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Sean Crocker poised for wire-to-wire victory
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July 30, 2022
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Hero Open 2022 R3

July 28-31
Fairmont St Andrews, St Andrews, Fife, Scotland
Round 1, Round 2, Round 4

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Sean Crocker closed with an eagle at the par-5 18th for a 69 to reach 18-under and take a two-shot lead into the final day of the Hero Open.

"That was a nice little bonus on the 18th. I was trying to get it up and down for a birdie but to see that ball drop was pretty cool."

Hero Open 2022 R3

His eagle made up for the double bogey he incurred at the 13th after finding the thick rough and opting for a drop.

"I was in control and it was either chip out or we take a chance and that could be the tournament over," said the American.

"I think we made the right decision by taking the drop and trying to keep the score down as much as we could."

Hero Open 2022 R3

"Even before I called over the rules official I wanted to have a go at it but every time I got near the ball I could see bad things happening," he continued.

"The best thing that I did in this round was during that whole situation I got a little frustrated as I was figuring out what to do. The moment we took the drop and I hit it away I just forgot about it.

"From there I was like, 'I’m still around the lead, let’s just make some pars and if something drops, it’s fine'."

Hero Open 2022 R3

Sweden's Jens Dantorp also shot a 69 and lies in second place at 16-under.

Scotland's David Law carded a 70 for a share of third place at 15-under alongside Spain's Adrian Otaegui who shot 70.

England's Eddie Pepperell (69) is tied in fifth with Wales' Oliver Farr (70), France's Victor Dubuisson (67) and South Africa's Louis De Jager (68).

Hero Open 2022 R3

Pos.PlayerTo ParR1R2R3
1CROCKER, Sean-18636669
2DANTORP, Jens-16646769
3LAW, David-15656670
OTAEGUI, Adrian-15646770
5FARR, Oliver-14656770
PEPPERELL, Eddie-14676669
DE JAGER, Louis-14686668
DUBUISSON, Victor-14657067
9NIENABER, Wilco-13716171
FISHER, Ross-13656672
HUNDEBØLL, Oliver-13676769
12KEOGH, Adam-12676770
KRUYSWIJK, Jacques-12686868
YOUNG, Daniel-12686967
WARING, Paul-12726567
HILLIER, Daniel-12667068
17JAMIESON, Scott-11666475
SHINKWIN, Callum-11696571
QUIROS, Alvaro-11667168
KJELDSEN, Søren-11666871
RITCHIE, JC-11666970
WALTERS, Justin-11706669
ROCK, Robert-11706669
24THOMSON, Jonathan-10666575
LONG, Hurly-10696968
SVENSSON, Jesper-10706868
KEARNEY, Niall-10686672
FERGUSON, Ewen-10736172
KAWAMURA, Masahiro-10686870
HORSEY, David-10676970
31MANLEY, Stuart-9706770
WINTHER, Jeff-9686772
PORTEOUS, Garrick-9687069
HANNA, Chase-9696969
JACQUELIN, Raphaël-9706869
LAPORTA, Francesco-9677070
ROUSSEL, Robin-9716670
FORREST, Grant-9687069
LANGASQUE, Romain-9646875
STUREHED, Henric-9706869
41SOUTHGATE, Matthew-8696673
STONE, Brandon-8696871
PAPADATOS, Dimitrios-8667171
EASTON, Bryce-8677071
SYME, Connor-8657073
VAN DRIEL, Darius-8706870
CAMPILLO, Jorge-8676576
WILSON, Oliver-8677170
49LEMKE, Niklas-7686873
SENIOR, Jack-7716771
STOW, Ben-7646976
BALDWIN, Matthew-7696971
FOX, Ryan-7687071
GUPTA, Aman-7696377
KENNEDY, Frank (AM)-7706871
STALTER, Joël-7687071
57GREEN, Gavin-6676974
GANDY, Tom-6656976
STORM, Graeme-6677172
BRING, Christoffer-6687072
SULLIVAN, Andy-6676776
62GEARY, Josh-5696874
DA SILVA, Adilson-5667174
BERGSTROM, Albin-5677173
65CHESTERS, Ashley-4647177
66NEMECZ, Lukas-3716775
67FISHER, Oliver-2667276
CAREY, David-2716776
69PLANT, Alfie-1687077
GONNET, JeanBaptiste-1696878
71GUERRIER, Julien-56970
MOLINARI, Edoardo-56871
BROWN, Steven-56871
COCKERILL, Aaron-56871
DIXON, David-56970
LACROIX, Frederic-56772
SIEM, Marcel-57267
ORIOL, Pedro-56970
LUNDGREN, David (AM)-56871
RAMSAY, Richie-56871
DRYSDALE, David-57168
PULKKANEN, Tapio-57069
BJERREGAARD, Lucas-56970
MANSELL, Richard-57069
MURRAY, Zach-56871
SCHNEIDER, Marcel-56970
PIGEM, Carlos-56970
FICHARDT, Darren-56871
90GALLACHER, Stephen-47070
SHEPHERD, Laird-46971
HUTCHEON, Greig-46872
THORNTON, Simon-46971
BEKKER, Oliver-47268
HEND, Scott-47070
HIDALGO, Angel-46872
BAIRSTOW, Sam (AM)-47169
ELVIRA, Nacho-47070
ROZNER, Antoine-47070
MORRISON, James-47070
HUIZING, Daan-47169
ANGLES, Pep-46674
WARREN, Marc-47268
HOWIE, Craig-46971
LOCKE, Sam-46971
106DE LA RIVA, Eduardo-37269
SURI, Julian-37368
WHITNELL, Dale-37071
GAGLI, Lorenzo-37269
SINGH BRAR, Jack-37467
HELLIGKILDE, Marcus-37368
KARLSSON, Anton-36774
113STERNE, Richard-27171
WRISDALE, Jordan-27270
MCEVOY, Richard-27072
FORD, Matt-26973
BERTASIO, Nino-27171
SCOTT, Calum (AM)-27072
SLATTERY, Lee-27270
ULENAERS, Kristof-27171
CALDWELL, Jonathan-27072
HAVRET, Grégory-26973
HELLGREN, Björn-27270
MCLEOD, Jake-27072
KOFSTAD, Espen-27072
126JOHNSTON, Liam-17073
PERRIER, Damien-17271
KANAYA, Takumi-17073
KENNEGARD, Jesper-17271
DUNNE, Paul-17271
EVANS, Ben-17073
132WOOD, ChrisPar7272
BAI, ZhengkaiPar7272
GOUGH, John (AM)Par7272
BOURDY, GrégoryPar6876
BLAAUW, JacquesPar7371
LEON, HugoPar7272
PORTEOUS, HaydnPar7470
FELTON, JarrydPar7272
WINDRED, BlakePar7371
141HANSEN, Joachim B.+17669
McGOWAN, Ross+17372
SJÖHOLM, Joel+17570
FIGUEIREDO, Pedro+17372
COUPLAND, Dave+17174
146HOWELL, David+27472
WILSON, Andrew+26977
SHARVIN, Cormac+27571
149FOX, Graham+37077
KOIVISTO, Tyler+37374
BAUTISTA, Austin+37275
152SANTOS, Ricardo+47276
153ZHANG, Huilin+57673
CHRYSTIE, Russell+57475
ISLAM, Habebul+57871
156PAISLEY, Chris+67476
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