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Linn Grant becomes first woman to win on the DP World Tour
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Scandinavian Mixed 2022 R4

June 09-12
Halmstad GC, Tylösand, Sweden
Round 1, Round 2, Round 3

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Linn Grant earned a historic victory in front of her home crowd at the Volvo Car Scandinavian Mixed.

Scandinavian Mixed 2022 R4

"My first day with (co-host) Annika Sörenstam was my most scary and stressful one, so today on the first fairway I told Pontus that I was very calm and it’s very doable today to play with this.

"I felt happy and relieved and to be able to get in the zone and just enjoy golf for a last day was very nice. When I walked up on the 13th green, I saw the leaderboard and I saw it was eight shots and it was very relaxing to not have to change gears and I could just go out and continue doing what I was doing."

Scandinavian Mixed 2022 R4

The Swede became the first female winner of a DP World Tour event after closing with a bogey-free 64 for a nine-shot victory. This was also her third Ladies European Tour title.

"It's huge. Just playing at home and having the crowds here, my family by my side, boyfriend on the bag - it's crazy and I'm proud of myself.

"I just hope that people recognise women's golf, more sponsors go to the LET and hopefully this pumps up the women's game a little bit more."

Scandinavian Mixed 2022 R4

Fellow Swede and tournament co-host Henrik Stenson finished in a tie for second at 15-under after closing with a 70.

Tied alongside him is Scotland's Mac Warren who carded a bogey-free 65.

Australia's Jason Scrivener who led after 36 holes closed with a 72 for a share of fourth place at 14-under alongside Spain's Santiago Tarrio (67) and the Netherlands' Darius van Driel (68).

Frenchmen Romain Langasque (68) and Matthieu Pavon (69) finished seventh at 13-under alongside Germany's Maximilian Kieffer (68).

Scandinavian Mixed 2022 R4

Pos.PlayerTo ParR1R2R3R4Total
1GRANT, Linn-2466686664264
2WARREN, Marc-1569687165273
STENSON, Henrik-1570666770273
4TARRIO, Santiago-1465717167274
VAN DRIEL, Darius-1471696668274
SCRIVENER, Jason-1468647072274
7KIEFFER, Maximilian-1371667068275
LANGASQUE, Romain-1368706968275
PAVON, Matthieu-1365736869275
10WARING, Paul-1272696867276
MØLLER, Niklas Nørgaard-1267706970276
GARCIA RODRIGUEZ, Sebastian-1268696772276
13KRUYSWIJK, Jacques-1169706870277
LORENZO-VERA, Mike-1168667271277
15SOUTHGATE, Matthew-1072697067278
NOREN, Alex-1073677068278
COWLEY, Gabriella-1069697169278
HOWIE, Craig-1065707271278
GAVINS, Daniel-1068677271278
20ELVIRA, Nacho-968687370279
MELGRATI, Carolina (AM)-965697471279
WALTERS, Justin-970696971279
VEERMAN, Johannes-969716871279
JANEWATTANANOND, Jazz-966707172279
25CATLIN, John-870727068280
MOLINARI, Edoardo-869707269280
WILSON, Andrew-870716871280
BROBERG, Kristoffer-866707074280
29HEDWALL, Caroline-774687366281
LAGERGREN, Joakim-774667170281
BREWERTON, Becky-770697072281
HILLIER, Whitney-771696972281
33WHITNELL, Dale-672707070282
LINDBLAD, Ingrid (AM)-669717171282
SKARPNORD, Marianne-673687071282
36DE ROEY, Manon-567727371283
37HARM, Leonie-468747270284
CALDWELL, Jonathan-471717270284
HORSEY, David-468707472284
GOUVEIA, Ricardo-472697172284
MURRAY, Zach-473697072284
KOMULAINEN, Noora-469737072284
SENIOR, Jack-468717273284
CHESTERS, Ashley-470717073284
SJÖHOLM, Joel-469736973284
YOUNG, Liz-466737174284
LOMBARD, Zander-469697175284
MCEVOY, Richard-472686975284
FICHARDT, Darren-471706875284
ARVIDSSON, Elin-473696775284
51KINHULT, Marcus-372707172285
LEMKE, Niklas-372687273285
HALL, Lydia G-371667276285
54JOHNSON, Felicity-271677672286
SURI, Julian-268717275286
GUSTAVSSON, Johanna-269717175286
ALEXANDER, Casandra-270697176286
CARTA, Virginia Elena-268697178286
59LUND, Karoline-171717372287
LAMPERT, Karolin-168727374287
61ENGSTROM, JuliaPar68727672288
LIAUTIER, CharlottePar70717473288
BREGMAN, Stacy LeePar72697374288
64KOFSTAD, Espen+171687476289
STROM, Linnea+171707177289
66SIMMERMACHER, Magdalena+270726880290
67MARFA SANS, Paz+673697577294
68JOHANSSON, Leo (AM)+772697876295
69DAVIES, Rosie+1368747584301
70ROCK, Robert-17469143
PELAEZ, Ana-17271143
HANNA, Chase-16974143
LAWRENCE, Thriston-17271143
ANTCLIFF, Maverick-16974143
BROWN, Steven-17370143
STERNE, Richard-17469143
KARLSSON, Jessica-17370143
BRUN, Julien-17073143
SVARVAR, Kajsalotta (AM)-17271143
80WITT, SophiePar7272144
MACLAREN, MeghanPar6975144
WESSBERG, LindaPar7173144
GARCIA, NicolePar7173144
CAÑIZARES, AlejandroPar7173144
BURKE, HannahPar7371144
SAUZON, AgathePar7173144
SANTOS, RicardoPar7272144
PULKKANEN, TapioPar7668144
BJÖRK, AlexanderPar7173144
HUIZING, DaanPar7371144
MAGGETTI, AnaisPar7173144
94WILSON, Oliver+16877145
BRINGNER, Sofie+17174145
SIEM, Marcel+17075145
DLAMINI, Nobuhle+17570145
PAISLEY, Chris+16976145
LEON, Hugo+17471145
NAPOLEAOVA, Kristyna+17471145
COWAN, Olivia+17372145
BROCH ESTRUP, Nicole+17768145
KARLBERG, Rikard+17273145
HADDIOUI, Maha+17471145
105CAUDAL, Anne-Lise+26878146
GOODALL, Rachael+27175146
KOIVISTO, Tiia+27571146
GUERRIER, Julien+27274146
WILLIAMS, Chloe+27175146
GRECHI, Emma+27472146
BABNIK, Pia+27373146
SODERBERG, Sebastian+27571146
PARATORE, Renato+27175146
STAVNAR, Madelene+27571146
115HEBERT, Benjamin+37473147
METRAUX, Kim+37572147
BOQVIST, Lina+37374147
GREEN, Gavin+37275147
ROUSSEL, Robin+37275147
MACDONALD, Gabrielle+37374147
SWAYNE, Alexandra+37473147
SHARMA, Shubhankar+37671147
STARK, Maja+37077147
GARCIA-HEREDIA, Alfredo+37077147
McGOWAN, Ross+37176147
126GAGLI, Lorenzo+47672148
MEHAFFEY, Olivia+47177148
SCHOTT, Freddy+47375148
DAGAR, Diksha+47474148
PETTERSSON, Lisa+47375148
LAPORTA, Francesco+47276148
VÄLIMÄKI, Sami+47375148
ALONSO, Carmen+47474148
HANSON, Peter+47573148
WIKSTROM, Ursula+47474148
NYQVIST, Josefine+47474148
HUMPHREYS, Lily May+47474148
MALCHIRAND, Lucie+47771148
139HERNANDEZ, Maria+57475149
SORENSTAM, Annika+57475149
PENTTILA, Emily+57772149
FOLKE, Moa+57970149
143HAGLUND, Jenny+67872150
THOMSON, Michele+67971150
SANGKAPONG, Mim+67872150
146PAVAN, Andrea+77279151
NUUTINEN, Sanna+77774151
HEND, Scott+77576151
149DIMMOCK, Annabel+87577152
150HENRY, Kylie+107876154
MALIK, Tvesa+107678154
152BERG, Neo (AM)+118075155
HEWSON, Alice+118075155
154FRANKISH, Cloe+127878156
W/DPACE, Lee-Anne+47676
W/DLAW, David-27070
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