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Could a stand-out item from Chervò’s 2022/23 autumn/winter collection pass a truly tough test – being used as the first line of defence on a wet autumn day? Mark Flanagan gave it a go.
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November 25, 2022
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Chervò is an apparel company who don’t do anything by halves and their autumn/winter collection is so comprehensive you can only but marvel at its grandeur.

The Italian brand typifies that country’s fashion reputation and once again the nature-inspired range just oozes class and style. All-told there are more than 300 items to choose from across three distinct lines – Snow Leopard, Marmorized Saxum and Golf Vibes.

Arguably the hero piece is the Maiocchi jacket and I was determined to give it a real run for its money across nine holes. The venue was set and the heavy showers came and went. At times it got so dark it felt I was being subjected to an unexpected solar eclipse.

I also kept the umbrella in the bag so the jacket was fully exposed to the worst of it and it didn’t let me down… unlike my putter. But nothing new there.

At just over £450 a lot should be expected from a jacket, especially in a market place where there is so much competition but the Maiocchi is just about the ideal winter golfing garment. Even after a particularly heavy shower I didn’t feel weighed down or under protected.

Obviously the critical test is still being able to swing freely while staying dry and warm. The Maiocchi’s use of four-way stretch technology comes into its own here.

And while it is wonderfully light, the use of cutting-edge nylon-type material means it is tough and durable. When you are paying out this kind of money it has to tick every box.

However it is in the look and feel departments that the Maiocchi comes into its own. It’s as comfortable as slipping on your favourite dressing gown and the design touches are sublime.

The neck protection comes right up to the chin yet at no point does it feel restrictive or annoying. As someone who has a pretty full beard, this is an area where jackets and coats fall down but not the Maiocchi.

The considerable padding right across the back is a welcome feature. Every golfer has endured that unwanted stiff-breeze-at-your-back feeling but the Maiocchi takes care of that potential problem. With this jacket you get 360 degree protection.

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Product information

Sizes: UK 36-46.
Colours: Blue, Green, Gray
• Exterior: 84% polyamide, 16% elastane.
• Interior: 100% polyester
• Padding: 100% polyester

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