game can be brought into middle school and high school easily and inexpensively. Every school has vacant land that can easily be used to promote exercise, entertainment, and discipline. I expect younger generation can be excited to playing this outside, learn the rules which are similar to golf, and compete in a relaxed atmosphere.

Biggest short and long term challenges for USA Grass Golf is what?

Our near term challenge is to get people open minded about introducing a different game and promoting it as another option. Encouraging people to disconnect from technology and engage in outdoor activities is also an issue that USA Grass Golf helps to address. Since the concept of the game has been around for 40 years in Japan, I see a lot of upside in the adoption of the game in America.

Interview with Gary Livesay - Founder, USA Grass Golf
2019 New Colors

Best advice you ever received -- what was it and who from?

A favorite saying came from my father. I have remembered and used it throughout my life and in business to this day. “It’s very easy to get nothing done -- if you never get started.” Get out and try USA Grass Golf today.


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