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Guido Migliozzi wins third DP World Tour title
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September 25, 2022
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Guido Migliozzi carded a brilliant bogey-free 62 on Sunday to reach 16-under and win the Cazoo Open de France by one shot.

He started the day five shots behind Dane Rasmus Højgaard who had led through the first three rounds. The Italian started his round with five pars before making a run of five consecutive birdies from the 6th then four more in the back nine to equal the course record.

“It was one of those days that I love to play golf. I love to battle on the golf course and today I received something back from golf. It was a beautiful day of golf.

“I was trying to be more comfortable on the course and at the start of the weekend I was 13 shots back but yesterday Rasmus missed the second hole and it almost opened the door again and I just kept playing great.”

This is Migliozzi's third DP World Tour title, the first two were at the 2019 Magical Kenya Open and at the Belgian Knockout three months later.

His goal now is to qualify for next year's Ryder Cup at Marco Simone Golf and Country Club.

“I felt I was close last year to get into the team and I ended up not very good,” said the Italian.

“But it's a new start, from Wentworth points were open and it's been a great start and I'm looking forward to continuing my good golf and the Ryder Cup in Rome for me would be a dream.”

Højgaard finished second at 15-under after closing with a 68.

France's Paul Barjon tied for third at 11-under with Belgium's Thomas Pieters (70) and South Africa's George Coetzee (71).

Pos.PlayerTo ParR1R2R3R4Total
1MIGLIOZZI, Guido-1669716662268
2HØJGAARD, Rasmus-1562657468269
3BARJON, Paul-1165687070273
COETZEE, George-1168666871273
PIETERS, Thomas-1167706670273
6DONALDSON, Jamie-1066726769274
7SMITH, Jordan-968706770275
8WINTHER, Jeff-872677067276
MACINTYRE, Robert-867707168276
PAUL, Yannik-868696772276
11MERONK, Adrian-672677069278
ROZNER, Antoine-669666974278
13HANSEN, Joachim B.-570697466279
JANEWATTANANOND, Jazz-568707269279
SCHNEIDER, Marcel-569726969279
BRUN, Julien-566737070279
FITZPATRICK, Alex-568707071279
SURI, Julian-570696971279
OTAEGUI, Adrian-570706772279
20BJÖRK, Alexander-464717669280
OLESEN, Thorbjørn-471697169280
VÄLIMÄKI, Sami-470717069280
LAWRENCE, Thriston-470677370280
VON DELLINGSHAUSEN, Nicolai-469697072280
BJERREGAARD, Lucas-472686872280
26COLSAERTS, Nicolas-373677269281
WHITNELL, Dale-373657370281
SALE, Julien (AM)-372696872281
WILSON, Andrew-369716675281
30PULKKANEN, Tapio-266737568282
HOWIE, Craig-268737368282
FORREST, Grant-271667570282
GARCIA-HEREDIA, Alfredo-271717070282
PAVON, Matthieu-268707371282
NEMECZ, Lukas-272697071282
GOUVEIA, Ricardo-274666973282
JAMIESON, Scott-269706875282
PEREZ, Victor-269696876282
39LEMKE, Niklas-172697468283
WARREN, Marc-171697568283
LOMBARD, Zander-169727171283
VEERMAN, Johannes-171687272283
HORSEY, David-169726973283
CALDWELL, Jonathan-169716875283
45APHIBARNRAT, KiradechPar69717173284
VAN DRIEL, DariusPar73687073284
GUILLAMOUNDEGUY, Oihan (AM)Par69697274284
COUVRA, Martin (AM)Par66766874284
VAILLANT, Tom (AM)Par68716877284
50GREEN, Gavin+172707469285
QUIROS, Alvaro+168747370285
PINEAU, Pierre+172697371285
TARRIO, Santiago+171717172285
BROBERG, Kristoffer+170727073285
SIEM, Marcel+171707173285
CROCKER, Sean+172696975285
SANTOS, Ricardo+170697175285
SOUTHGATE, Matthew+170706976285
LEWIS, Tom+171696778285
60HEND, Scott+271707471286
LONG, Hurly+270717471286
DU PLESSIS, Hennie+273677274286
HØJGAARD, Nicolai+269697375286
GARCIA RODRIGUEZ, Sebastian+272677275286
65HIDALGO, Angel+370717373287
KIEFFER, Maximilian+371716976287
DECOTTIGNIES-LAFON, Mathieu+368687477287
68LAPORTA, Francesco+473697670288
SADDIER, Adrien+469727275288
70MORRISON, James+566737971289
KJELDSEN, Søren+570727176289
72KEARNEY, Niall+670727672290
ZHANG, Huilin+673697573290
PIGEM, Carlos+670727276290
75GONNET, Jean-Baptiste+969728072293
76LAGERGREN, Joakim+1171717479295
77FISHER, Oliver+17172--143
PARATORE, Renato+17568--143
RAMSAY, Richie+17469--143
SODERBERG, Sebastian+16974--143
SHARMA, Shubhankar+17469--143
GAVINS, Daniel+17271--143
MCEVOY, Richard+17271--143
LIESER, Ondrej+17667--143
PORTEOUS, Garrick+17568--143
JORDAN, Matthew+17370--143
VAN TONDER, Daniel+17271--143
CAMPILLO, Jorge+17172--143
WOOD, Chris+17271--143
GAGLI, Lorenzo+17370--143
KINHULT, Marcus+17172--143
CAÑIZARES, Alejandro+17667--143
93JOHANNESSEN, Kristian Krogh+27272--144
BJØRN, Thomas+27371--144
HEISELE, Sebastian+27371--144
NIENABER, Wilco+27569--144
GUERRIER, Julien+27371--144
CHESTERS, Ashley+27470--144
FICHARDT, Darren+27272--144
MØLLER, Niklas Nørgaard+27173--144
DRYSDALE, David+27272--144
COCKERILL, Aaron+27173--144
SAMOOJA, Kalle+27371--144
DE JAGER, Louis+27371--144
SINGH BRAR, Jack+27272--144
FERGUSON, Ewen+27074--144
MANSELL, Richard+27470--144
PERRIER, Damien+27272--144
HOWELL, David+27371--144
110GALLACHER, Stephen+37372--145
PAISLEY, Chris+37471--145
KANAYA, Takumi+37075--145
BESSELING, Wil+37669--145
CANTER, Laurie+37669--145
FOX, Ryan+37273--145
MOLINARI, Edoardo+37471--145
REED, Patrick+37372--145
LACROIX, Frederic+37174--145
KENNEGARD, Jesper+37372--145
FORD, Matt+37471--145
121STERNE, Richard+47274--146
KORHONEN, Mikko+47175--146
BOURDY, Grégory+47571--146
COUPLAND, Dave+47472--146
HAVRET, Grégory+47373--146
126HEBERT, Benjamin+57572--147
JACQUELIN, Raphaël+57473--147
LEON, Hugo+57572--147
BROWN, Steven+57473--147
LEGENDRE, Nathan (AM)+57374--147
STONE, Brandon+57176--147
SYME, Connor+57077--147
133FIGUEIREDO, Pedro+67474--148
HUIZING, Daan+67672--148
135LE GOFF, Hugo (AM)+77475--149
SHARVIN, Cormac+77277--149
ROUSSEL, Robin+77574--149
PORTEOUS, Haydn+77772--149
LEVET, Thomas+77772--149
GANDON, Jeremy+77673--149
MURRAY, Zach+77376--149
FARR, Oliver+77277--149
143HANNA, Chase+87674--150
LORENZO-VERA, Mike+87377--150
LANGASQUE, Romain+87971--150
146McGOWAN, Ross+97378--151
ANTCLIFF, Maverick+97576--151
STALTER, Joël+97576--151
149BEKKER, Oliver+118073--153
150STORM, Graeme+127282--154
RETDANGLES, Pep+773---113
RETDSULLIVAN, Andy+676---108
W/DDUBUISSON, Victor+576---76
W/DKAWAMURA, Masahiro+778----
W/DSENIOR, Jack------
W/DSCRIVENER, Jason------
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Cazoo Open de France 2022

Date: September 22nd - 25th 2022

Location: Le Golf National, Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines, France

Purse: €3,000,000

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