Logical Golf

by Robert Baker

Lesson 3 - ‘Dive’ into the perfect athletic posture

The golf swing is a combination move - and one that demands the arms and the body work together.

For that to happen, you have to create the necessary body angles at the set-up that enable you to make and consistently repeat a rotary motion with the body 'core’ - your torso.

One of the easiest ways to get a feel for the athletic position all good players look for is to make as if you were about to dive into a pool (or save a penalty).

Logical Golf

With knees flexed, you instinctively create this spine angle as you bend from the hips, your weight balanced on the balls of your feet. From here, let your arms hang in front of your body and you are ready to play.

Make sure that your belt buckle is down, tail bone up, so that you have this angle in the hips - i.e. your belt buckle points to the ball.

Check also that your toes are turned out just a little, the left fractionally more than the right.