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From the classic outright bets to more strategic plays, we've chosen the best golf bets to boost your chances of a return.
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June 20, 2024
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Placing a wager on the best golf bets helps to add a little extra excitement to the event. Cheering your player on over the four rounds — as long as they don’t miss the cut — and with any luck, reaping the rewards at the end.

However, there’s more than one way to make a return. We all know the standard outright and each-way bets, but have you ever considered exploring your options?

With a little bit of research and know-how, you can bet smart and increase your chances of profit. So, Golf Today has outlined some of the best golf bets you might never have considered, and a few examples of how they work.

That said, remember to bet sensibly and within your means.

1. To Win the Group (Over 18 Holes)To win the group betting odds example

How does it work?: Instead of betting on a player to win the entire tournament, you can bet on a golfer to have the best score in their group over a single round (18 holes).

Example: Let's say the player you fancy, like Rickie Fowler, has an outside chance and is drawn into a tough group with Rory McIlroy and Xander Schauffele. You know Fowler plays well at this course and might go under the radar. Betting on him to win his group for that round reduces the competition from 156 players to just 3, increasing your chances of a return.

Why It's Good: This bet provides a 1-in-3 chance (or 1-in-2) rather than the 1-in-156 (depending on the field size) chance of an outright win. This can often lead to better odds for an individual round win.

2. Top Nationality (European, Asian, GB&I, etc.)Nationality Betting odds example

How does it work?: Betting on a player to be the best performer from a specific country or region.

Example: You like Shane Lowry in a major but aren't confident betting on him against the entire field, including in-form players like Scheffler and Morikawa. Instead, you bet on Lowry to be the top-finishing European. With competitors like McIlroy, Fleetwood, Åberg, and Hovland in the mix, you'll still get decent odds without facing the entire field.

Why It's Good: This narrows down the competition to a more manageable subset, increasing your chances of a win.

3. Doubles and Each-Way DoublesEach way and each-way double betting odds example

How does it work?: A double bet is when you combine your odds and bet on two outcomes, both needing to win. An each-way double includes a place bet, meaning if one selection places, you still see a return.

Example: You place a £2.50 each-way double on two golfers, one in the PGA Tour and one in the DP World Tour, to finish in the top six. If both finish in the top six, you get a higher return than single bets on each golfer.

Why It's Good: This bet type increases potential returns by combining two bets, even across different sports or tours.

4. Double ChanceDouble-chance betting odds example

How does it work?: Betting on two players to win the tournament, giving you two chances for a win.

Example: You select both Viktor Hovland and Sahith Theegala to win the tournament. If either player wins, you win the bet.

Why It's Good: Though the odds are lower than betting on a single player, it doubles your chances of a win.

5. Top 5, 10, and 20 FinishTop 5, 10 and 20 Finish example

How does it work?: Betting on a player to finish within a specific placement range (top 5, top 10, or top 20).

Example: You bet £10 on Tommy Fleetwood to finish in the top 10 at 5/1. If he finishes in the top 10, you win £60 (including your initial stake).

Why It's Good: This is a safer bet compared to outright winner bets and can provide steady returns.

6. First-Round LeaderFirst round leader example

How does it work?: Betting on which player will lead the tournament at the end of the first round.

Example: You bet £10 on Jordan Spieth to be the first-round leader at 25/1. If Spieth leads after the first round, you win £260 (including your initial stake).

Why It's Good: Prices are usually higher because it's focused on one round, and you get a quick result.

7. Prop BetsProp Bets example

How does it work?: Betting on specific outcomes within the tournament, such as a hole-in-one, the winning margin, or if there will be a playoff.

Example: You bet £10 on a hole-in-one occurring during the tournament at 2/1. If any player makes a hole-in-one, you win £30 (including your initial stake).

Why It's Good: These bets add excitement and can offer unique betting opportunities outside of standard bets.

With these varied betting options, you can tailor your strategy to your knowledge and preferences, helping to increase your chances of making a profitable and enjoyable bet on golf.

As always, bet smart and bet sensible.

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Jack is the editor of Golf Today. Having spent ten years playing competitively at a high amateur level and five years at county, he has carried his knowledge of the game into the world of journalism. He once set the course record at his home club, only for it to be beaten a month later.

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