Logical Golf

by Robert Baker

Lesson 4 - Try this pivot exercise – and blend your arm-swing with body turn

You will no doubt be familiar with the usual pivot exercises: hooking a club behind your back or across the shoulders before turning your torso to develop your pivot motion.

Nothing wrong with either of them. But if you grab hold of your left wrist with your right hand and rehearse the moves you see here, you not only strengthen your pivot motion but at the same time blend your arm swing with it.

The arrows that you see here on my shirt correspond with the direction of motion: from the set-up, my immediate thoughts are geared towards turning my left shoulder under my chin and getting my weight across and on to the ball of the right foot (you don't want your weight sinking back into the right heel).

From the top of the backswing, reversing the momentum sees the left hip rerotate and climb in the direction of the target, a move that triggers the right knee into action. The result is that the lower body leads the downswing motion, creating a sense of 'lag' as the arms and the hands follow suit.

The more you rehearse this, the better your rhythm and the more pronounced that sense of 'lag'.

Rehearsing this exercise will help you to improve your body action and at the same time encourage the hands and arms to swing up on a good plane.

Logical Golf

Torso angled nicely away from the target

Stretching a point, aim to get here, your left shoulder pointing behind the ball.
Note that the left arm is not hyper-extended but comfortably straight as it swings up over the tip of your right shoulder.

Left hip pulls up and around as the right knee and thigh 'fire' to the target.

To finish, simply throw the left arm over left shoulder and fire right hip to the target.