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Magical Kenya Open R2
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March 10, 2023
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Nacho Elvira closed birdie-birdie-eagle to take a one-shot lead at 10-under into the weekend of the Magical Kenya Open.

"Every time you’re leading it’s the best position to be in. I feel like I've been playing well - even at the beginning of the year when I was missing cuts I felt like the game was still there," said the Spaniard.

"Maybe a couple more putts dropped the last few days and that makes it a good score.

"It's my caddie’s first week with me, I've been struggling trying to enjoy myself on the golf course and I’m trying to do that at the moment. I'm just trying not to worry too much about it. I guess I was putting too much pressure on myself trying to make things work when everything was actually working. I was trying to be too perfect on every part of my game.

"I feel like my game is coming together, I just needed to putt a little better. I wasn’t too worried about it, I just needed to let it flow."

Tied in second place at 9-under are Germany's Nick Bachem (67), Japan's Ryo Hisatsune (63) and South Africa's Jayden Schaper (65).

Overnight co-leader John Catlin of the USA carded a 70 and lies in a share of fifth place at 8-under alongside Spain's Borja Virto (68) and Japan's Masahiro Kawamura (67).

South African Dylan Mostert who shared the overnight lead closed with a 72 for a share of 14th place at 6-under.

Pos.PlayerTo ParR1R2
1ELVIRA, Nacho-106765
2BACHEM, Nick-96667
HISATSUNE, Ryo-97063
SCHAPER, Jayden-96865
5VIRTO, Borja-86668
KAWAMURA, Masahiro-86767
CATLIN, John-86470
8NEMECZ, Lukas-76768
GREEN, Gavin-76669
ARMITAGE, Marcus-76768
HILL, Calum-77164
HOWIE, Craig-76867
PINEAU, Pierre-76570
14MACINTYRE, Robert-67165
NIENABER, Wilco-66769
JORDAN, Matthew-66868
MOSTERT, Dylan-66472
JARVIS, Casey-66670
BESSELING, Wil-66571
21DE JAGER, Louis-57067
LEMKE, Niklas-57166
FREIBURGHAUS, Jeremy-56968
CAMPILLO, Jorge-56968
STAL, Gary-56968
26CAÑIZARES, Alejandro-47167
BRUN, Julien-47068
VAN TONDER, Daniel-46969
NORRIS, Shaun-47167
MIVIS, Christopher-47167
DE BRUYN, Jannik-47167
VAN DRIEL, Darius-47068
MCKIBBIN, Tom-46969
EASTON, Bryce-46771
36MOLINARI, Edoardo-36871
KIEFFER, Maximilian-36772
HARDING, Justin-37069
OTAEGUI, Adrian-37069
TARRIO, Santiago-37168
BALDWIN, Matthew-37168
FERGUSON, Ewen-37069
BEKKER, Oliver-36970
SYME, Connor-37069
KIBUGU, Mutahi-36871
NØRGAARD, Niklas-37267
LEE, Joshua-37168
VAILLANT, Tom-36871
BROWN, Daniel-37069
50LAGERGREN, Joakim-26872
FORREST, Grant-27070
CLEMENTS, Todd-27070
GERMISHUYS, Deon-27169
DEL REY, Alejandro-27268
KINHULT, Marcus-27169
MORRISON, James-26971
PRINSLOO, Jaco-26971
PARATORE, Renato-27169
TREE, Toby-26971
CHESTERS, Ashley-26872
MEYER, Velten-27169
64SANTOS, Ricardo-16972
WALTERS, Justin-17269
LANGASQUE, Romain-16972
SCHMITT, Maximilian-16873
SAINZ, Javier-16972
HIDALGO, Angel-17071
FORSSTRÖM, Simon-16972
ARNAUS, Adri-16972
LONG, Hurly-16774
LAPORTA, Francesco-16873
VEERMAN, Johannes-16972
SADDIER, Adrien-16972
STRYDOM, Tristen-16972
GANDAS, Manu-17071
AIKEN, Thomas-17071
80JOHANNESSEN, Kristian KroghPar7072
GARCIA-HEREDIA, AlfredoPar6874
MURRAY, TomPar6676
KRISTJANSSON, GudmundurPar7171
KO, Jeong weonPar7369
GAGLI, LorenzoPar7072
HOWELL, DavidPar7567
COCKERILL, AaronPar7270
89SIMONSEN, Martin+17370
KRUYSWIJK, Jacques+17271
LEWIS, Tom+17568
SHARMA, Shubhankar+17370
KNAPPE, Alexander+17271
WINDRED, Blake+17271
BJERREGAARD, Lucas+17271
LEVY, Alexander+17469
WU, Ashun+17073
SIEM, Marcel+17469
99INDIZA ANYONYI, Dismas+27173
LUNDBERG, Mikael+27074
HOSHINO, Rikuya+27371
AXELSEN, John+27668
HUTSBY, Sam+27371
LIU, Yan Wei+27767
FISHER, Oliver+27371
KIBUGU, Njoroge (AM)+27272
GUERRIER, Julien+27668
CHINHOI, Robson+27272
109WIEBE, Gunner+37372
FOLLETT-SMITH, Benjamin+37570
MCEVOY, Richard+37273
SNOW, Greg+37174
STALTER, Joël+37471
EDÉN, Tobias+37768
SCOTT, Sandy+37174
ROZNER, Antoine+37174
117FIGUEIREDO, Pedro+47175
MBURU, Simon Ngige+47274
WILSON, Oliver+47175
STUREHED, Henric+47175
HURLEY, Gary+47274
FARR, Oliver+47472
PORTEOUS, Garrick+47175
STONE, Brandon+47175
125CHENGYAO, Ma+57473
MAPWANYA, Visitor+57176
FAHRBRING, Jens+57077
IWASAKI, Aguri+57275
NJOROGE, Samuel+57473
GRADECKI, Mateusz+57671
131ASENA, Jastas Madoya+67771
GOUVEIA, Ricardo+67573
RAVETTO, David+67573
SANDHU, Jay Singh (AM)+67771
BRING, Christoffer+67474
ENOCH, Rhys+67375
DU PLESSIS, Hennie+67474
138NDUVA, Daniel+77475
LACROIX, Frederic+77079
GALLACHER, Stephen+77673
141LEJIRMA, John (AM)+87575
WANGAI, C.J+87377
143RUGUMAYO, Ronald+97675
144DAVIDSE, Keenan+107577
JOHNSTON, Liam+107775
146KISIA, Mike+117578
WILSON, Andrew+117578
148BROWN, Steven+127777
149MAARA, Dennis (AM)+137976
SAGOO, Pavan+137580
BALALA, Adel Taufiq (AM)+137679
152MURPHY, John+157978
153KIRAGU, Daniel (AM)+208181
RETDCANTER, LauriePar69-
W/DFICHARDT, Darren+778-
W/DRAMSAY, Richie-170-
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Magical Kenya Open 2023

Date: March 9th - 12th 2023

Location: Muthaiga GC, Nairobi, Kenya

Purse: $2,000,000

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