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Jeongeun Lee6 takes one-shot lead
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September 10, 2022
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Jeongeun Lee6 carded a flawless 63 featuring four back-to-back birdies from the 7th to close with a one-shot lead at 13-under in the Kroger Queen Championship, tying her second-lowest career round on Tour.


She holds the 36-hole lead for the third time in her career and her 131 total is her second-best on Tour, four behind her record of 127 at last year's Amundi Evian Championship.

“It was good bogey-free round, and it's been a while I played bogey-free so I'm really satisfied with my game today," said the South Korean. "Two more rounds, so I'm going to focus on my swing. I'm not comfortable with my swing, but it's getting better. And then last tournament in the final round my shots were good so I gained confidence last week and I can play comfortable this week.”

The 2019 U.S. Women’s Open had three consecutive top-10 finishes this season but none since March.

“I'm going to focus on downswing, same as today,” she said. “And then just I want to focus on my process, not result. That's very important for me.”

Overnight leader Xiyu Lin of China followed up her opening 64 with a bogey-free 68 to move down into second place at 12-under. Her 132 total is her second-lowest on Tour after hitting 13 of 14 fairways for the second straight day along with 15 of 18 greens.

“The golf tournament doesn't finish in one day so I told myself I have to keep going today,” said Lin. “This course, everybody has a chance and it is what it is. Perfect example today, Lee6, she just had a fabulous day and shot 9-under. There is challenging holes, but also there is lots of opportunity out there. You just have to look forward and keep going.”

American Ally Ewing sits in solo third place after firing an 8-under 64 featuring six consecutive birdies from the 2nd.

“On hole 2 I hit a wedge shot fat and then I chipped in for birdie. It was going from needing to get a ball up and down for par to an unlikely birdie. Then I executed some really good shots coming in. I hit some close, made a couple of putts around 20 feet that kind of kept the string going,” said Ewing. “It was just one of those where they just kept coming and it's kind of the patience game. I'm excited to see a low score. I don't think I've had one of those in a hot minute, so good to see.”

Mexico’s Maria Fassi and Australia’s Sarah Kemp are tied in fourth at 10-under.

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