The 2023 Dynapower remake offers plenty, including tremendous value for money

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Dynapower maintains Wilson’s proud tradition of producing top-quality irons
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January 16, 2023
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It was the club that established Wilson as a brand leader in golf and it is back in a very different form.

The original Dynapower iron, that Arnold Palmer and Sam Snead used to such great effect in the late 50s and early 60s, was a real thing of beauty. A pure blade with an eye-catching and unusual wedge-shaped protrusion that cleverly shifted the weight towards the toe and made the hitting area just that little bit bigger.

The 2023 version is, of course, a very different beast but if it has a quarter of the impact of the original, Wilson will be very happy indeed.

The maker explains the huge difference in analog/digital terms but that really doesn’t do the new Dynapower irons justice. Coming in at £700 for a steel set, they are, pound for pound, just about the best irons out there.


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Jon Pergande, Manager of Wilson Golf Club Innovation, said: “The face on the new Dynapower irons is the thinnest we’ve ever designed relative to the overall average thickness.

“The thinner topline, generous offset and a longer smooth hosel provides a pleasing look at address and the AI methods helped us to reposition weight to drive new solutions for both power and distance.”

Wilson Dynapower AI and power holes illustration

Much of modern club-making is about distributing the weight as specifically as possible while still making the club supremely stable. That and making the face as thin as possible to help slower-swing-speeds golfers gain more control of their balls.

All the manufacturers are doing the same thing but Wilson’s irons compare well with models 25-30% more expensive. And that stuff matters.

It is worth noting that the new Dynapower, unlike the original, is engineered primarily for the  10+ handicap golfers. That’s because they feature variable thickness for each section of the face to make more of the clubface ‘hot’, especially the centre-to-toe area where approximately 85% of shots are hit.

The Dynapower Hybrids also feature variable face thickness plus internal weighting to ensure  the Centre of Gravity is positioned low and towards the back, helping you get the ball going up as well as forward while, at the same time, offering plenty of forgiveness.


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Club Info

Irons (5-SW): £700 (steel) / £800 (graphite)

• Loft: 4 (18˚)*, 5 (21˚), 6 (24˚), 7 (27˚), 8 (32˚), 9 (37˚), PW (42˚), GW (47˚)*, DSW (53˚),

• Shaft - men: KBS Max Ultralite (steel) and Mamiya UST Recoil (graphite). Women: True Temper Project X EvenFlow

• Custom options – Length -1.5” to +1.5”. Lie: -4˚ FL to +3˚ UP. Loft:  -2˚ ST to +2˚ WK

* 4 iron and GW available on request.



• Loft - men: 3 (19˚), 4 (22˚), 5 (25˚), 6 (28˚). Women: 4 (22.5˚), 5 (25.5˚), 6 (28.5˚)

• Shaft - men: Project X HZRDUS Smoke Red RDX. Women: True Temper Project X EvenFlow stock shaft.

Grip for irons and hybrids - men: Wilson Staff Lamkin Crossline 360 grip. Women: Women’s Lamkin Crossline 360 grip.


Available in Europe: Early March

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