The longest putt ever holed

<div class="article"><p><strong>The longest putt ever holed</strong></p><p><img src="" alt="Fergus Muir (photo courtesy of St Andrews Links Trust)" width="200" height="288" hspace="3" align="right">The longest known putt is attributed to Fergus Muir, who holed a monster of 375 feet on the 125 yard par 3 5th at St Andrew's Eden Course on November 6, 2001. Although 66 year old Mr Muir's shot can only be classed a putt in so far as it was hit with a putter (an 80 year old hickory-shafted club, manufactured by Condie of St Andrews), it is now recognised by The Guinness Book of Records, having been duly measured and authenticated.</p><p>After watching his playing partners, Peter Gillespie and George Fullerton, go through the green with their tee-shots in the howling wind blowing from behind, Muir decided to use his putter. &quot;We saw the ball go towards the two-tier green over the undulating mounds in the fairway and then lost sight of it,&quot; Muir told The Times. With no sign of the ball on the green, they finally found it - in the hole. It was his first hole-in-one. (Photo courtesy of St Andrews Links Trust) </p><p>November 2010</p><p><img src="" width="494" height="20" /></p></div>