Logical Golf

by Robert Baker

Lesson 5 - Use the 'finger-off' drill for a full wrist hinge and flowing rhythm

When you rotate your body correctly, reversing direction with a subtle foot and knee action, and marry with this a fluid wrist action, you experience a wonderful sense of 'lag' in the arms and club.

This quality in a good swing is inspired by the lower-body action, recognised as one of the secrets to playing good golf. Reversing your momentum in this way (i.e. from the ground up) and perfecting that wrist action rewards you with a whip-type release of the clubhead and effortless power through the ball.

And, with a simple adjustment to your grip, the exercise I am demonstrating here will help you to appreciate the feeling of a full and fluid wrist action, which immediately improves your general rhythm - a double whammy.

To start, slip the little finger on your left hand off the end of the grip. Then, to prime your motion, start the club a couple of feet ahead of where the ball would be, and simply go after a feeling of cranking your wrists to the max as you let the club fall and gather its momentum.

As you reach the top of the swing, the key then is to initiate your change of direction from the ground up so that everything shuffles nicely into place as you unwind back down and through.

Logical Golf

Prime the motion - start your swing from here. 'Crank' your wrists as you gather speed and momentum.

Logical Golf

All-in-one motion: use this drill to harmonise the movement of your hands, arms and body.

For best results, rehearse this in conjunction with the pivot drill on the previous page; get the clubhead moving with a wrist action that gels in with your body turn.

When you get the knack, it will feel like the momentum of the clubhead loads the wrists for you going back - the exact sensation you want in the swing for real.