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Distance ball for high handicappers once again sets benchmark in this category
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January 16, 2023
Mark Flanagan in
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The Srixon Soft Feel has become something of a standard bearer for golfing newbies and high handicappers.

Its enduring popularity is reflected in the fact the 2023 version of the two-layered favourite, out on February 10th, is the 13th.

With a compression of just 60, many golfers with lower-than-80mph-swing speeds will really notice a difference if they have been using higher compression alternatives. Playing the wrong ball is arguably the most common mistake mid and high-handicap golfers make.

Lionel Caron, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer at Srixon Sports Europe, said: “The consistent love for the Soft Feel has been tremendous and with each generation, this being our 13th, we’ve tried to incorporate new ways of providing golfers a softer feel that’s unmatched in a low-compression option.

“This is our softest FastLayer Core to date. It’s a core that is soft in the centre and firms up on the outside giving golfers equal parts distance and feel.”


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All ball manufacturers are striving to combine distance and softness because, if your swing speed is at the lower end of the spectrum, it is difficult to exert spin.

And Srixon has turned solving this conundrum into a bit of an art form. Its expertise is demonstrated ably in the multitude of independent tests that put Srixon’s balls at the top of the important metrics, especially in the mid-range category (the AD333 is another that always does well).

As technology continues to advance, covers are getting thinner to help deliver control while the speed comes from the core. Srixon are confident No. 13 snaps back quicker than its previous incarnations and gives you as much yardage as anyone.

The compression on the Soft Feel Lady is a slightly lower 58 and the  Ionomer cover is also slightly thinner. Getting the balance right between a ball lasting more than five minutes and as thin-a-cover-as-possible is also always in the minds of the ball makers and Srixon generally get it spot on.

The Soft Feel Brite, which was launched two years ago, is a great help on darker days and particularly in winter, coming in three vibrant matte-effect colours.


UK Price (per dozen): £28

Colours: Yellow (Soft Feel), Passion Pink (Soft Feel Lady), Red, Orange, Green (Soft Feel Brite)

Available in Europe:  February 10th, 2023

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