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TSR1’s focus is on helping slow swing-speed players hit the ball higher
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January 23, 2023
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Getting the ball in the air can be a struggle for many players. Watching the likes of Rory McIlroy hitting towering shots with every club can’t help much either.

So we should accept help when it is offered and the TSR1 fairway metal has been engineered to, primarily, assist with launch.

“In designing TSR1 fairways, high launch was the top priority,” said Josh Talge, Vice President, Titleist Golf Club Marketing. “We wanted to make the highest launching and most forgiving fairway we could. The result makes for a seamless transition from the  TSR1 driver through the top end of the bag.”

The TSR1 fairway does that by having a larger footprint than the TSR2  while being 20 grammes lighter than the elite-level club.

An open hosel construction has paved the way for a deeper Centre of Gravity (CG) placement, which does most of the hard work in getting your ball in the air for longer.

Titleist also claims it has a 15 per cent higher MOI than the TSi1 thanks to improved shaping and weighting. That is a huge leap and ensures that even off-centre shots will travel noticeably further.

The Titleist TSR1 hybrid follows in the footsteps of the TSi1 range by being very wood-like.

The even-larger head allows for a deeper CG placement but there is no increase in club weight. The TSR1 hybrid shafts utilise a .335 fairway tip and are ½-inch longer than prior generations for increased speed and launch.

“Keeping with the increased demand for higher lofted fairways from players, TSR1 hybrids are the most ‘wood-like’ hybrids we have ever made,” said Talge.

“With a larger profile and a slightly longer shaft, TSR1 hybrids promote the speed and launch golfers may want from a fairway but with the added gapping flexibility to fit into the rest of the bag.”

Club Info – Fairway

Price: £289

• Lofts – RH and LH: 3W (15°), 5W (18°), 7W (20°), 9W (23° – custom only)

• Shafts: Mitsubishi MMT SpeedMesh 40 (Men’s) and 35 (Ladies)

• Shaft lengths: 43”, 42”, 41.5”, 41” (Ladies 1” under men’s stock build)

• Grip: Golf Pride TV 360 Lite Plus Dark Grey Flat Cap



Price: £259

• Lofts – RH and LH: 4H (20°), 5H (23°), 6H (26°), 7H (29° – custom only)

• Shafts: Mitsubishi MMT SpeedMesh 50 HY (Men’s) and 40 HY (Ladies)

• Shaft lengths: 40.5”, 40”, 39.5”, 39” (Ladies 1” under men’s stock build)

• Grip: Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 No Paintfill


Pre sales / fitting date: February 9th

Available in Europe: February 23th

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