Hero Open R4

Wire-to-wire victory for Crocker

Hero Open 2022 R4

July 28-31
Fairmont St Andrews, St Andrews, Fife, Scotland
Round 1, Round 2, Round 3

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Sean Crocker sealed his wire-to-wire victory with a final round 68 to reach 22-under and win his maiden title by one shot.

Hero Open 2022 R4

“It’s awesome. It just shows you that you just don’t know what this game is going to bring you,” said the American.

Hero Open 2022 R4

“We go out there every day trying our hardest and we can play terrible for a long time and then all of a sudden you have a week like this where every bounce seemed to go my way, putts dropped, I hit the ball beautifully and it just makes me appreciate this game I play and what I get to do for a living.

“I hope I keep putting myself in this position. That door has been locked shut for me for almost five years. To go wire-to-wire I think I knocked the door clean off its hinges, which is nice.”

Hero Open 2022 R4

England’s Eddie Pepperell closed with a 65 to take the clubhouse lead at 21-under but ultimately finished second.

Scotland’s David Law tied for third place with Spain’s Adrian Otaegui at 19-under after both shot 68s.

Sweden’s Jens Dantorp (70) finished fifth alongside Dane Oliver Hundebøll (67).

Hero Open 2022 R4

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By GT Editor
Pos.PlayerTo ParR1R2R3R4Total
1CROCKER, Sean-2263666968266
2PEPPERELL, Eddie-2167666965267
3LAW, David-1965667068269
OTAEGUI, Adrian-1964677068269
5HUNDEBØLL, Oliver-1867676967270
DANTORP, Jens-1864676970270
7SHINKWIN, Callum-1769657166271
KJELDSEN, Søren-1766687166271
NIENABER, Wilco-1771617168271
10QUIROS, Alvaro-1666716867272
FARR, Oliver-1665677070272
12YOUNG, Daniel-1568696769273
HILLIER, Daniel-1566706869273
14LANGASQUE, Romain-1464687567274
LONG, Hurly-1469696868274
KAWAMURA, Masahiro-1468687068274
STALTER, Joël-1468707165274
DE JAGER, Louis-1468666872274
19SVENSSON, Jesper-1370686869275
KRUYSWIJK, Jacques-1368686871275
DUBUISSON, Victor-1365706773275
22MANLEY, Stuart-1270677069276
STUREHED, Henric-1270686969276
KEARNEY, Niall-1268667270276
WALTERS, Justin-1270666971276
ROCK, Robert-1270666971276
FOX, Ryan-1268707167276
FISHER, Ross-1265667273276
BRING, Christoffer-1268707266276
30PORTEOUS, Garrick-1168706970277
HANNA, Chase-1169696970277
ROUSSEL, Robin-1171667070277
SOUTHGATE, Matthew-1169667369277
FERGUSON, Ewen-1173617271277
EASTON, Bryce-1167707169277
HORSEY, David-1167697071277
CAMPILLO, Jorge-1167657669277
RITCHIE, JC-1166697072277
STOW, Ben-1164697668277
WARING, Paul-1172656773277
41WINTHER, Jeff-1068677271278
LAPORTA, Francesco-1067707071278
FORREST, Grant-1068706971278
PAPADATOS, Dimitrios-1066717170278
SYME, Connor-1065707370278
VAN DRIEL, Darius-1070687070278
JAMIESON, Scott-1066647573278
WILSON, Oliver-1067717070278
49JACQUELIN, Raphaël-970686972279
THOMSON, Jonathan-966657573279
SENIOR, Jack-971677170279
KEOGH, Adam-967677075279
GUPTA, Aman-969637770279
SULLIVAN, Andy-967677669279
GEARY, Josh-969687468279
56BALDWIN, Matthew-769697172281
GREEN, Gavin-767697471281
GANDY, Tom-765697671281
59LEMKE, Niklas-668687373282
CHESTERS, Ashley-664717770282
61STORM, Graeme-567717273283
CAREY, David-571677669283
63STONE, Brandon-469687176284
KENNEDY, Frank (AM)-470687175284
PLANT, Alfie-468707769284
66DA SILVA, Adilson-366717474285
NEMECZ, Lukas-371677572285
FISHER, Oliver-366727671285
69BERGSTROM, Albin-167717376287
GONNET, JeanBaptiste-169687872287
71GUERRIER, Julien-56970139
MOLINARI, Edoardo-56871139
BROWN, Steven-56871139
COCKERILL, Aaron-56871139
DIXON, David-56970139
LACROIX, Frederic-56772139
SIEM, Marcel-57267139
ORIOL, Pedro-56970139
LUNDGREN, David (AM)-56871139
RAMSAY, Richie-56871139
DRYSDALE, David-57168139
PULKKANEN, Tapio-57069139
BJERREGAARD, Lucas-56970139
MANSELL, Richard-57069139
MURRAY, Zach-56871139
SCHNEIDER, Marcel-56970139
PIGEM, Carlos-56970139
FICHARDT, Darren-56871139
90GALLACHER, Stephen-47070140
SHEPHERD, Laird-46971140
HUTCHEON, Greig-46872140
THORNTON, Simon-46971140
BEKKER, Oliver-47268140
HEND, Scott-47070140
HIDALGO, Angel-46872140
BAIRSTOW, Sam (AM)-47169140
ELVIRA, Nacho-47070140
ROZNER, Antoine-47070140
MORRISON, James-47070140
HUIZING, Daan-47169140
ANGLES, Pep-46674140
WARREN, Marc-47268140
HOWIE, Craig-46971140
LOCKE, Sam-46971140
106DE LA RIVA, Eduardo-37269141
SURI, Julian-37368141
WHITNELL, Dale-37071141
GAGLI, Lorenzo-37269141
SINGH BRAR, Jack-37467141
HELLIGKILDE, Marcus-37368141
KARLSSON, Anton-36774141
113STERNE, Richard-27171142
WRISDALE, Jordan-27270142
MCEVOY, Richard-27072142
FORD, Matt-26973142
BERTASIO, Nino-27171142
SCOTT, Calum (AM)-27072142
SLATTERY, Lee-27270142
ULENAERS, Kristof-27171142
CALDWELL, Jonathan-27072142
HAVRET, Grégory-26973142
HELLGREN, Björn-27270142
MCLEOD, Jake-27072142
KOFSTAD, Espen-27072142
126JOHNSTON, Liam-17073143
PERRIER, Damien-17271143
KANAYA, Takumi-17073143
KENNEGARD, Jesper-17271143
DUNNE, Paul-17271143
EVANS, Ben-17073143
132WOOD, ChrisPar7272144
BAI, ZhengkaiPar7272144
GOUGH, John (AM)Par7272144
BOURDY, GrégoryPar6876144
BLAAUW, JacquesPar7371144
LEON, HugoPar7272144
PORTEOUS, HaydnPar7470144
FELTON, JarrydPar7272144
WINDRED, BlakePar7371144
141HANSEN, Joachim B.+17669145
McGOWAN, Ross+17372145
SJÖHOLM, Joel+17570145
FIGUEIREDO, Pedro+17372145
COUPLAND, Dave+17174145
146HOWELL, David+27472146
WILSON, Andrew+26977146
SHARVIN, Cormac+27571146
149FOX, Graham+37077147
KOIVISTO, Tyler+37374147
BAUTISTA, Austin+37275147
152SANTOS, Ricardo+47276148
153ZHANG, Huilin+57673149
CHRYSTIE, Russell+57475149
ISLAM, Habebul+57871149
156PAISLEY, Chris+67476150
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