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AfrAsia Bank Mauritius Open R3
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December 16, 2023
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Last week's winner Louis Oosthuizen produced three eagles at the par-5s 5th and 15th and the par-4 6th as well as four birdies and three bogeys for a 65 to move into the lead by one shot at 14-under at the AfrAsia Bank Mauritius Open.

"I think that was the first time I ever did three eagles in one round and I missed a short putt for eagle on eight," said the South African.

"I played really well, I got very lucky on number 12 finding my ball and then made a big putt for birdie, but all in all just played well.

"I was giving myself opportunities and I still feel like I'm rolling the ball good on the green so hopefully I can do the same tomorrow.

"I'm playing well so it's all going to be on how I manage myself and think process around this golf course.

"It's nerve-wracking and exciting at the same time to come here as the co-designer but Peter [Matkovich] has done a phenomenal job."

Fellow South African Jacques P de Villiers lies in second place at 13-under after carding a 68 featuring an eagle at the par-4 6th, five birdies and three bogeys.

England's Laurie Canter made seven birdies for a 65 and lies in third place at 11-under.

South Africans Jayden Schaper and Jaco Prinsloo both carded 67s for a share of fourth place at 10-under.

Pos.PlayerTo ParR1R2R3
1OOSTHUIZEN, Louis-14686965
2DE VILLIERS, Jacques P-13686768
3CANTER, Laurie-11667465
4SCHAPER, Jayden-10657467
PRINSLOO, Jaco-10677267
6MOOLMAN, Pieter-9677169
ROWE, Lyle-9667170
8SIEM, Marcel-8696970
FICHARDT, Darren-8667270
NAIDOO, Dylan-8686971
WARING, Paul-8637372
SCHNEIDER, Marcel-8676873
13ROZNER, Antoine-7627473
DE JAGER, Louis-7677270
BROWN, Daniel-7686873
16AIKEN, Thomas-6687567
FARR, Oliver-6697269
HIGA, Kazuki-6707070
LAGERGREN, Joakim-6687072
JARVIS, Casey-6677370
WINTHER, Jeff-6696873
22GERMISHUYS, Deon-5687469
CATLIN, John-5697171
BEKKER, Oliver-5716971
JOHANNESSEN, Kristian Krogh-5697072
SÖDERBERG, Sebastian-5696577
28GUMBERG, Jordan-4707369
HIDALGO, Angel-4746969
PARATORE, Renato-4687470
TARRIO, Santiago-4687272
BROHOLT LIND, Søren-4716972
FIGUEIREDO, Pedro-4686975
34KRUYSWIJK, Jacques-3727170
PAVAN, Andrea-3687570
DANTORP, Jens-3717270
JOHNSTON, Andrew-3717171
LEVY, Alexander-3697371
BROWN, Steven-3717072
BAIRSTOW, Sam-3717171
VAN TONDER, Daniel-3726972
VAILLANT, Tom-3717072
STONE, Brandon-3687075
AYORA, Angel-3697173
VAN MEIJEL, Lars-3677175
46SOUTHGATE, Matthew-2726973
MIGLIOZZI, Guido-2736774
VAN VELZEN, Ryan-2687274
NIENABER, Wilco-2696877
ERICKSON, Dan-2667375
51MICHAEL, Anthony-1697373
PORTEOUS, Garrick-1746972
HANNA, Chase-1697274
54KARMIS, PeterPar727173
BALDWIN, MatthewPar736875
MARTIN, AndrewPar707274
KAMINSKI, RupertPar677475
BAWDEN, BradleyPar687177
59WARREN, Marc+1717274
THIMBA JNR, Toto+1727174
GARCIA-HEREDIA, Alfredo+1737074
REDMAN, Jake+1687376
PORTEOUS, Haydn+1687376
64VAN NIEKERK, Danie+2717275
65HUIZING, Daan+7707380
66DAVIDSE, KeenanPar6975-
BESARD, MatthisPar7371-
JONES, SamuelPar7173-
AXELSEN, JohnPar7272-
KO, Jeong weonPar6876-
COUVRA, MartinPar6876-
KENNEDY, FrankPar6975-
HUTSBY, SamPar6975-
VORSTER, MartinPar6975-
ROTTLUFF, MaximilianPar6975-
LEWIS, TomPar7074-
MANASSERO, MatteoPar6777-
MITCHELL, MalcolmPar7371-
81BREMNER, Merrick+16976-
REBULA, Jovan+17372-
O'KENNEDY, Hennie+17174-
SCHIETEKAT, Neil+17372-
FRIEDRICHSEN, Sebastian+17075-
GRADECKI, Mateusz+16976-
DINGLE, Wynand+17570-
PREMLALL, Yurav+17471-
WEARS-TAYLOR, Stefan+16976-
OTTO, Hennie+17174-
ROHWER, Martin+17075-
92PULKKANEN, Tapio+27076-
DAVIDSON, Jack+27175-
THOMAS, Keagan+27274-
GALLETTI, Nicolo+27472-
PAVON, Matthieu+27076-
WAUGH, Clancy+27373-
SORDET, Clément+27076-
FRITTELLI, Dylan+27175-
SCHOTT, Freddy+27076-
101ALBERTSE, Louis+36978-
FILIPPI, Luca+37374-
MANLEY, Stuart+37473-
BROOMHEAD, Jonathan+37275-
BLAAUW, Jacques+37275-
MCCLACHLAN, Keegan+37077-
ANDERSEN, Jeppe Kristian+37176-
BARRON, Haydn+37374-
HANSEN, Joachim B+37176-
BARKER, Kyle+37275-
111RUUSKA, Lauri+47771-
WILSON, Andrew+47474-
DONALDSON, Jamie+47177-
KARLSSON, Anton+47375-
GØTH-RASMUSSEN, Jonathan+46880-
ENEFER, Will+47177-
KORB, Ruan+47078-
RAVETTO, David+47177-
KRISTENSEN, Nicolai+46880-
BREEN, Adam+47375-
121BRUINERS, Heinrich+57079-
CHESTERS, Ashley+57574-
RAMA, Nikhil+57079-
ENOCH, Rhys+57475-
FOLLETT-SMITH, Benjamin+57376-
WICKS, David+57475-
128CANTERO, Ivan+67773-
BRADLEY, Sean+67080-
STEYN, Regan+67872-
GRIFFITHS, Hayden+67575-
KROG, Stuart+67476-
JERLING, Luke+67377-
RITCHIE, JC+67179-
135MACKENZIE, Conner+77576-
136QUESNE, Julien+87181-
VILJOEN, MJ+87973-
138HUNDEBØLL, Oliver+97380-
PELLEGRIN, Pierre+97875-
CONRADIE, Estiaan+97380-
VAN DER SPUY, Rourke+97776-
VAN ZYL, Jaco+97281-
WILLIAMS, Robin+97380-
144CHINHOI, Robson+107678-
STRYDOM, Tristen+107579-
WEST, Rhys+107678-
147KJELDSEN, Søren+117976-
148GOUNDEN, Aneurin+127383-
RUSCH, Benjamin+127284-
MOSTERT, Dylan+128175-
LORENZO-VERA, Mike+127878-
152VAN DEVENTER, Vaugh+138077-
153VENTER, Albert+147484-
154BERRY, Joshua+167981-
155SMIT, Combrinck+208183-
RETDKNAPPE, Alexander+269--
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AfrAsia Bank Mauritius Open 2023

Date: December 14th - 17th 2023

Location: Heritage La Réserve GC, Heritage Bel Ombre, Mauritius

Purse: $1,200,000

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