Magical Kenya Open R3

Ewen Ferguson takes 4-shot lead into final day

Kenya Open 2022 R3
March 03-06
Muthaiga GC, Nairobi, Kenya
Round 1, Round 2, Round 4

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Scotland’s Ewen Ferguson carded a 66 on Saturday to take a four-shot lead into the final day of the Magical Kenya Open.

Kenya Open 2022 R3

“I was playing really well coming into the day, made a nice birdie on one which I think really settles you down a little bit. I managed to plod my way along. I made a couple of mistakes which, when you’re playing well, you still come out with par.

“I think that was the key today, momentum just kept going, I was holing clutch three or four-foot putts to keep me going and I just played nicely and plodded my way around.”

Kenya Open 2022 R3

“It would be unbelievable to win, obviously, but I think with everything going on in the world right now, golf just means so little and I think that’s in the back of everyone’s minds. I think that’s pretty key as well, there’s so much other stuff going on so I’ll try my best tomorrow and try to grind out the win but if it doesn’t happen I’ll be back again for another chance.”

Kenya Open 2022 R3

Marcus Kinhult of Sweden carded a 64 for a share of second place at 10-under alongside China’s Ashun Wu who signed for a 66.

Spain’s Sebastian Garcia Rodriguez (66) and Jorge Campillo (65) are tied in fourth at 9-under with Germany’s Matti Schmid (64) and England’s David Horsey (65).

Kenya Open 2022 R3

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By GT Editor
Pos.PlayerTo ParR1R2R3
1FERGUSON, Ewen-14666766
2WU, Ashun-10696866
KINHULT, Marcus-10716864
4GARCIA RODRIGUEZ, Sebastian-9706866
HORSEY, David-9697065
CAMPILLO, Jorge-9706965
SCHMID, Matti-9697164
8KAWAMURA, Masahiro-8676672
PAVON, Matthieu-8696868
COCKERILL, Aaron-8706867
DETRY, Thomas-8716866
12LONG, Hurly-7686870
LAWRENCE, Thriston-7696671
STERNE, Richard-7716867
SYME, Connor-7697166
JAMIESON, Scott-7697364
17SHARMA, Shubhankar-6656775
GAVINS, Daniel-6647370
SVENSSON, Jesper-6706671
NEMECZ, Lukas-6687069
PORTEOUS, Garrick-6687069
KOFSTAD, Espen-6697068
HOWIE, Craig-6706968
24SCHAPER, Jayden-5706771
HIDALGO, Angel-5686872
GAGLI, Lorenzo-5706870
SCHMITT, Max-5706969
BRUN, Julien-5687169
SLATTERY, Lee-5667369
MANLEY, Stuart-5707167
MØLLER, Niklas Nørgaard-5726769
GARCIA-HEREDIA, Alfredo-5736966
33KIBUGU, Njoroge (AM)-4706673
ARNAUS, Adri-4696971
LEMKE, Niklas-4706871
TARRIO, Santiago-4706970
ARMITAGE, Marcus-4697367
HANSEN, Joachim B.-4716969
39DU PLESSIS, Hennie-3706773
HARDING, Justin-3687072
VEERMAN, Johannes-3657372
PLANT, Alfie-3706872
DRYSDALE, David-3707169
BERTASIO, Nino-3697269
KRUYSWIJK, Jacques-3687369
FARR, Oliver-3707169
DANTORP, Jens-3697269
PAUL, Yannik-3746868
KEARNEY, Niall-3707169
50HELLIGKILDE, Marcus-2697072
ROZNER, Antoine-2697270
52BURMESTER, Dean-1676976
VAN TONDER, Daniel-1686975
PARATORE, Renato-1687173
BESSELING, Wil-1677372
BEKKER, Oliver-1717071
LAPORTA, Francesco-1687371
LACROIX, Frederic-1707270
SADDIER, Adrien-1756770
60LAW, DavidPar687075
OTAEGUI, AdrianPar697074
WINDRED, BlakePar716874
DUNNE, PaulPar707271
64CHESTERS, Ashley+1687175
RITTHAMMER, Bernd+1726775
CALDWELL, Jonathan+1766672
HEISELE, Sebastian+1726973
SANTOS, Ricardo+1727072
69FORD, Matt+2707273
STUREHED, Henric+2727073
71EVANS, Ben+4717175
PAISLEY, Chris+4697078
73JORDAN, Matthew+6717078
74MERONK, Adrian+7716881
SHARVIN, Cormac+7707278
76VAN DRIEL, Darius+17172
PEPPERELL, Eddie*+17469
STORM, Graeme*+17469
BAI, Zheng-kai*+17172
HANNA, Chase+17172
LAGERGREN, Joakim*+17469
MOYNIHAN, Gavin*+17073
COUPLAND, Dave*+17568
ROUSSEL, Robin+17370
GREEN, Gavin*+17073
86BLAAUW, Jacques+27470
VÄLIMÄKI, Sami+27272
CHEGE, Samuel+27272
FISHER, Oliver*+27173
LIESER, Ondrej*+27173
WILSON, Oliver+27173
92CHIDALE, Paul*+36877
LUITEN, Joost*+37372
FDEZ-CASTAÑO, Gonzalo+37570
OBURA, Ooko Erick*+37273
MCEVOY, Richard+37075
FAHRBRING, Jens*+37372
RUGUMAYO, Ronald+37669
HUIZING, Daan*+37273
CHINHOI, Robson+37174
SCHNEIDER, Marcel*+37372
103STALTER, Joël*+47373
ZHANG, Huilin+46878
KARANGA, Michael (AM)+47571
LEON, Hugo+47373
MUDANYI, Edwin*+47571
WHITNELL, Dale*+47175
FIGUEIREDO, Pedro*+47373
110SNOW, Greg+57176
MEDIRATTA, Mohit+57572
PORTEOUS, Haydn+57671
BROWN, Steven+57077
HOWELL, David+57572
CAÑIZARES, Alejandro*+58067
MIGLIOZZI, Guido+57671
RAMSAY, Richie*+57374
KENNEGARD, Jesper*+57671
LOMBARD, Zander+57275
120BALALA, Adel Taufiq* (AM)+67276
INDIZA ANYONYI, Dismas*+67672
SJÖHOLM, Joel+67573
THIMBA JNR, Toto+67177
LORENZO-VERA, Mike*+67276
EASTON, Bryce+67771
PIGEM, Carlos+66979
127JACQUELIN, Raphaël+77178
ANGLES, Pep*+77277
129MBURU, Simon Ngige+87971
MALIK, Taimur* (AM)+87476
WAKHU, David*+87872
132McGOWAN, Ross+97774
LEJIRMA, John* (AM)+97675
ASENA, Jastas Madoya+97774
WILSON, Andrew*+97477
ENOCH, Rhys*+97873
137HAVRET, Grégory*+107379
139NDUVA, Daniel*+147878
MAARA, Dennis (AM)+147779
W/DQUIROS, Alvaro*+576
W/DTREE, Toby*+677
W/DMANSELL, Richard+1081
* Player started on the back nine