Amagase Onsen C.C.

Amagase Onsen C.C. 841-21, Sakuradake Amagase-machi, Hita-shi Oita 879-4201

Beppu G.C.

Beppu G.C. Yamaga-machi, Hayami-gun Oita 879-1300

Beppu Kokusai G.C. Ogiyama Course

Beppu Kokusai G.C. Ogiyama Course 4550-1, Tsurumi, Beppu-shi Oita 874-0840

Beppu-no-mori G.C.

Beppu-no-mori G.C. Edagou, Beppu-shi Oita 874-0805


BFR G.C. 3005-4, Hama, Kunisaki-machi Higashikunisaki-gun Oita 872-1651

Hita Kokusai G.C.

Hita Kokusai G.C. 3333-1 Oaza-tomoda, Hita-shi Oita 877-0078

Hiyoshibaru C.C.

Hiyoshibaru C.C. 3, Hiyoshibaru, Oita-shi Oita 870-0301

Kijima Korakuen C.C.

Kijima Korakuen C.C. Kijima, Beppu-shi Oita 874-0802

Kuju C.C. Yamashitako Golf Course

Kuju C.C. Yamashitako Golf Course Kawanishi, Yufuin-cho Oita-gun, Oita 879-5113

Kuju Kogen G.C.

Kuju Kogen G.C. 3866, Shirani Kuju-machi, Taketa-shi Oita 878-0205

Laurel Hita C.C.

Laurel Hita C.C. 1900, Aritamachi, Hita-shi Oita 877-1361

Mie C.C.

Mie C.C. 552, Sugou Mie-machi Bungo-ono-shi Oita 879-7102

Nakatsu C.C.

Nakatsu C.C. Noyori, Nakatsu-shi Oita 879-0104

Nippo G.C.

Nippo G.C. 541, Imaichi, Oita-shi Oita 879-6323

Oita C.C. Tsukigata Course

Oita C.C. Tsukigata Course 1122, Tsukigata, Oita-shi Oita 879-7872

Oita C.C. Yoshino Course

Oita C.C. Yoshino Course 1063-9, Hagio, Oita-shi Oita 879-7883

Oita Chuo G.C.

Oita Chuo G.C. Yokose, Oita-shi Oita 870-1173

Oita Fujimi C.C.

Oita Fujimi C.C. 1473, Yokose, Oita-shi Oita 870-1173

Oita Public Golf Course

Oita Public Golf Course Tsumori, Oita-shi Oita 870-0945

Oita Sunny Hills G.C.

Oita Sunny Hills G.C. 864-1, Mukainoharu Hasama-machi, Oita-gun Oita 879-5502

Oita Takenaka C.C.

Oita Takenaka C.C. 4391, Takenaka, Oita-shi Oita 879-7501

Oita Tokyu G.C.

Oita Tokyu G.C. Hirouchi, Oita-shi Oita 870-0277

Shiraki G.C.

Shiraki G.C. Kamishiraki, Oita-shi Oita 870-0805

Usuki C.C.

Usuki C.C. 2950-1 Yoshiono, Usuki-shi Oita 875-0071

Yufu Kogen G.C.

Yufu Kogen G.C. Kawakita, Yufuin-cho, Oita-gun Oita 879-5114

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