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Callum Shinkwin edges ahead
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August 6, 2022
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Cazoo Open 2022 R3

August 04-07
The Celtic Manor Resort, City of Newport, Wales
Round 1, Round 2, Round 4

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Callum Shinkwin shot a 65 on Saturday to take a one-shot lead at 11-under into the final day of the Cazoo Open at The Celtic Manor.

Cazoo Open 2022 R3

"I’m delighted, 65 was a really good score today," said the Englishman. "I’m playing really well and didn’t make any mistakes and I’ve come out of it with the lead.

"The game has been very good for a long time but it was just a matter of clicking into place. It felt like it was great three months ago but the results weren’t there."

Cazoo Open 2022 R3

"Recently I’ve been playing really nicely and had a few pretty good results but not capitalising on how I’m playing. The last couple of weeks I’ve been capitalising on it and holing a few putts and not making too many mistakes.

"It would mean everything to win, a win any time anywhere is fantastic and to do it while I’m playing really well would be great."

Cazoo Open 2022 R3

Overnight leader Julien Guerrier of France fired a 68 to move down into second place at 10-under.

Scotland's Connor Syme lies in third place five shots further back after signing for a 68.

Englishman Paul Waring's 65 placed him in a tie for fourth at 4-under alongside Finn Mikko Korhonen (70) and American Johannes Veerman (72).

Cazoo Open 2022 R3

Pos.PlayerTo ParR1R2R3
1SHINKWIN, Callum-11696865
2GUERRIER, Julien-10676868
3SYME, Connor-5677368
4KORHONEN, Mikko-4687170
WARING, Paul-4747065
VEERMAN, Johannes-4696872
7FERGUSON, Ewen-2687172
BJERREGAARD, Lucas-2717268
ELVIRA, Nacho-2707071
EASTON, Bryce-2737068
SCHMID, Matti-1757166
HELLIGKILDE, Marcus-1717071
OLESEN, Thorbjørn-1726971
SULLIVAN, Andy-1746771
PEPPERELL, Eddie-1687470
DUNNE, Paul-1707171
HOWELL, David-1737168
CHESTERS, Ashley-1727169
DIXON, David-1707369
21BALDWIN, MatthewPar727071
McGOWAN, RossPar716973
PARATORE, RenatoPar707172
GARCIAHEREDIA, AlfredoPar697470
25DETRY, Thomas+1726676
ARMITAGE, Marcus+1687076
HAVRET, Grégory+1716974
SLATTERY, Lee+1707272
STUREHED, Henric+1727369
31FARR, Oliver+2727370
LACROIX, Frederic+2707075
WHITNELL, Dale+2677276
HUIZING, Daan+2707372
ANGLES, Pep+2707570
KOFSTAD, Espen+2706877
ROCK, Robert+2707471
DE JAGER, Louis+2707372
CATLIN, John+2707372
40SANTOS, Ricardo+3717372
MANLEY, Stuart+3747171
HANNA, Chase+3757170
SENIOR, Jack+3716778
44KARLSSON, Anton+4707473
PORTEOUS, Garrick+4697474
LAPORTA, Francesco+4707473
MANSELL, Richard+4707473
WINTHER, Jeff+4727273
WOOD, Chris+4717175
HILLIER, Daniel+4727273
CAMPILLO, Jorge+4707572
BAI, Zhengkai+4757072
BROWN, Barclay (AM)+4796771
54BLAAUW, Jacques+5747074
PORTEOUS, Haydn+5707078
FICHARDT, Darren+5697772
LAW, David+5727472
FISHER, Ross+5717572
59GAGLI, Lorenzo+6727176
KARLBERG, Rikard+6717474
GEARY, Josh+6727275
62GANDY, Tom+7737077
PLANT, Alfie+7717475
64KIEFFER, Maximilian+8687677
HANSEN, Joachim B.+8717377
PAPADATOS, Dimitrios+8707675
GALLACHER, Stephen+8747275
KEARNEY, Niall+8727376
69HUTCHEON, Greig+9717477
THOMSON, Jonathan+9737178
71DANTORP, Jens+11717479
72QUIROS, Alvaro+57275
PERRIER, Damien+57275
COCKERILL, Aaron+57374
MCLEOD, Jake+57671
DONALDSON, Jamie+57572
FISHER, Oliver+57473
PULKKANEN, Tapio+57374
79HOWIE, Craig+67276
BROWN, Steven+67177
LONG, Hurly+67771
DAVIDSON, Jack+67177
ERIKSSON, Philip+67969
DODD, Stephen+67375
STONE, Brandon+67474
BROBERG, Kristoffer+67672
FORREST, Grant+67375
SMITH, Jordan+67474
MOLINARI, Edoardo+67573
MORRISON, James+67375
MURRAY, Zach+67177
CALDWELL, Jonathan+67474
94STALLINGS JR, Stephen+77574
WRISDALE, Jordan+77970
EVANS, Ben+77376
CROCKER, Sean+77475
PAISLEY, Chris+77574
STALTER, Joël+77475
HARRIES, Luke (AM)+77277
GAVINS, Daniel+77475
JACQUELIN, Raphaël+77574
SURI, Julian+77277
104SIEM, Marcel+87476
LEMKE, Niklas+87377
SHARVIN, Cormac+88070
CELLI, Filippo (AM)+87674
KJELDSEN, Søren+87278
DRYSDALE, David+87278
MCEVOY, Richard+87674
LEON, Hugo+87179
HUTSBY, Sam+87575
PRICE, Phillip+87377
JORDAN, Matthew+87575
WILSON, Andrew+87476
116COUPLAND, Dave+97873
SVENSSON, Jesper+97279
HEBERT, Benjamin+97774
WILSON, Oliver+97675
BEKKER, Oliver+97477
SMYLIE, Elvis+97675
122FAHRBRING, Jens+107676
WARREN, Marc+107874
COLSAERTS, Nicolas+107874
WATTEL, Romain+107577
HEND, Scott+107676
PETERSSON, Robin+107973
MØLLER, Niklas Nørgaard+108171
129SCALISE, Lorenzo+117875
NIENABER, Wilco+117479
ORIOL, Pedro+117875
HIDALGO, Angel+117677
GOUVEIA, Ricardo+117182
134BAUTISTA, Austin+127381
ASHFIELD, James (AM)+127381
KRUYSWIJK, Jacques+127381
KEOGH, Adam+127480
ZHANG, Huilin+127975
139GARCIA RODRIGUEZ, Sebastian+137679
BOURDY, Grégory+138174
141FARRIER TWIST, Michael+148076
KOIVISTO, Tyler+147977
SINGH BRAR, Jack+147977
DAVIES, Archie (AM)+147977
145RENOLDS, Lindsay+157780
146HUNDEBØLL, Oliver+167682
147SJÖHOLM, Joel+198576
PIGEM, Carlos+198477
149ROOKE, Lee+338788
W/DSCHNEIDER, Marcel-170
RETDSTORM, Graeme+872
DISQANTCLIFF, Maverick+671
W/DDUBUISSON, Victor+273
RETDFORD, Matt+671
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