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A game changer in the world of golf launch monitors, offering tour level accuracy and performance
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May 12, 2023
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The new SkyTrak+ is a game changer in the world of golf launch monitors, offering tour level accuracy and performance at a price that makes it attainable to golfers all over the globe.

The new SkyTrak+ brings a new dual Doppler radar system that delivers useful club data, including: Club Head Speed, Smash Factor, Club Path and Face Angle.

Additionally, applying proprietary machine-learning algorithms to that data delivers precision at a level matched only by the highest end launch monitors on the market.

The improved camera system gives golfers highly accurate and reliable ball tracking data that can power a player’s practice and improvement. The camera system also provides for improved outdoor performance on mats.

You can now work on your game at the range, with SkyTrak+.

With access to over 100,000 golf courses (courses like Pebble Beach Golf Links, Bandon Dunes, Torrey Pines - South and many more) and the best gameplay simulation software in the industry, the SkyTrak+ will transport golfers all around the world, allowing them to Practice, Play, and Compete with their friends, anytime and anywhere.

"We're thrilled to introduce SkyTrak+ to the market," said Jeff Foster, SkyTrak CEO. "Our goal is to bring the ability to Practice, Play and Compete to golfers everywhere.

“We think it'll be a game changer, bringing this level of accuracy to a price point that makes it a golf simulator attainable to the masses.”

Also featured is the new and improved SkyTrak Shot Optimizer and Shot Score functionality. By measuring results against a database of millions of golf shots, this new functionality provides an objective way to measure progress and improvement.

In addition, SkyTrak+ features a 40% larger hitting area, a new onboard processor for faster shot to show, 5Ghz Wi-Fi capabilities for faster and more stable connectivity, and USB Type C charging options for port stability and rapid charging.

Another cool feature is that you don’t need special balls or stickers on your clubs to get accurate data. Just plug and play.

“With added club data along with indoor and outdoor usability, SkyTrak+ ticks all the boxes that you’re looking for in a launch monitor” said James Holmes, SkyGolf Director of Sales and Operations EMEA. “It is available to buy now at”

SkyTrak+ is available at £3,095 / €3,595 and will ship late May 2023.

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