Akane G.C.

Akane G.C. 1931, Daibu Chikuho-machi, Kaho-gun Fukuoka 820-0712

Akizuki C.C.

Akizuki C.C. 4-1-1, Minaginomori, Amagi-shi Fukuoka 838-0020

Ariake C.C.

Ariake C.C. 1523, Misaki, Omuta-shi Fukuoka 836-0002

Aso Iizuka G.C.

Aso Iizuka G.C. 120, Yoshikuma Keisen-machi, Kaho-gun Fukuoka 820-0609

Central Fukuoka G.C.

Central Fukuoka G.C. Yamae, Chikushino-shi Fukuoka 818-0003

Cherry G.C. Kokura-Minami Course

Cherry G.C. Kokura-Minami Course 2885, Matsuda Katsuyama-machi, Miyako-gun Fukuoka 824-0802

Chikushigaoka G.C.

Chikushigaoka G.C. 571, Ushirono Nakagawa-machi, Chikushi-gun Fukuoka 811-1241

Chikushino C.C.

Chikushino C.C. 2014-22, Yamae Chikushino-shi Fukuoka 818-0003

Chisan C.C. Onga

Chisan C.C. Onga 1612-3, Mushozu Onga-cho, Onga-gun Fukuoka 811-4321

Dai-Hakata C.C.

Dai-Hakata C.C. Umegane, Nakagawa-machi Chikushi-gun Fukuoka 811-1232

Dazaifu G.C.

Dazaifu G.C. 3467-39, Ishiana, Dazaifu-shi Fukuoka 818-0100

Fukuoka C.C.

Fukuoka C.C. 1318-1, Kamiwajiro Higashi-ku, Fukuoka-shi Fukuoka 811-0216

Fukuoka Century G.C.

Fukuoka Century G.C. 1-1, Itaya, Amagi-shi Fukuoka 838-0027

Fukuoka Koksai C.C.

Fukuoka Koksai C.C. 1470-1, Asamachi Munakata-shi Fukuoka 811-4161

Fukuoka Lakeside C.C.

Fukuoka Lakeside C.C. 611-19, Mukumoto Honami-machi, Kaho-gun Fukuoka 820-0077

Fukuoka Pheasant C.C.

Fukuoka Pheasant C.C. 1086-7, Amagi Kawasaki-machi, Tagawa-gun Fukuoka 827-0001

Fukuoka Raizan G.C.

Fukuoka Raizan G.C. 807, Kawabaru, Maebaru-shi Fukuoka 819-1574

Fukuoka Sun Lake G.C.

Fukuoka Sun Lake G.C. 1519-2, Kamikusuda Takata-machi, Miike-gun Fukuoka 839-0225

Genkai G.C.

Genkai G.C. 578-18, Eguchi, Munakata-shi Fukuoka 811-3502

Hisayama C.C.

Hisayama C.C. 3549, Kubara Hisayama-machi Kasuya-gun Fukuoka 811-2501

Ito G.C.

Ito G.C. 474, Kouriki, Maebaru-shi Fukuoka 819-1147

JR Uchino C.C.

JR Uchino C.C. 740, Yayama Chikuho-machi, Kaho-gun Fukuoka 820-0708

Katsuyamagosho C.C.

Katsuyamagosho C.C. Okubo, Katsuyama-machi Miyako-gun Fukuoka 824-0801

Kenjo C.C. Shonai Course

Kenjo C.C. Shonai Course 534-1, Tsutsuno Shonai-machi, Kaho-gun Fukuoka 820-0105

Keya G.C.

Keya G.C. 1-1,Keya, Shima-machi Itoshima-gun Fukuoka 819-1335

Kitakyushu C.C.

Kitakyushu C.C. 412-6, Kakenouma Kaita-machi, Kaho-gun Fukuoka 820-1112

Koga G.C.

Koga G.C. 1310-1, Shishibu, Koga-shi Fukuoka 811-3105

Kokura C.C.

Kokura C.C. 2-1-1, Nishinuki Kokuraminami-ku Kitakyushu-shi Fukuoka 800-0243

Kurate C.C.

Kurate C.C. 1331, Yahiro Kurate-machi, Kurate-gun Fukuoka 807-1308

Kurume C.C.

Kurume C.C. 1243-1, Naganobu Hirokawa-machi, Yame-gun Fukuoka 834-0105

Mission Valley G.C.

Mission Valley G.C. 1870-1, Katsuno Kotake-machi, Kurate-gun Fukuoka 820-1103

Miyako C.C.

Miyako C.C. 95-1, Mitsudomi Toyotsu-machi, Miyako-gun Fukuoka 824-0115

Moji G.C.

Moji G.C. 175, Kishi, Moji-ku Kitakyushu-shi Fukuoka 800-0114

Nijo C.C.

Nijo C.C. 3362, Yoshii Nijo-machi, Itoshima-gun Fukuoka 819-1641

Nishi-Nihon C.C.

Nishi-Nihon C.C. Nakaizumi, Nogata-shi Fukuoka 822-0011

Ogori C.C.

Ogori C.C. 1788, Mitsusawa, Ogori-shi Fukuoka 838-0106

Prince G.C.

Prince G.C. Yamaguchi Wakamiya-machi, Kurate-gun Fukuoka 822-0153

Saitozaki Seaside C.C.

Saitozaki Seaside C.C. 316, Saitozaki Higashi-ku, Fukuoka-shi Fukuoka 811-0321

Seitanomori Kitakyushu G.C.

Seitanomori Kitakyushu G.C. 8-1, Higuchimachi Yahatanishi-ku, Kitakyushu-shi Fukuoka 806-0048

Shima Seaside C.C.

Shima Seaside C.C. 575, Nogita Shima-machi, Itoshima-gun Fukuoka 819-1303

Suounada C.C.

Suounada C.C. 1649, Uenokawachi Shiida-machi, Chikujo-gun Fukuoka 829-0314

Takaha Royal C.C.

Takaha Royal C.C. 4320, Daigyoji Oto-machi, Tagawa-gun Fukuoka 824-0512

The Queen's Hill G.C.

The Queen's Hill G.C. 838, Tomi, Maebaru-shi Fukuoka 819-1133

Ukiha C.C.

Ukiha C.C. 4094, Niikawa Ukiha-machi, Ukiha-shi Fukuoka 839-1413

Wakamatsu G.C.

Wakamatsu G.C. 1560, Otomaru, Wakamatsu-ku Kitakyushu-shi Fukuoka 808-0134

Wakamiya G.C.

Wakamiya G.C. 1121, Otono Wakamiya-machi, Kurate-gun Fukuoka 822-0131

Yasukogen C.C.

Yasukogen C.C. 141-26, Soneda Chikuzen-machi, Asakura-gun Fukuoka 838-0206

Yuai G.C. Munakata

Yuai G.C. Munakata 2020, Mutajiri, Munakata-shi Fukuoka 811-3503

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