Soudal Open R3

Ryan Fox takes lead heading into the final day

Soudal Open 2022 R3

May 12-15
Rinkven International GC, Antwerp, Belgium
Round 1, Round 2, Round 4

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Ryan Cox looks on course to win his second title of the season after closing with a 66 to take a one-shot lead in the Soudal Open.

Soudal Open 2022 R3

“I played really solid on the back nine, didn’t miss a shot, holed a couple of putts as well. I hope I’ve figured something out after a couple of scrappy drives early in the round and felt pretty good from the 10th hole on so hopefully I can take that into tomorrow.

“On this course, regardless of how you’re playing you feel like you’ve got lots of chances, you can always manage to get a couple of irons in the fairways and still give yourself some wedges and the greens are rolling lovely and you can hole some putts.

“You know you’re going to make some mistakes, which I’ve done, but thankfully I’ve made a few birdies to counteract it.”

Soudal Open 2022 R3

The New Zealander has made the top-15 in all three of his starts since winning the Ras Al Khaimah Classic in February.

“I’ve been in contention the last couple of weeks as well and not really done much on Sunday so I’m looking forward to being in the mix again.”

Soudal Open 2022 R3

England’s Sam Horsfield carded a 69 and sits in solo second place at 10-under followed by Germany’s Yannick Paul in third at 9-under after carding a 68.

South Africa’s Oliver Bekker , Ireland’s Niall Kearney, Germany’s Marcel Schneider and Paraguay’s Fabrizio Zanotti are tied in fourth place at 8-under.

Soudal Open 2022 R3

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19th Hole
By GT Editor
Pos.PlayerTo ParR1R2R3
1FOX, Ryan-11686866
2HORSFIELD, Sam-10656969
3PAUL, Yannik-9667068
4BEKKER, Oliver-8676969
KEARNEY, Niall-8696769
SCHNEIDER, Marcel-8706768
ZANOTTI, Fabrizio-8707065
8WHITNELL, Dale-7656972
SCHMID, Matti-7706472
CAMPILLO, Jorge-7696770
SULLIVAN, Andy-7716669
HANNA, Chase-7706868
ROUSSEL, Robin-7687266
WARING, Paul-7677366
15JORDAN, Matthew-6686871
DU PLESSIS, Hennie-6686970
DANTORP, Jens-6697068
OTAEGUI, Adrian-6716769
FORREST, Grant-6706968
HIDALGO, Angel-6687366
21MERONK, Adrian-5667072
MANSELL, Richard-5696673
PEREZ, Victor-5696970
FARR, Oliver-5716671
25BJÖRK, Alexander-4667073
SANTOS, Ricardo-4696674
ELVIRA, Nacho-4667073
LAPORTA, Francesco-4687071
BESSELING, Wil-4696971
CATLIN, John-4726770
KAWAMURA, Masahiro-4707069
TARRIO, Santiago-4716969
RAMSAY, Richie-4717068
SJÖHOLM, Joel-4697268
35PIETERS, Thomas-3697071
CROCKER, Sean-3696972
MOLINARI, Edoardo-3697071
HUIZING, Daan-3707169
LAWRENCE, Thriston-3717069
CAÑIZARES, Alejandro-3717069
GUERRIER, Julien-3736869
WU, Ashun-3707169
43DUBUISSON, Victor-2706873
QUIROS, Alvaro-2667471
WIESBERGER, Bernd-2687172
46MCEVOY, Richard-1687173
CHESTERS, Ashley-1697073
KARLBERG, Rikard-1717071
49SHINKWIN, CallumPar657474
SCHMITT, MaxPar687273
51HANSEN, Joachim B.+1686977
SYME, Connor+1687076
FERGUSON, Ewen+1677275
MIGLIOZZI, Guido+1697174
JACQUELIN, Raphaël+1687274
HORSEY, David+1756673
GREEN, Gavin+1677473
LONG, Hurly+1707173
59PORTEOUS, Garrick+2707075
GRINBERG, Lev (AM)+2706976
NEMECZ, Lukas+2716975
LIESER, Ondrej+2707075
WINTHER, Jeff+2667475
GEARY, Josh+2707174
65SIEM, Marcel+4707176
RITCHIE, JC+4726580
67PIGEM, Carlos+8736880
68LORENZO-VERA, MikePar7369
MORRISON, JamesPar6973
FIGUEIREDO, PedroPar7171
LEON, HugoPar7171
COETZEE, GeorgePar7171
DRYSDALE, DavidPar7171
BROWN, StevenPar7171
STALTER, JoëlPar7072
78LAGERGREN, Joakim+17469
ANGLES, Pep+17469
THOMSON, Jonathan+17469
JOHANNESSEN, Kristian Krogh+17370
VAN DRIEL, Darius+16974
PAISLEY, Chris+17370
ORMSBY, Wade+17172
KOFSTAD, Espen+16974
COUPLAND, Dave+17271
88LACROIX, Frederic+27173
DONALDSON, Jamie+27470
CALDWELL, Jonathan+27074
LUITEN, Joost+27272
HOWELL, David+27173
ANTCLIFF, Maverick+27470
FDEZ-CASTAÑO, Gonzalo+27470
SORDET, Clément+27371
SHARVIN, Cormac+27371
KENNEGARD, Jesper+27272
98WATREMEZ, Guillaume+37174
GAVINS, Daniel+37372
MØLLER, Niklas Nørgaard+37273
GOUVEIA, Ricardo+37273
BERTASIO, Nino+37372
SURI, Julian+37174
VAN DOREN, Yente37570
105ROZNER, Antoine+47472
FISHER, Oliver+47472
SODERBERG, Sebastian+47373
DETRY, Thomas+47175
HAVRET, Grégory+47373
GAGLI, Lorenzo+47571
GONNET, Jean-Baptiste+47670
WILSON, Andrew+47076
GALLACHER, Stephen+47472
McGOWAN, Ross+47472
PEPPERELL, Eddie+47472
LOMBARD, Zander+47571
DE BONDT, Alan+47571
ROELAND, Charles (AM)+46977
FORD, Matt+47274
TREE, Toby+47670
122SOUTHGATE, Matthew+57671
SHARMA, Shubhankar+57374
RITTHAMMER, Bernd+57077
STORM, Graeme+57275
BRING, Christoffer+57473
STONE, Brandon+56978
GARCIA RODRIGUEZ, Sebastian+57374
STOW, Ben+57275
VAN MEIJEL, Lars+56978
EASTON, Bryce+57770
132BJØRN, Thomas+67672
DE JAGER, Louis+67474
COLSAERTS, Nicolas+67276
ULENAERS, Kristof+67078
THEYS, Louis (AM)+67375
138NIENABER, Wilco+77772
SLATTERY, Lee+77574
SINGH BRAR, Jack+77673
MIVIS, Christopher+77673
142MURRAY, Zach+87278
COHEN, Asaf+87773
MEYER DE BECO, James (AM)+87476
145HEBERT, Benjamin+97972
BUIJS, Lars+97477
SNOW, Greg+97477
CHEGE, Samuel+97576
149PARATORE, Renato+107577
ZHANG, Huilin+107478
151WARREN, Marc+137679
SKEET, James (AM)+137580
153LEMKE, Niklas+158077
154PORTEOUS, Haydn+167979
155TOLLENAIRE, Jarno (AM)+217687
RETDDREDGE, Bradley775