ISPS Handa Championship in Spain R3

Aaron Cockerill takes clubhouse lead as play suspended in Spain

ISPS Handa Spain R3

April 21-24
Lakes Course, Infinitum, Tarragona Spain
Round 1, Round 2, Round 4

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Canadian Aaron Cockerill closed his round with an eagle at the par-4 18th and set the clubhouse target, matching the lowest round of his DP World Tour career with a bogey-free 62 to reach 10-under.

ISPS Handa Spain R3

“It was an awesome day, I played really well the whole day.

“The last is a gettable hole, coming in with the wind so you’ve got a long iron and I was able to stay aggressive and keep it a little left of the hole there. The putt just hung on and it was that kind of day, and it was a nice finish.”

ISPS Handa Spain R3

“I like this course. I got through the Qualifying School here in 2019 so I have good memories here.

“I feel like I played well the first two days, I didn’t get as much out of the score as I could have and things came together today.”

ISPS Handa Spain R3

Once again play was called due to darkness with many players still on the course. Play was suspended for over four hours in the early afternoon at Infinitum’s Lakes Course. Hail and potential lightning meant seventeen groups will have to complete their rounds on Sunday.

Overnight leader Scott Jamieson of Scotland was even par through five holes at 11-under when play was called.

His playing partners Adian Otaegui of Spain and Finn Tapio Pulkkanen are among a group of eight players in third place at 8-under.

ISPS Handa Spain R3

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By GT Editor
Pos.PlayerThruTo ParR1R2R3
1JAMIESON, Scott5-116663
2COCKERILL, Aaron18-10696962
3WILSON, Andrew15-86869
LARRAZÁBAL, Pablo9-86768
SENIOR, Jack8-86570
DU PLESSIS, Hennie8-86470
LAW, David6-86568
VEERMAN, Johannes6-86469
PULKKANEN, Tapio5-86467
OTAEGUI, Adrian5-86666
11LI, Haotong18-7716864
PAUL, Yannik18-7677165
FISHER, Ross10-76867
ROZNER, Antoine9-76768
15GREEN, Gavin18-6706866
LORENZO-VERA, Mike15-66870
WINTHER, Jeff12-66770
SORDET, Clément12-66670
FICHARDT, Darren12-66967
LAWRENCE, Thriston11-66868
JACQUELIN, Raphaël9-66768
OLESEN, Thorbjørn7-66965
NEMECZ, Lukas7-66964
HØJGAARD, Rasmus6-66667
25GAGLI, Lorenzo15-56869
WIESBERGER, Bernd15-57067
GARCIA RODRIGUEZ, Sebastian13-56770
CANTER, Laurie10-57065
SINGH BRAR, Jack9-56768
CHESTERS, Ashley8-56668
31BEKKER, Oliver18-4687167
SCHMID, Matti18-4696968
PEREZ, Victor17-47068
ROCK, Robert15-47067
SOUTHGATE, Matthew15-46869
CAMPILLO, Jorge14-46968
JORDAN, Matthew13-46770
HIDALGO, Angel12-46967
KORHONEN, Mikko12-46967
HOWIE, Craig11-47066
SADDIER, Adrien10-46967
WARING, Paul9-46669
MANSELL, Richard7-46964
44THOMSON, Jonathan18-3726768
WALTERS, Justin18-3726768
GALLACHER, Stephen18-3746568
WILSON, Oliver18-3726768
BRUN, Julien18-3736668
DE JAGER, Louis18-3667269
FOX, Ryan16-36969
CUARTERO BLANCO, Emilio15-36870
GUERRIER, Julien15-37067
MCLEOD, Jake12-36671
KINHULT, Marcus9-36768
55VON DELLINGSHAUSEN, Nicolai18-2706969
CATLIN, John18-2706969
ANGLES, Pep18-2667369
SAMOOJA, Kalle16-27068
ARNAUS, Adri14-27067
MIGLIOZZI, Guido13-26572
62STOW, Ben18-1716870
PEPPERELL, Eddie18-1716870
VAN TONDER, Daniel18-1697070
LEWIS, Tom15-16771
KJELDSEN, Søren14-16968
67GONNET, Jean-Baptiste18Par726771
HØJGAARD, Nicolai18Par716871
HANSEN, Joachim B.18Par697071
KEARNEY, Niall18Par687171
CHAWRASIA, S.S.P.18Par706971
POKE, Benjamin18Par716772
WARREN, Marc18Par687072
DANTORP, Jens17Par7068
ORMSBY, Wade17Par6870
77MCEVOY, Richard18+1726772
BESSELING, Wil18+1687073
LEMKE, Niklas11+16571
80LOMBARD, Zander18+4716875
81STERNE, Richard*Par7169
LUITEN, JoostPar7070
SJÖHOLM, JoelPar7070
MORRISON, JamesPar6971
FORREST, GrantPar6971
PIGEM, Carlos*Par6773
PORTEOUS, GarrickPar6971
PAVAN, AndreaPar7070
DE LA RIVA, EduardoPar7268
ELVIRA, NachoPar7367
LEON, Hugo*Par7169
ROUSAUD, Eduard*Par6971
93VÄLIMÄKI, Sami*+17170
SHINKWIN, Callum+16774
BJERREGAARD, Lucas+17269
ANTCLIFF, Maverick*+17368
LONG, Hurly*+16972
PORTEOUS, Haydn+16774
DEL REY, Alejandro*+16774
HANNA, Chase+16972
SCHNEIDER, Marcel*+17170
KRUYSWIJK, Jacques*+17170
VAN DRIEL, Darius*+16972
104HEND, Scott*+27369
DONALDSON, Jamie*+27270
CALDWELL, Jonathan+27171
WU, Ashun*+27171
FERGUSON, Ewen*+26973
PAVON, Matthieu+27171
GAVINS, Daniel*+27270
COUPLAND, Dave+27270
MØLLER, Niklas Nørgaard*+26973
SULLIVAN, Andy+27171
LANGASQUE, Romain+27765
SHARVIN, Cormac*+27270
STORM, Graeme+26775
117STALTER, Joël*+36776
ROUSSEL, Robin+37172
SANTOS, Ricardo+37172
GOUVEIA, Ricardo+37073
QUIROS, Alvaro*+37370
VAN MEIJEL, Lars+37073
FARR, Oliver*+37172
PAISLEY, Chris*+37271
BERTASIO, Nino*+36776
SIEM, Marcel*+37469
TARRIO, Santiago+37271
HISATSUNE, Ryo+37469
129KARLBERG, Rikard*+47371
MURRAY, Zach+47470
FDEZ-CASTAÑO, Gonzalo+47173
WHITNELL, Dale*+47371
BJÖRK, Alexander+47470
134NIENABER, Wilco+57174
SYME, Connor*+57768
CAÑIZARES, Alejandro+57570
LAPORTA, Francesco+56976
FORD, Matt*+57174
FISHER, Oliver+57273
JOHANNESSEN, Kristian Krogh*+57174
141LIESER, Ondrej*+67076
NAKAI, Kento+67274
CROCKER, Sean+67373
SODERBERG, Sebastian+67373
145HUIZING, Daan*+77671
KIM, Sihwan+77572
147FIGUEIREDO, Pedro+87474
KENNEGARD, Jesper+87177
ISHIKA, Koichiro*+87276
150KOFSTAD, Espen*+97475
151HOWELL, David*+107773
GO, Shiso+108070
153NISHIWAKI, Mark*+117873
154PARATORE, Renato*+127577
155LAGERGREN, Joakim+137776
* Player started on the back nine