Dutch Open R3

Matt Wallace and Victor Perez lead crowded leaderboard

Dutch Open 2022 R3

May 26-29
Bernardus Golf, Cromvoirt, Netherlands
Round 1, Round 2, Round 4

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Matt Wallace and Victor Perez lead a crowded leaderboard heading into the final day of the Dutch Open.

Dutch Open 2022 R3

“I think everything has been firing relatively well,” said Perez. “I think I have done everything quite well, mentally very solid, and I think the back nine we started off really well and then a bit of a stop over on 14 after a decent drive but that is one of those things where you just have to put it aside and keep going.

“I like it, I know some guys don’t like it and would rather be chasing than being in front. I mean, if you were to choose I would rather be in front all of the time, I think the mindset is the same regardless, I think the shots are the shots and you just have to hit them, maybe it takes a bit of the pressure of some of the guys but I would rather be in front if I can.”

Dutch Open 2022 R3

The Frenchman, who set the target after closing with a 69 and is hoping for a second DP World Tour victory, was joined in the lead when Englishman Wallace closed with a 70 to reach 10-under.

“That is what I kind of wanted to do,” said Wallace. “Start the day and try to get a bit closer to the leaders and that is what I did, tried to not give away too many shots. Got off to a really nice start those first couple of holes.”

Dutch Open 2022 R3

“I’m pleased with the way I hit it and yesterday I said that I needed to do that this weekend, and one day down, I need to do that again tomorrow.

“I started hitting some really good iron shots in the middle of that back nine, 13 and 16, the six-iron into there was probably the best shot I have hit strike-wise in a long time into that wind, it had to be the perfect shot and it was, so more of that tomorrow.”

Dutch Open 2022 R3

One shot behind the leaders, Italian Guido Migliozzi (70) is tied in third place alongside New Zealander Ryan Fox (70), Swede Sebastian Soderberg (68) and Australian Scott Hend (68).

The top fifteen players are all within five shots of the lead. The top three players inside the top ten not already qualified Sunday night will earn entry into the 150th Open Championship.

Dutch Open 2022 R3

Pos.PlayerTo ParR1R2R3
1WALLACE, Matt-10696770
PEREZ, Victor-10677069
3MIGLIOZZI, Guido-9696870
FOX, Ryan-9706770
SODERBERG, Sebastian-9716868
HEND, Scott-9706968
7GOUVEIA, Ricardo-8686674
MERONK, Adrian-8686872
BJÖRK, Alexander-8687070
10SCHNEIDER, Marcel-7677171
11KORHONEN, Mikko-6677073
BROBERG, Kristoffer-6687171
13HØJGAARD, Rasmus-5667570
LAW, David-5687568
SHARMA, Shubhankar-5717169
16LI, Haotong-4726377
PEPPERELL, Eddie-4667373
MANSELL, Richard-4687173
LONG, Hurly-4717071
GALLACHER, Stephen-4687371
ROZNER, Antoine-4707270
22SHINKWIN, Callum-3707073
GAGLI, Lorenzo-3687372
PIETERS, Thomas-3697173
WHITNELL, Dale-3737070
RITCHIE, JC-3697371
GARCIA-HEREDIA, Alfredo-3737070
28FISHER, Ross-2687175
SMITH, Jordan-2687076
BJØRN, Thomas-2717073
JACQUELIN, Raphaël-2687373
VAN TONDER, Daniel-2707272
RAMSAY, Richie-2717172
FORREST, Grant-2707371
LACROIX, Frederic-2737071
CAMPILLO, Jorge-2727171
37SENIOR, Jack-1696878
KIM, Sihwan-1707075
FDEZ-CASTAÑO, Gonzalo-1716975
CHESTERS, Ashley-1707174
FERGUSON, Ewen-1687275
KIEFFER, Maximilian-1727172
MOLINARI, Edoardo-1737072
MØLLER, Niklas Nørgaard-1717272
DU PLESSIS, Hennie-1707372
46LAPORTA, FrancescoPar717174
ARMITAGE, MarcusPar746973
FARR, OliverPar717273
49KAWAMURA, Masahiro+1727174
51STALTER, Joël+2697178
WU, Ashun+2736877
VAN MEIJEL, Lars+2717077
McGOWAN, Ross+2697376
FICHARDT, Darren+2687377
WIESBERGER, Bernd+2727175
LANGASQUE, Romain+2727175
58LUITEN, Joost+3657579
OTAEGUI, Adrian+3717276
60WILSON, Oliver+4716980
WINTHER, Jeff+4727078
JORDAN, Matthew+4756877
63PAVAN, Andrea+6677481
HEISELE, Sebastian+6717180
65QUIROS, Alvaro+8756881
66SULLIVAN, AndyPar7371
SCRIVENER, JasonPar7569
NEMECZ, LukasPar7767
DETRY, ThomasPar7272
SAMOOJA, KallePar7074
ANTONISSE, DarioPar7173
CATLIN, JohnPar7173
KOFSTAD, EspenPar7470
NIENABER, WilcoPar7074
BERTASIO, NinoPar7371
JAMIESON, ScottPar7470
77COUPLAND, Dave+17372
HIDALGO, Angel+17570
SYME, Connor+17273
BURMESTER, Dean+17174
VAN WEST, Robbie+17471
ANTCLIFF, Maverick+17471
ROCK, Robert+17075
ANGLES, Pep+17075
WARING, Paul+17174
VÄLIMÄKI, Sami+17075
PORTEOUS, Haydn+17174
88SURI, Julian+27571
KINHULT, Marcus+27373
WILSON, Andrew+27571
VAN DRIEL, Darius+27076
TARRIO, Santiago+27373
MORRISON, James+27175
VEERMAN, Johannes+27076
BRUN, Julien+27373
BESSELING, Wil+27175
CARON, Rowin+27373
JI, Jerry (AM)+27373
99COETZEE, George+37572
SIEM, Marcel+37572
HOWIE, Craig+37275
LORENZO-VERA, Mike+37473
HØJGAARD, Nicolai+37374
HANNA, Chase+37473
BHULLAR, Gaganjeet+37374
LAGERGREN, Joakim+37473
LAWRENCE, Thriston+37374
STONE, Brandon+37176
WALTERS, Justin+37374
MURRAY, Zach+37275
BEKKER, Oliver+37572
MCEVOY, Richard+37176
ROUSSEL, Robin+37473
114HUIZING, Daan+47474
OLESEN, Thorbjørn+47474
ZHANG, Huilin+47474
SOUTHGATE, Matthew+47375
STORM, Graeme+47375
LEON, Hugo+47177
HANSEN, Joachim B.+47276
121CALDWELL, Jonathan+57178
BROWN, Steven+57277
SANTOS, Ricardo+57376
GUERRIER, Julien+57673
125PARATORE, Renato+67674
BJERREGAARD, Lucas+67773
LOMBARD, Zander+67674
ELVIRA, Nacho+67179
APHIBARNRAT, Kiradech+67278
SCHMID, Matti+67872
KOUWENAAR, Koen+67674
KARLBERG, Rikard+67575
WOOD, Chris+67773
GREEN, Gavin+67476
135HEBERT, Benjamin+77675
WATTEL, Romain+77972
DRYSDALE, David+77675
141BALLESTEROS, Javier+87577
SHARVIN, Cormac+87577
GAVINS, Daniel+88072
GARCIA RODRIGUEZ, Sebastian+86983
HORSEY, David+87577
146INGHAM, Jack (AM)+97281
SINGH BRAR, Jack+97677
MARKOVITS, Mats+97776
PAUL, Yannik+97083
CAÑIZARES, Alejandro+97578
151GRINBERG, Lev (AM)+108272
BATENS, Thijmen (AM)+107678
153VAN DER WEELE, Kiet (AM)+117679
154WARREN, Marc+168080
W/DFISHER, Oliver+375
W/DHOWELL, David+779