Interview with Jay Hartenbach

CEO Medterra CBD

Backgrounder —

Co-Founding Medterra in his living room, Jay has led Medterra to become the most widely distributed CBD company in the world. With a background in Biomedical Engineering, Jay and team have developed the highest quality CBD products for everyday consumers looking to experience the effects of CBD. 

Interview with Jay Hartenbach, CEO Medterra CBD

The Hartenbach story —

Golf has always been a passion of mine. After learning that Lucas Glover was personally using our products to improve his game, we recognized the opportunity to bring CBD to golfers, professional and amateur alike. 

You wake up in the morning –  what’s the driving passion?

The opportunity in front of Medterra is enormous. With the largest retail footprint of any CBD company, we have proven that CBD companies can thrive with fairly priced products and truly efficacious amounts of CBD. My driving passion is to continue building upon that mission to introduce as many people to quality CBD products.

What was the genesis for Medterra CBD? 

When we started Medterra, we recognized the power of CBD to help all walks of life. With so many companies prioritizing profits over their consumers, we saw an opportunity to stand out with world class customer service, affordable pricing, and efficacious amounts of CBD.

Interview with Jay Hartenbach, CEO Medterra CBD

How long a time frame from product concept to actual product line?

The only rate limiting factor in product development is efficacy. If we develop a new product, it can be ready for sale in as little as six weeks. However, if the formulation does not work to its targeted level, we will go back to the drawing board. 

How does Medterra CBD differ and surpass your competition? 

Our goal as a company is to provide products that are much more than just pure CBD products. We look for innovative combinations that enhance the effectiveness of the CBD. 

Who is your likely customer? 

CBD is unique in its ability to transcend demographics. We are seeing both younger and older golfers using the products regularly as it is a product designed to help golfers play more golf.

How does the product line enhance golf course performance?

Golfers love using the products before their rounds to help loosen up. After the round, the products help with recovery, which can be a big help for those big golf trips! Our popular products for golfers are the CBD Rapid Cooling Cream, which helps deliver joint and muscle support for quick comfort after a round of golf; the CBD Good Morning, which gives golfers mental clarity and focus throughout the day and the CBD + Melatonin, which helps golfers’ recharge with more restful sleep.

Are there any golf tour professionals using the product and how valuable are such endorsements? 

Yes, Lucas Glover, Charley Hoffman, and Morgan Hoffman are all Medterra ambassadors. With each of these players using the products prior to us working with them, their testimonials are authentic and really resonate with our customers. 

From a branding and marketing side — what percentages of your sales are tied to brick and mortar outlets, green grass shops and online efforts? 

32% Retail, 55% Green Grass, and 12% online

How do you see the marketing evolving with such products now and in the future?

We are big believers in letting consumers try the samples and see for themselves firsthand on the efficacy of the products. Future marketing initiatives will include more sampling with our retail partners as well as an online sampling program. 

Interview with Jay Hartenbach, CEO Medterra CBD

The biggest challenge facing Medterra CBD, short and long term, is what? 

In the short term, we are focused on bringing education to consumers so that they can sort out the good and bad actors in the industry. Our biggest concern is a consumer trying an ineffective CBD product and dismissing the entire industry. For the long term, our challenge will be continuing to innovate and think differently as we continue to grow as an international company. 


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