Logical Golf

by Robert Baker

Lesson 14 - Use the right-hand swish drill to fine-tune your sense of rhythm

The role of the right hand and arm is important not only in terms of creating the structure of your backswing but also in generating the whip in the release through the ball.

Clearly, the right arm does not work alone in the swing, but if you isolate it by placing just your right hand on an upturned club, you will find that this swish exercise quickly helps you to identify with the way it first positions the club as you approach the top of the backswing and then governs your sense of 'timing' as you release it on the way back down.

Remember, the key to a repeating action lies in combining a full shoulder turn with a relatively short arm swing.

As you turn, you want to feel that your right arm fully supports the club at the top. Once you learn to get the right arm in a good position, you will find it easy to generate 'lag' and create a loud swish on the way through.

The feedback is instant.

Swing too long, and you lose the swish. If your right elbow is stuck too close to your body at the top, you lose the swish.

If the right arm is too straight in the backswing, you lose the swish.

So use this drill to get a feel for your levers (i.e. wrist cocking, right arm folding) and learn to crack the whip for maximum speed.