Logical Golf

by Robert Baker

Lesson 7 - Is your swing hitting a brick wall?

The temptation to 'kill it' is simply too strong for many golfers to resist. Which is why this type of 'over-the-top' swing fault is - for literally hundreds of thousands of golfers the world over - the source of the greatest frustration in the game.

The slice.

As Robert explained in demonstrating the aeroplane drill, the best players in the world often talk about unwinding from the ground up. Well, the exact opposite is the case here.

Mistakingly believing that it is possible to 'muscle' the ball with the upper body, your typical slicer over-involves the shoulders at the start of the downswing, throwing the right shoulder forward and forcing the club outside the play line (i.e. the ball-to-target line).

It's a dead-end move; the energy stored in the backswing is dissipated long before impact, the clubhead destined to cut across the ball with nothing but a glancing blow.

Logical Golf

The result? Cut-spin, low pulls and a massive loss of power.

Oh, and an awkward silence on the tee...