Golf photographer’s ‘pandemic portfolio’ of images

British golf’s spirits remain undimmed

Golf photographer’s ‘pandemic portfolio’ of images
Andy Hiseman / Denham Golf Club

Photographer Andy Hiseman’s new ‘pandemic portfolio’ shows that British golf’s spirits remain undimmed even during the current virus outbreak.

Over 100 new photos taken under COVID-19 conditions at UK golf clubs have been added to the gallery at, in a collection which explodes with colour, personality and beautiful ‘magic hour’ sunset and sunrise images of golf courses.

In 2020, while Mother Nature – oblivious to the virus – supplied a succession of wonderful skies, greenkeepers made the most of the quiet conditions to provide immaculate playing surfaces which Hiseman captured on camera.

Golf photographer’s ‘pandemic portfolio’ of images
Andy Hiseman / Denham Golf Club

And between lockdowns golf clubs were a haven for golfers whose faces were lit by expressions of joy and relief at being let loose on the golf course again.

Even if only temporarily.

Hiseman travelled the UK between April and October 2020 to capture the best sights at golf clubs around the country.

“I became familiar with sleeping in my car” said the photographer. “No hotels open, you see. I usually regret not being a six-footer, but not in 2020.

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By GT Editor

“COVID meant I was often photographing golf courses without any golfers on them, which is a lot easier! But as the rules were relaxed the golfers gratefully returned, and I think the ‘elbow handshake’ is probably the defining image of golf during COVID times.”

Hiseman, whose day job is at an advertising agency, is never happier than when out on a golf course with his camera. “Photographing golf clubs is my personal passion. As we all know there is no more beautiful place to be, when the weather’s good, and a lovely golf course photograph restores the spirit.”

There are almost 1,000 images on covering all aspects of life at a golf club.

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